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The interesting thing about the Laci Peterson death—despite her limbs missing the experts testified that there was no indication that the bones had been sawed which would be the expected method used by a killer trying to de-limb her so she may have been picked apart by marine life. Another adult female teacher has been accused of having sex with a fourteen year old male student. they’re saying the circadian rythyms of the body affect sleep and work performance in space.

September 18, 2004

The worst in mother nature brings out the best in human nature” said Betty kaster (?) a member of some democratic senate committee in regards to the victims of the hurricane being neither republican nor democrat at the moment, just human.

September 19, 2004

Pancho Doll searches for Americas best waterholes

September 20, 2004

Former pop singer Cat Stevens who converted to the Muslim religion—and changed his name to “Islam” caused a plane to be diverted upon entry to the U.S. le El was not allowed to enter. Cat Stevens who changed his name to “Islam” caused a plane from London to D.C. to be diverted to Maine and he was sentback. 700 are dead from Hurricane Jeane in Haiti. Scott Peterson bought a bought for cash and didn’t register it. He also told somebody he went golfing all day and later said he went fishing —prosecutions expert witness testifies that the baby must have died the day after or the day that Laci Peterson was reported missing. But another expert said the baby must have died on the 28th.
September 23, 2004

Intel says multicore is the wave of the future. So there is a series between the Angels vs. A’s coming up—that could be the clincher for who takes first place or the wild card. “Huge buildings reveal the Nazi’s love of the bombastic and hatred of individuality” says a news article about this old Nazi building built as a vacation hotel that could hold 20,000 just sold for only a few $100,000. New film including full shots of “fellatio”—what is “fellatio”? death toll of Hurricane Jeane in Haiti may reach 2000.

September 27, 2004

Allad Alawi is the interim prime minister of Iraq” Scott Peterson said he bought chicken wire to keep the cats from scratching his trees. Detectives admitted they saw the cats scratching the trees. —dogs are now being trained to smell bladder cancer. a man changes his name to “they”.’You can’t eat buckeyes.” —Governor Schwarzenaager says classic cars must be smogged; dinocephalosaurs discovered long neck; Montreal Expos might move to D.C. or Arlington Bobby Shriver—the younger brother of Maria Shriver is running for Santa Monica City Council; Don Haidl OC County Sheriff resigns amid accusations concerning son.

September 28, 2004

Ministers in pas/alta are trying to prevent further gang violence—including Dorothy Evans at the Christian Refugee Center.

September 29, 2004

Ichiro Suzuki is now two hits away from the most hits in one season with three games left.

The Pope will beatify Anne Katherine Emerick (?) the one person who inspired Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” which some people think is controversial because Gibson based so much “factual “evidence on her account oof the Passion—with a devil chasing jews and incinting them to be mean towards Jesus—the Jews think this is anti-semitic or encourage anti-semitism. More controversial is the beatification of Karl I ---Ichiro Suzuki needs two hits with three games remaining to take the most hits in one season record.

October 1, 2004

Ichiro Suzuki got a single—nearing the single season hits record. Mileage at Edwards Air Force Base-- 71184 ;

October 2, 2004,

Angels won—big! Suzuki breaks Sisler’s 85 year old record.

October 2-5, 2004 : there’s a headline without explanation asking, “Is Tuna red because of Carbon Monoxide?” Curtis Lucas is the pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia (?) Fort Bend? —he was accused of biting a police officer. Deep sea trawlers destroy sea mounts for the sake of catching fish considered to be a delicatessen such as Orange Roughy.

October 5, 2004

Rodney Dangerfield died. While the hearing was proceeding the Angels lost 9-3. they are saying something about Bob Dylan being a great poet –and note that he was born “Robert Zimmerman”.

October 7, 2004

They’re talking about the retirement of St. Bernards from the service they provided at a monastery in Europe and which is where they originally got their reputation as helping dogs. —I listen to AP update on the hour and they give a clip of John Kerry’s speech—and it is the first time I’ve ever heard Kerry speak so adamantly—saying “When I take over in January…”—wow, I think to myself—that’s the most assertive speech I’ve heard so far. He goes on to say “ I hope I don’t inherit a Lebanon”—referring to Iraq.

Now they are saying there is no actual link between Husseim and Zarquawi, despite the assertions of President Bush otherwise a few months prior.

Sammy Sosa was fined $87,000 for leaving their last game early. Wangari Maathai wns the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts in Africa to plant trees among other things. . a young man from Carrol College (is that in Helena Montana?) apparently committed suicide after he found out he was going to be charged with rape of a young lady who maintains that she fell asleep or passed out and woke up to find him sexually penetrating her in his car. He maintains it was consenseual—the college had been informed but had declined to do anything further saying it appeared consenseual, but apparently the police decided to press charges. He apparently was mortified that this would become public and killed himself instead.

A female guard helpd a prisoner escape and the guard ( married and a mother ) ran off with him. They were caught shortly later at a hotel. Elsewhere, a man was burned alive for stealing a gas can in Peru. The rural village where the murder took place apparently has been the site of some other atrocities as well. In this case they doused the man with gasoline and set him on fire as he was attached to a post with ropes. When the ropes broke loose he stumbled away and may have been able to extinguish himself but someone came along and re-ignited the fire with more gas. There’s an article about a book by Alaim Clement called Underground Paris—concerning the catacombs under the city of Paris—and the night life that takes place down below.

Here’s something—there’s a “Sex Fair” planned to take place in Warsaw Poland which involves X-rated actors (and anybody else interested) to compete for the “sex master” prize—whichi they don’t eleaborate upon but apparently is open to anybody interested to watch. Protests are planned, but they say they intend to go on with it.

October 10, 2004

They talk about a movie made by the producer of____________, Cimini, who later produced an apparent box office bomb called “Heaven’s Gate” which they are now trying to re-do again. This movie—despite a lot of negative criticism apparently did better overseas. They say Cimini was given “carte blanche” for this movie. —in Morocco—the importance of virginity in newlywed females is so vital that some of them have operations prior to their honeymoon so that bleeding will occur. If bleeding does not occur and the husband suspects they may not be virgins, in some cases it could cost them (the wives) their lives.

They say the highest priced gas is in San Diego—the lowest in Houston. —Christopher Reeve died a day or so ago—he was the actor who played Superman—and became paralyzed in 1995 after a horseback riding accident. He’s also looming large in the debate over stem cell research—which Bush is against but Kerry is in favor (of).

Other news—Robin Ventura, the baseball player, is retiring. Apparently he grew up in Santa Maria (where I just passed through). Nebraska Cornhuskers lost 70-10 to Texas Tech.

Other sports news—Lebron James the rookie basketball star had a baby—or his long-time girlfriend did—but he doesn’t want to talk about it. —in Venezuela they toppled a statute of Columbus, according to the dictates of the Venezuelan president who thinks that Columbus was as bad as Hitler.

October 15, 2004

ABC went to Vietnam , to the specific place where this little skirmish took place in which John Kerry killed a Vietcong soldier, man, or boy. There are different accounts—some say it is exactly as Kerry told it. Others say that Kerry shot a boy in the back, running away afterbeing wounded. Still others say he shot the soldier in the chest. , Kerry mentions Dick Cheney’s daughter in the debate telling the world that she is lesbian.

The brother of Sara McMann, the female Olympic wrestler, who was convicted of manslaughter when she accidentally killed her boyfriend in a car accident, was murdered by somebody and the murder was convicted yesterday. , Felipe Solis is the person of the week. He’s the curator at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, in charge of the Aztec Exhibit-, the largest of its kind.

The boy/man who cut off his own arm in the rock climbing accident is Aron Ralston—and now he wrote a book entitled Between a Rock and a Hard Place. He lives in Aspen. At the time he was climbing in Canyonlands NP in Utah. IN the news, they’ve found a new fish in Lake Michigan called a “Frankenfish” which apparently is an aggressive breed.

They are hoping somebody just threw it out of their aquarium and that it has not infiltrated the lake. Other predator fish in Lake Michigan include the Zebra Mussel, Sea Lamprey, the Round Goby, and now they are taking steps to prevent the Asian Carp from entering in through the Mississippi River—it is only fifty miles away they say—so they are setting up some sort of electric filter at the mouth of the river. They are celebrating the anniversary of the Taj Majal, which was completed in 1654---350 years ago.

New Book by Alan Tennant who followed falcolns in their airplane---to see the effects that the changes in environment had on the falcolns. R. Redford has the movie rights to it, for national geographic. A scientist is trying to teach bacteria to eat caffeine so that eventually it can make a better tasting cup of decaffeinated coffee

October 16, 2004

Houston Astros win, cutting the lead to 2-1. Clemens was the winning pitcher. Currently at 707 pm. The Yankees and Boston are tied at 4-4 in the top of the 4th inning. Yankees lead 2-0 in the series.

October 16, 2004

Navy has not beaten Notre Dame since 1963 when Roger Staubach led them to victory—the same year he won the Heisman Trophy . TRAIN accident in Whittier California caused evacuation of homes. Riddick Bowe , former heavyweight champion, is fighting again, hasn’t fought sinc- e 1996…. And served 15 months in prison for kidnapping his ex-wife. 41-1 He fought yesterdy on an Indian reservation and he won. Yankees win 19-8.

Ozzie Ozborne was banned from San Antonio Texas for twenty years for urinating in front of the Alamo. Sheila Biliyeu lives in her car in Oklahoma.. six percent of the vote… The Gherkin wins architectural award in England . The highest architectural award is the Pritzker. Pierre Salinger, former press secretary for JFK died, and he apparently insisted that the 1988 plane crash over Lockerbie Scotland was in fact a drug enforcement operation … that went wrong.

And that TWA flight 800 was actually shot down by an errant Navy Missle in 1996 Bush wrote a letter to Zapatero—the new president of Spain.. saying friends shouldn’t act the way they did pulling their troops out of Iraq, and Zapatero responded that sincerity is the highest value of friendship.

Astros and Cardinals tied 5-5 seventh inning. Veronica at Fair Oaks Mobil—not Martha, although heavy set like Martha—but polite. Astros 6-5 bottom 7th. . Donated Jean Jacket to Good will. Astros win, tying series at 2-2. Carlos Beltran has hit 5 homeruns in 5 games for Astros and 8 in the post season son far. Red Sox win 6-4, 12 innings, (and the next night win in 14 innings).

October 20, 2004

Sgt. Ivan Frederick gets eight years in prison for Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal. After pleading guilty.

Fidel Castro falls and breaks his knee. they’re talking about the deterioration of Mexican historical ruins such as the Zapotec Kingdom of Monte Alban in Mexic’s southern state of Oaxaca.

The expensive cost of dam removal. The Matilja Dam has to be removed in Ventura County. : Scott Petersons parents took the stand---Scott’s mother and father took the stand. Scott’s mother said that she gave $10,000 to Scott that day because of some sort of bank account confusion. His father said that he told Scott to bring his brother’s driver’s license with him so that he could get the San Diego County golf discount, admitting he is “cheap”. And she told him to buy a Mercedes in her name because of all the hooplah going on about the murder of Laci—and the fact that the police would immediately trace a vehicle in Scott’s name and attach a GPS to track him. And they said that Scott had been living like a nomad out of his car trying to avoid the media—thus explaining the camping equipment. They have not explained, however, the bleached hair—and the discrepancy between his testimony that it was because he had been swimming in a friends’ pool versus the testimony of the friend who said that was not true.

November 4, 2004

Chen Chung Ho at the city zoo in Taiwan tried to convert the lions to Christianity—jumped into the lions pen and said “Jesus will save you Come bite me” and they attacked, he escaped with minor injuries. At the Taipei city zoo in Mucha. farmers in India are using Coca cola or cola as pesticide –saying it kills bugs , Coke denies the use of Coke as pesticide. Theo Van Gogh was killed by Muslims, found with knives in his body.. he had been a critic of Muslim religion outspoken.. is he any relation to Vincent? , man at LAX angered because he couldn’t buy a plane ticket using a receipt stripped naked jumped the fence and ran over to a departing plane and jumped in the wheel well

November 5, 2004

Pakistan gal by the name of Mai …. Was gang raped by her village me about 200 watched when she went there to ask for forgiveness for her brother who had been accused of having sex with a woman from another tribe (which he denied). The news of the story got out and the world was shocked.

Mt. St. Helens erupts magma. Cofer Black the point man for counter terrorism in Bush administration resigns ..he was embarrassed by a botched report he made about the casualties due to international terrorism, and then he compounded the mistake by apparently doubling it without checking actual statistics and figures. —a National Guard pilot mistakenly shot off a few rounds at Little Egg Intermediate School in Southern New Jersey a few days ago.

Two boys may have died in a Mexican cave after falling in.. and then it rained, flooding the cave while rescue attempts were underway. The Sir Creek area between Pakistan and India remains a contentious point between the two countries and fisherman regularly wander over the boundary and get arrested either by Pakistan or Indian police.

November 6, 2004

Grey Seal Pups Found bludgeoned on Beginish Island in Ireland, nails in their head. Baby pups , 60 or more. First spaceship to go into space in the span of five days (minimum allowed was fourteen days) on a private level got a check for 10 million dollars today. Burt Rutan accepted the prize money at the St. Louis Science Center . The Spaceship was financed by more than 10 million dollars by Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen.

Upset Miami defeated by Clemson, Tennessee defeated by Notre Dame—college football. Officials in Iraq are concerned about missing SAMS—maybe as many as 6000 SAMS circulating worldwide outside of govt. control. Some new archaeological discoveries in Bulgaria. In Uganda there’s been an outbreak of Hippopotamus deaths due to anthrax poisoning—which breeds in dry ground, and in dry weather when the animals eat dry vegetation they sometimes get poisoned by the anthrax.

Radon baths in Japan –some say they cause cancer others say they don’t—insisting they are curative. Man by the name of Andrew Veal commit suicide at ground zero in protest of the re-election of Bush. The Dutch have responded to the killing of Theo Van Gogh by attacking some of the mosques, and tried to set fire to one of them.

Solar Sailing—the wave of the future. Louis Freedman of Carl Sagan’s Planetary Society in Pasadena, Ca plans a test along with cosmos studios in January. More news—the Peterson jury may already be deadlocked.

November 8, 2004

Mike Danton, NHL player was found guilty of plotting to conspire to murder his agent and has been sentenced to 7 ½ years in prison. He played for the St. Louis Blues. Truffles are a fungus that grow in symbiosis with tree roots

November 9, 2004

A kid/student (college?Striegel finds a new amphibian—new genus, new species near Pittsburgh.

Diane Sawyer spend a few days inside a women’s prison, undercover, and said 90% of the inmates have a lesbian relationship with others. Clergy in Canada are joining an Auto Union saying they need as much protection as anybody else. They’re saying the Anaheim Angels may become the Los Angeles Angels. Kansas Jayhawks are ranked #1 in college pre-season basketball. They haven’t been ranked #1 since Wilt Chamberlain played for them in 1950.

November 10, 2004

Hostage Slaughter houses were found in Fallujah. Meteor field discovered under the Sahara desert—craters. Djibouti female circumcision in this East African country. Rapala lures gained fame because of an article about them in the Marilyn Monroe edition of Life Magazine Arafat dies Author Iris Chang found dead apparently from suicide.

November 11, 2004

Peterson convicted of killing wife and baby “found guilty of first and second degree murder they said that somebody yelled at Scott Peterson’s Mother” “I hope they fry your son” as she left the court house. And that when they polled the people on the street most of them were “ecstatic” about the verdict. 3:40 p.m. And the newspaper had already printed a late-afternoon extra edition that said “Guilty” on it.

November 13, 2004

Evander Holyfield loses to Larry Donald—in an apparent embarrassing fight for the former four time heavyweight champion. MSU beats Wisconsin. The unclaimed baggage center in Scotsborough Alabama. ODB the rapper dies of an apparent heart attack (Old Dirty Bastard)

November 15, 2004

Condoleeza Rice is named Secretary of State, Colin Powell resigning; Man sets himself on fire outside the white house says they hear him crying “allah, allah”; Hussein took 21 billion from the oil for food program —smuggled it. They’ve found the Lost City of Atlantis off the coast of Cypress. Mormons are the fastest growing denomination in America. Peruvian drug smugglers are caught with drugs inside a squid.

November 17, 2004

NASA successfully launched the Scram jet which went 7000 mph over the Pacific Ocean New translation of the Pentateuch Robert Alter. A deer wandered into the O’Hare baggage claim area. This CIA agent who just quit says that at one point a top Osama Bin Laden associate was trapped and they knew where—the hotel and the exact room and the CIA told the military but the military declined.

At the Vibe awards in Santa Monica---at a Santa Monica airport hangar—there was a fight and somebody got stabbed—apparently a man approached Dr. Dre and slugged him and then David Buck aka________ rapper name stabbed Johnson. Johnson is in stable condition in the hospital. David Buck is wanted by the police. NASA has a research center in Langley and were part of the participants in the SCRAM jet experiment. News I s Margaret Hassan Dead? They’re starting to think so. Sears and K-Mart are going to merge.

November 18-19, 2004

Billy Graham .They’ve discovered the skeleton of what they now consider to be the last common ancestor of all great apes. Peyton Manning is quarter back for the Baltimore Colts. His brother Eli is with the Giants. Their father is former Saints QB Archie Manning

Only 13% of Americans think that God had no role in the creation of the world, but yet we still have evolution being taught in almost all the schools. However, Dover area school district in southeastern Pennsylvania has decided to teach “intelligent design.” Last time U. of M. was national champion was in 1997 when they were co-champs with Nebraska. OSU has beat U of M in 94, 98, and 2002; UM won in 96 and 2002 and is 11-4-1 against OSU in the last fifteen games. In 1998 OSU defeated UM to thwart their hopes of an undefeated league record. This is Billy Graham’s 416th crusade and his next to last.

NASA launches spacecraft named “Swift” to search for black holes. World’s oldest living man dies at age 113. Michigan loses to OSU but will go to Rose Bowl because Wisconsin lost to Iowa. Charles Manson got turned down for a record contract by the son of Doris Day who died today. Prince William of England says he does not want to be “mollycoddled” if the order is for him to go to war Lori Berenson has been in prison in Peru since 1995 based on terrorism charges.

Flash floods kill 250 in the Philippines, Quezon province. Yale fans fool Harvard fans by making them hold up signs to read “we suck. Ken Jennings, Jeopardy champion finally lost. Dianna Deetric Berns is subject to excessive force by Atlanta police and it is caught on video at the airport. Officer Clarence Alexander was the instigating officer, seven other officers arrived thereafter. The district attorney was Bob Keller, Berns attorney is Steven Lister.

Airplane attempting to make first round the world nonstop , non-re-fueled flight.Dick Ebersol the NBC sports announcer was in an airplane that crashed in Colorado. He apparently was returning from the Notre Dame-USC football game and has one son at USC and another son at Notre Dame. He and his older son survived but his youngest son apparently died. Kevin Grady or O’Grady, of East Grand Rapids High School, is breaking all the Michigan high school football records.

December 2, 2004

Giant Christmas tree sits on eleven barges in Rio DeJaneiro-; . South Haven female middle school teacher is in jail for allegedly having a sexual interaction with a female student. Friends and family testify on behalf of Scott Peterson to try to convince the jury not to give him the death sentence. A recount of the Ohio results is still slated to go forward in the presidential race.. they’ve paid the 113,000 fee… if democrats had won the 20 electoral votes in Ohio they would have won the election. Class A bio-terrorism agents include: smallpox, plague, botulism, and tularemia, hemorrhagic fever, and anthrax.

December 3, 2004

38, 000 people die of influenza every year. Spanish flu of 1918-19 killed 25 million people worldwide, more than all of WWI. They have found a way to reverse paralysis in dogs if it is injected in the animal within three days of the injury. School bus driver near Buffalo New York is fired for talking with the students about stem cell research.

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