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Some scientists are now saying that the global warming leads to greater chill in the long run. It causes the icebergs to thaw and causes fresh water to flow into the salty north Atlantic changing the balmy flow of water in the North Atlantic Gulf Stream into cold water and around 8200 years ago caused a great chill. 24-year-old American Nancy Randall is favored to win the Miss World contest being held in China. The Irish are the wealthiest of the European countries according to AP.

December 4, 2004

Cheney and Rumsfeld apparently worked together for the Ford administration in AP describes Rumsfeld as acid-tongued and hawkish… Oklahoma, USC, Auburn all win.. they all remain undefeated. Columbia drug team is extradited from Columbia to U.S. Jail. The Founder of Habitat for Humanity was under pressure to resign because of sexual improprieties, but then Jimmy Carter stepped up and threatened to revoke his support of Habitat and so they let him remain in an honorary position. His name is Millard Fuller. In every profession there are professionals and there are those who play the part.
December 5, 2004

Tilman apparently was definitely killed by “friendly fire.” Story about e-junk took nine minutes to read. What do we do with all the electronic gadgets we no longer need? Woman passenger may have fallen over the Carnival Cruise ship 30 miles west of Ensenada Mexico. Man runs on court at the Davis Cup Match between Roddic and…Carlos Moya (put a hat on top of Moya’s head).

Black tomatoes are supposed to be an aphrodisiac. Michigan will play Texas in the Rose Bowl, not California. More Peterson relatives testify on behalf of Peterson. His father grew up poor in Minnesota. His mother grew up an orphan after father was murdered. Chinaman wins lawsuit concerning manhole covers..after breaking his leg in hole, a few months after somebody fell in and drowned.. all because people steel the manhole covers and sell them for a couple bucks which is a day’s wage for a lot of them.

In Zimbabwe they steal coffins for money. High Suicide rate in China. Motorola makes a phone cover that will grow into a sunflower. Possibility of predicting earthquakes via chemical analysis of water in Iceland’s “tin bath”.. The 91101 tragedy has been deemed two separate attacks for the sake of insurance. . St. Mary’s Coptic Church on Robinson is architecturally impressive. Good soup at the bagel show down the street from Hamilton.

December 7, 2004

Trampled by his own wildebeest he was trampled and bludgeoned to death in South Bend Indiana. …white boys beat up black boy in Simi Valley … white hate incident.. or white supremacy… Scott Peterson went to Cal Poly University and graduated with a 3.28 GPA.

December 8, 2004

The story about the “Penis Tree “ in Tuscany Italy apparently used as political propaganda in an election against the opponent saying that if they are elected they will bring perversion and problems (originally this was thought to be a symbol of life(. HB at 1233 at school.

Researchers in the Netherlands theorize that some of the inexplicable desert disappearances is due to “dry quicksand” which doesn’t pack down but will swallow you up if you step in it. Lone whale accounts for a unique speech pattern nine years in the Pacific. Ronald Keith Williamson was taken off death row five days before he was to be executed for a crime they now know he didn’t commit.
December 10, 2004

Lit up festival homes across the U.S. includes Elvis’ home, and the Vanderbilt home in Asheville, NC, and for information about the Biltmore home call 1800624 1575. The Hearst Castle is also lit up around Christmas. The U.S. Coast guard helicopter that rescued six people from a freighter in the Bering sea subsequently crashed and now they’re looking for the helicopter.

Arbitration hearing took place in Manhattan concerning the NBA brawl.. despite NBA’s objection that the arbitrator has no authority..They put an ice skating rink on top of Eiffel Tower in France. Kevin Keogh city finance mgr. In Phoenix or Scottsdale got on top of his car as it was moving and then fell off and died. His wife said he relapsed from a tropical disease. He was a top city manager. Bennington College in Vermont is one of the most liberal colleges in America. Possibility of predicting earthquakes is increased .. per the tremors beneath the quake.. prior to the quake itself.

John Michael Harvey was released from prison after 12 years when alleged victim of child molestation—who was three years old at the time –testified as an adult just recently that, in fact, she had not been molested but had been coached to testify against him by a relative with a grudge against him. Philip Badowski of Tennessee , 22 years old, shot and killed his parents after they scolded him upon return from a mission trip to Haiti. Then he tried to dismember their bodies with a chainsaw. Roger Clemens has not decided whether he will play next year or not.

December 11, 2004

They apparently had a Martin Luther King memorial march today and some were concerned that it was being used as an anti-gay platform. Total of 2390 people died in the Pearl Harbor attack on Dec. 7 1941. During summer peak months the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor receives up to 4500 people daily

December 12, 2004

Bomb blast in southern Philippines in supermarket in General Santos town. Saddam Hussein was captured on Dec. 13, 2003. “Life after Exoneration “ programs based in California tries to help wrongly convicted persons put their lives back together after release. Founded by attorneys related to the “Innocence Project”

December 13, 2004

People are stealing Cycads out of yards because they’re so valuable. Jay VanAndel passed away. Tyrone Willingham fired by Notre Dame has now been hired by Washington Huskies. He also used to work for Stanford football. Matt Leinart won the Heisman trophy beating Jason White who won it last year (and came in third this year) but they will face each other in the Orange Bowl on Jan 4.

Charlie Weis of the New England Patriots takes the Notre dame position and apparently graduated from Notre Dame but did not play football there. Walt Harris takes Stanford football position. Norm Chow was considered—he remains offensive coordinator for USC. The jury has reached a sentence for Scott Peterson—to be announced any moment now ( 223 pm) I heard the news at 421 pm ..the jury sentenced him to death.

News Mars Rover discovers geothite which is formed by water. Only ten executions have taken place in California since 1978 despite the fact that California’s death row is the largest and most crowded. There are currently 641 prisoners on death row.

Judge Ellender of Louisiana has been suspended for dressing up as a “black” at a Halloween party. Scott Peterson Jurors include: Steve Cardosi of Moon Bay. He apparently was the jury foreperson. Another juror was Richelle Nice of East Palo Alto. A third juror was Greg Bertalis. They all indicated that it was Petersons’ courtroom demeanor which made them most suspicious saying he never showed any emotion.

But this contrasts with the journalists reports that Peterson at times wept. This makes me think that for Anglos in good standing suddenly up against the judicial system it can overwhelm you and the first reaction is to try to be a “good boy” to comply with everybody and thing and clam up. Ironically, one’s “obedience” in such regards may ultimately work against them aeb (as evidenced by) the jury who thought his silence was suspicious.

Michigan teacher found guilty of murdering husband—the jury was not convinced that it was justified because of the abuse she experienced. Ashley McKathan wears ten commandments on his robe in Alabama court---an attorney objected

December 15, 2004

Marion Jones is suing the owner of Balco for accusing her of taking steroids.

December 16, 2004

The BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) Killer from Wichita who killed ten or more in the 1970’s has reappeared leaving clues about himself.
This is the 20th anniversary of the Bernhard Goetz subway shooting in New York City… that caused such a stir..some applauding Goetz, others critical.. he was on a subway , had his own gun (illegally) and was approached by four black boys with sharpened screwdrivers, and he opened fire, leaving one of them paralyzed from the waist down. He ran for Mayor in 2001 but lost.

December 17, 2004

Johnny Carl, the orchestra conductor at the Crystal Cathedral, commits suicide.

December 18, 2004
A new building in the Brazilian town of Cureteba can revolve, each room taking an hour to turn around completely. Search for Amelia Earhart plan planned to commence soon (for the second or third time) near Howland Island;

December 19, 2004

Man at Indiana University charged with animal abuse after letting guinea pig fly out of his window on a balloon, and got caught in a tree.
Defense attorneys in the Michael Jackson case are asking for a dismissal based on “vindictive prosecution.” Bob Simonds in his newsletter for November says Proctor and Gamble used homosexuals to advertise their products, showing them in bed together, and asks consumers to stop buying Tide, Crest, and Pampers. This ad is on And he says that Arnold Schwaarzenager signed a bill that lowered the age of consensual sex to 14… making it more difficult to prosecute cases of adult-child sexual relationships.

December 21, 2004

Settlement made in “Gold Train” case on behalf of Jews robbed by American soldiers near the end of WWII. . : Something is cleaning the solar panels on the Opportunity rover. This is National Homeless day. . And the actor Poe—also a politician contender at one point in the Philippines died, the funeral was today.

December 24, 2004

David Letterman is in Iraq for a Christmas special.
December 25, 2004

Genetic Savings & Cloan in Sausalito CA has cloned a kitten for $50,000 and will begin cloning pets on a commercial basis. Miami Heat and Shaq beat Lakers & Kobe in overtime by 2 points. Com Air has cancelled 1100 flights due to computer breakdown, causing 30,000 passengers to be delayed A play in New York called “Fat Pig” about an obese woman and the insults she must endure. Shaquille O Neal says he misses the Fox Hills Mall and the Beverly Center.

Celebrities at the game included Courtney Cox and Dyan Cannon. Who are they? Others included Henry Winkler, Penny Marshall, and Sugar Ray Leonard. They think they may have found the Siloam Pool where Jesus healed a blind man near Jerusalem. NY Times says there is some controversy about this new California web site which allows people to look up registered sex offenders to see if they live in their neighborhood.

December 26, 2004

8.5 or more earthquake reported to have hit Indonesia (1;32 a.m.). India & Sri Lanka have already reported 1000 deaths apiece due to the tidal waves.

Reggie White—the defensive NFL star died today at age 43 of a heart attack.

December 27, 2004

Now they say the death toll for the Asian earthquake is at 14000. Now the death toll from the Asia earthquake is at 23000.

December 28, 2004

The woman who killed the pregnant lady and cut the baby out of her womb appeared in a Missouri Court today and the judge said she “appeared to qualify for a public defender” . My question is (and not to protect this woman who apparently is obviously guilty) but is a public defender a farce—a sure failure? I would like to know Steve Boysaw’s record for exonerations. I think the public defender is part of the evil system , putting on a display of caring for the defendant, but not really .1055 am-the earthquake death toll is now at 40,000

December 29, 2004

on NPR a story about an organization called “Sound Exchange” which tallies the number of times a song is played on the radio, or on an elevator, or even as background music when you’re on hold and pays out royalties to the singer. They’re making a mockery of American troops in these suicide attacks and other sneak attacks—yesterday somebody gave the Iraq police a tip that insurgents were hiding out in a house and when they went to check the house blew up, killing 29 people. Storm in Southern California. . The remarkable thing they say about this tsunami tragedy is that they haven’t found any dead animals, as if they had sensed it and had gone inland before it hit.

December 31, 2004

174 people die in an Argentinean night club fire (reports say the fire exits ,may have been locked). . Attorney General Mike Hatch is suing Capitol One Credit cards for their deceptive billing practices..advertising a fixed interest rate and then raising them to 19% if you are one day late in paying your bills


January 1, 2005 New Years Day

a Three-year old adopted child is being returned to it’s biological parents per court order. The U.S. increased their donation amount from 35 million to 350 million after Sweden topped the U.S with 50 million, but now Japan has pledged 500 million. The island of Phi Phi was hit hard by the earthquake/tsunami (and is apparently where the film “The Beach” was shot).

AP News Blooper: Sandy Cossel reported around 104 a.m. that an aftershock hit one of the Asian areas but there is “ no report of serious casualties”. The U.S. Based Christian Children’s Fund is involved in therapeutic intervention in the tsunami areas—trying to create space for the children to recuperate, vent, feel, talk, play etc.

January 3, 2005

Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn’t show up for his court hearing in Grand Rapids. He’s a boxer who grew up in Grand Rapids and is undefeated (31-0) . He’s scheduled to fight on January 20 in Miami but now there’s a warrant for his arrest

January 4, 2005

Nelson Mandela’s son died of AIDS.

January 14, 2005

There’s been a mud slide in Ventura County that killed at least five, although twelve are still missing. Woman who drove around barricades ended up in river, lost grip on child while being saved, her 2 year old child drowned. She may be charged with manslaughter.
At least 10 killed in La Conchita Mudslide in Ventura County. Man saved from icy creek—pants pulled off by river. Pulled up at bridge. they are amputating rather than trying fine-tuned surgery with some of the tsunami victims, which is problematic in addition to loss of limb is being outcast from a labor-based society which doesn’t have sympathy for handicaps.

The foster home nearby where John Lennon grew up, called Strawberry Fields, and the inspiration for the Beatles Song is closing now because smaller homes are preferable to institutions. The Madden-Jullian Oscillation is the cause of the storms on the west coast today…due to this weather pattern over Asia and India Ocean. Burmese persons who were working in Thailand are now in hiding for fear of deportation (because they lost their papers).

Prince Harry has caused a stir by going to a costume party dressed as a Nazi. Son of Margaret Thatcher, Mark, has pled guilty to being an unwitting participant in a plot to kill a political leader in provincial New Guinea. Professor Ronald Jurische from Dessau in Sachsen-Anhalt Germany went to Costa Rica for a vacation went to a doctor for a sore foot (something he’s had before due to diabetes, but nothing serious) but the doctor decided to amputate against his will ---and while still protesting they drugged him, did the amputation, and he woke up at the departure gate, and has since had to have 20 or more further surgeries back in Germany to correct all the problems. He is now suing Costa Rica. Schwaarzenaager visited the mudslide scene and said they said “We’ll be back..” The CFO of Office Max is retiring after two months on the job.

NASA launches a comet smashing spacecraft scheduled to get there on July 4. British Airways flight turned away due to suspected militant on board. Mild winter in Russia. Radiation-proof RV’s. News:Aerogel is now being used to warm jackets (one brand is called “frozen smoke”).

Tom Coleman, a former police officer suspected of framing many blacks with drugs is now being put on trial for stealing gas and subsequent perjury. New England Patriots have been in 3 of the last 4 superbowls? Mike Vander Jagt is the outspoken field-goal kicker for the Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Geiger really screwed things up at OSU. I had never heard of the term “flopping” before used to describe those who theatrically act out a charging foul against them by “flopping” down.

Spaceship Cassini-Huygens has landed on Titan—one of Saturn’s moons, and photos appear to indicate liquid on the surface of Titan—perhaps methane they say although they do not indicate why it isn’t frozen, it being around 200 degrees below zero on this moon. Seven year journey—they left in 1997. They apparently evacuated the entire town of Corona , approximately 2300 people because of a dam seeping water. Officials say that if the dam broke it would wipe out the entire town in 2 ½ minutes.

Problem in the Prague with taxis overcharging tourists, up to 500 percent over the fair rate. Listerine mouthwash has up to four times that of malt liquor, 27 percent alcohol. …a lady was charged with drunk driving after she admitted to having drank four cups of it. increase the tsunami warning system for the United States perimeter.

James Cameron just completed a documentary on the creatures of the deep sea—way down—miles below the surface, and now he’s going to begin working on a science fiction project but says that we’ve lost real science fiction ever since Star Wars which he says was “eye candy” He says he is going to try to get more of a diatopian message with this movie about a cyborg of some sort. to the tsunami , but due to global warming could cause significant problems in 100 years they say.

There’s a ban on U.S selling arms to Indonesia Jets lose to Pittsburgh Steelers. Jets could have won in over time with field goals, one from 49 , the other from 43 but he missed both, despite being 24 of 29 for the season. St. Louis is losing to Atlanta. Miami Heat is in first place but Lakers are in the middle-just barely above the Clippers way behind the Phoenix Suns and Kobe Bryant is out with a sprained ankle for 5 days. Mens College Basketball—University of Illinois is undefeated.

The Ferrari motorsports team is going to meet with the pope. Tsunami relief concert at Minute Maid Park in Houston TX. Three-year –old boy is being returned to his natural parents after living the first three man had nail in skull causing him paint and he didn’t even know it was there.

Crimes involving persons posing as police officers are increasing. When James Gottlieb didn’t come home for dinner, his wife and children went looking for him. They went to his place of work and then to a restaurant to see if he had stopped to eat, then they traced his usual route home. Stopping to see what the commotion on the boulevard was all about, pulled over by an imposter, Gottlieb, a father of three who was about to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary, was dead. He was pulled over by someone in a vehicle with flashing lights, Franklin Square…New York this wasn’t an ordinary traffic stop…attempted robbery, and he was shot and killed by someone impersonating a police officer. The loss has left a hole in the lives of his loved ones.

This type of crime is not new but it seems to be happening at an alarming rate. In nearby Valley Stream a few days later a pair of fake police officers robbed two men on a busy road in broad daylight. Police officer Kirk Faraczek was on patrol when he spotted the robbery and went after the crooks. “I looked at the guys”, he said, and “I didn’t recognize them as any officers I worked with.” As soon as the two imposters saw Faraczek they jumped in their car and took off. After a short chase the suspects crashed their car and were arrested. Outside of Washington D.C. a woman was pulled over by someone with flashing blue lights.

When she rolled down her window the fake police officer grabbed her shirt. The woman hit the gas and got away. In Miami a robber pretending to be a police detective talked his way into a fast food restaurant where unsuspecting staff workers took him behind the counter and into the officer where they kept the money.

There have been 660 deaths due to bombings and drive-by shootings by Muslims in the southern Thailand area in the past year. years of his life with the adoptive parents. Private Graner who was accused of prisoner abuse in Abu Gahraib, Iraq has been found guilty and sentence to 10 years in military prison

A fishing boat recently sunk –drowning five, off the coast of New England—some are comparing it to the sinking of the Andrea Gail of a decade ago, about which the movie “The Perfect Storm” was based.

The Indian Ocean tsunami traveled at speeds of 500 MPH and was 180 miles wide. 20 or more whales stranded themselves on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, killing 17. A lot of the damage I saw in Thailand was above Phuket in the Khao Lak area. The movie called “Sideways” was filmed, in part, near Buellton, CA, and part of it at the Fess Parker Winery (Fess Parker played Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett or both at one time). 5000 more corpses found in Sumatra—an area yet untouched by recovery efforts. In the U.S there was a tsunami relief concert with Pink Floyd et. al. and Brad Pitt, Clint Eastwood et. al. Man had nail in skull causing him pain and he didn’t even know it was there.

January 16, 2005

Golden Globe Awards—“The Aviator” with Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor award. South Africa is trying to tout Johannesburg as a great place for tourists to visit. Rolling Stones Magazine rejects a ad from Zondervan Books hoping to capture a new audience with a different kind of Bible. Germany is planning a TV show called “sperm race” where men donate their sperm and they have the sperm race in a test tube—winner gets a Porsche.

The police officer, Jeremy Morse, who was sued or charged by the DA for assault of a black teenager in Ingelwood resulted in a hung jury, twice and so the charges were dismissed. Morse was fired two months after the incident. The chief-of-police of Ingelwood is black. Jeremy Morse and his partner are white.

Then the police officer and his partner sued for reverse discrimination and today were rewarded 1.6 million and .8 million respectively in civil damages. The video tape showed the police officer pounding the head of the boy, but the officer said it was because the boy had a grip on his testicles, which the video did not show. That low—so there was no way to corroborate yes or no. T

The group “Fuel” singing at the youth inaugural concert in Washington D.C. hosted by the Bush twins started the concert by saying “Welcome to the greatest fucking country in the world.” And then the lead singer, Brett Scallions quickly apologized. One of the NASA rovers finds a metal meteorite on Mars. A new plane being built in France—the A380, has enough room to park 70 cars on its wing. It’s double-decker, with a top section stretching all the way back to the tail, not just a little hump like on the 747.

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