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David Kay the former chief weapons hunter for the U.S. In Iraq says it is fanciful to keep hoping that we will find WMD’s in Iraq—he says there is none—and he also scoffs at the misnomer of “intelligence community” saying that the various agencies that gather intelligence are not cooperative as the word “community” suggests—he says they are more like a bunch of feuding empires not wanting to be led by any other.

July 29, 2004

The judge has denied the defenses motion for mistrial and dismissal of charges—and now Mark Geragos is saying that his client has run out of the funds to pay the attorney fees. they say that Stephen Bing is the #1 political contributor to the Democratic Party—having donated up to 16 million dollars—and he’s a Hollywood behind-the-scenes figure—who he is—it’s not clear—they don’t say what he has done in Hollywood just that he’s connected there somehow—but that he is also affiliated with mobster “Donnie Shacks” who is now in jail for racketeering.

What will that contribution lead to if Kerry becomes president? You can’t help but believe there will be some favoritism shown. they are saying that John Kerry can prove he’s not an Olympian Oratorian with his Democratic National Convention address tonight.

Major floods in Dallas—two days after I passed through there. -. —there’s a story about a dentist by the name of John Hall near Mecklenberg County—accused of discrepancies with his patients. Concerning the Kobe Bryant case—they say the alleged victim (or accuser) has already received $20,000 from a victims compensation fund, which the defense says is an incentive to make up a story. “Once in a blue moon excoriating---attacking that was one word used to describe the Kerry Speech—he attacked Bush and all things related.

July 30, 2004

Bush—picking up on Kerry’s’ theme of “commander-in-Chief” says he will not allow the U.S> to appear weak on his watch—otherwise we will drift towards tragedy. —there's a new reality television show in which they watch the Amish in action—some people are protesting that it exploits their innocenceMike Tyson—the boxer—the aging boxer——apparently was knocked out in the 4th round.

July 31, 2004

A big mafia fellow, Massino, has been convicted on numerous charges—there’s mention of him being associated with Donnie Brasco—who is associated with this fellow by the name of Stephen Bing—the #1 contributor to the Democratic political party. Now were’ in the Arkansas Valley and various national forests. -- American soldiers admit that they forced Iraqi soldiers to jump off a bridge into the water but didn’t think they died or drowned .

August 1, 2004

New information from the husband of the missing Utah jogger apparently has made further searching unnecessary. —a man in Valley Springs, California—paid $10,000 ransom to get his dog back . Through the town of Olathe at 1045 a.m. --Ferial Masry, a teacher in Los Angeles, Is running for the assembly

And if she wins will be the first foreign-born assembly person—she’s from Saudi Arabia

There’s an impending hurricane or tropical storm on the east coast causing flooding and evacuations—only a week or so after I left—

August 2, 2004

I manage to get a little from my wireless—brief connection—Bush apparently has agreed to go along with the 9.11 commissions recommendation to have an intelligence director—somebody who oversees all of the so-called “intelligence community” which others ay isn’t a community at all—but a group of “feuding empires” –apparently the only stipulation Bush is making is the question as to whether the intelligence director will be part of the executive office.

Bush apparently wants to retain the autonomy of the intelligence community , which would be potentially diminished if the director were politically influenced by the executive office.

The arrest of a terror suspect in Pakistan led to intelligence from his computer—that may have contributed to the heightened terror alerts in the financial districts of New York and New Jersey. There’s a military branch called the Northern Command which is dedicated solely to defending U.S. boundaries. —464 people died in the Paraguay Supermarket fire a woman will apparently testify in the Kobe Bryant trial that he “groped” her at a part at Shaquile O’Neals house in Orlando several years ago. We just passed through and over the Virgin River and Virgin Mountains prior to entering Mesquite.

For the defense in the Kobe Bryant case—an expert will testify that she believes, based on tests of the accusers panties, that the accuser had sexual intercourse with somebody else shortly after having sexual intercourse with Kobe Bryant. This is starting to sound more and more like a repeat of “To Kill a Mockingbird”—the only thing Kobe Bryant may be guilty of is being a black man having sex with a white woman. If it is true that she had sex with somebody else shortly after the Kobe Bryant sexual interaction—it would seem that she was not, in fact, a that distraught about the incident. The prosecution says that the sperm of “Mr. X”—found alongside the sperm of Kobe Bryant on the same pair of panties is old and that residue of sperm can remain in panties even after being washed. The defense expert says that it is unlikely because of the significant amount found on the panties—not just traces.

August 4, 2004

The American basketball team got beat by the Italians—90 something to 78---wow—that’s an upset. A thirty-four year old female teacher who has been in prison for seven years for seducing a 6th grader and having two children from him, is being released from prison in Washington. I just saw a mirage at 123 pm. —the accuser of Kobe Bryant is now wondering if she will be able to get a fair criminal case and may, instead, do a civil suit, Scott Peterson allegedly shopped for boats on the internet the day after he was confronted by Amber Frey’s girlfriend for being married. In Beijing a man slashed 15 kids in a kindergarten classroom with a knife. a Siberian boy was discovered apparently raised by a dog—for 5 or 6 years. —a Romanian man keeps a dead cow in his apartment—cutting off pieces of it to eat when hungry. Three banks are robbed in Davenport, IA while Kerry & Bush are campaigning.

August 5, 2004

Bobby Fischer wants to renounce his American citizenship, and he also says that there’s an American-Jewish plot against him.

They are still reporting on Bobby Fischer’s dilemma—detained in Japan for having an invalid U.S. Passport, he is now seeking to renounce his American citizenship and to be given refuge in Japan. A.P. News says that he has reportedly praised the 9.11 attack on America and also denies the actuality of the Holocaust.

AP Science reports that a new study has discovered that there is something in a mother’s hormones that makes her super-protective of her children—and that their protectiveness is not necessarily due to “love” for them, although I have to ask if God did not wire our bodies so that the various mechanics of our human biology serve to create actions and feelings which we call “love.” Love is what love does—so if a mother fiercely protects her baby because God wired our bodies in such a manner---he wired mother’s to have “superlove” for their children.

Sports: Lakers trade Gary Payton and Rick Fox to the Celtics, further changing the chemistry of the Lakers team. International An American woman in Oman faces death by execution for the alleged killing of her husband. Some say that the woman had been abused repeatedly by her husband and that therefore, there should be some lenience. Mexican and Canadian border is now becoming an increasing place of potential entry for terrorists which is difficult to guard say U.S. officials. Ben Vanderford placed a tape on the internet showing him being beheaded by terrorists, but now has told the media that he did it as a hoax and as a commentary about how easy it is to fake a beheading and have it aired on the internet. FBI is investigating and may pass it on to the D.A. for prosecution.

Talks between India and Pakistan continue concerning the boundary line around Kashmir, Himalayan area, and the “Sir Creek” area. Both India & Pakistan have nuclear capability. There’s a severe locust plague in West Africa. After a woman died an autopsy revealed that there had been a towel left in her body behind the lung after surgery for emphysema several years prior. She had managed to live several years with it imbedded in her body, but the attorney for the family says that it obviously caused her to die earlier than she would have had it not been in her body. Danny DeVito was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Jack Nicholson was born in Neptune, New Jersey, and Bruce Springsteen was born in Freehold, New Jersey—AP reports in regards to New Jersey born celebrities and the rise of movie making in the state itself
August 7, 2004

They think they have detected a ghost in the Kent County, Maryland courthouse. The story about the movie “Garden State” was by Reuters, not AP. Angels have won six of their last eight. The son of Jeb Bush, governor, got married this weekend—and they say that his mother was born in Mexico and that their grandfather, George Sr. , referred to the kids as “the brown ones.” So the wife of Jeb Bush is Mexican-American?

Reminder about Sr. Bush and his re-election bid. Bush Sr. was not re-elected. This story says that Bush Jr. has planned better—preparing for the campaign in advance.

Western flank of Volcano in Canary Islands, La Palma—if it breaks off, which it will they say someday, it will cause a tsunami that will swamp the east coast.

They say that the accuser in the Kobe Bryant case has filed a civil law suit and that her chances are better in that venue because the criteria is “more likely than not” whereas in the criminal court the criteria for conviction is “beyond a reasonable doubt” . There’s a bill being proposed that will make it legal to hunt Mute Swans which some people say are over-protected and becoming a nuisance. Peter Goss has been proposed as the new CIA director and director of intelligence at large by President George Bush Jr.
There’s a new acronym being used—“Wendys---Would be Environmentalists, Not Doing it Yet” . They say a company has invented an edible plastic wrap

New Jersey’s governor has admitted to being gay, albeit married, and having had an affair with a man on staff in the state office and says he will resign because of it. In England, a convicted rapist won the Lotto—about 13 million U.S. dollars.

Something about the late John Steinbeck—the author of “Mice And Men” among others—his son is still alive and is a writer and participates in various Steinbeck festivities that periodically take place around Monterey, California.

Michael Phelps wins the first American gold of the Olympic Games and sets a new world record in the process. —sports—in a gigantic upset—Puerto Rico defeated the U.S. men’s basketball team—and soundly.

The U.S. Beat the Netherlands in men’s volleyball. Attorneys for Peterson say being a “cad” doesn’t make him a killer. . A “cad” is somebody who is “piggish”—takes advantage of others, out for the “score”—to meet women for a one night stand, etc.—the 9.11.01 plane crash in Pennsylvania occurred near Shanksville, PA which is southeast of Pittsburg they say Ted Kennedy the senator had his name on a no-fly list and had to call the Department of Homeland Security three times before he was allowed on the plan —John Kerry says Bush vowed not to attack Kerry’s war record but he is allowing other Republicans to do it for him instead with Bush campaign money.

Phelps wins his 5th gold medal and decides not to swim in the Olympic teams final relay—allowing his teammate Ian Thorpe to do so instead. Bob Perry apparently was the biggest contributor to the Texas Republican party in 2002 –giving about $900,000, and is now part of the Vietnam Veterans Swift Boat group which is placing ads on television questioning the truth about John Kerry’s Vietnam War record. In Spain—the people are celebrating Holy Year with a trek to the area which legend has it that St. James was buried, and where they believe they can receive God’s forgiveness if they enter a specific Cathedral which only opens its front doors during Holy Year and only on July 25----when July 25 is a Sunday, because that’s what makes it a Holy Year—when St. James Day, July 25, is on a Sunday. The last time it happened was in 1999, and the next time will be 2010.

Visitors from all over Europe celebrate it with a trek—sometimes a few days, for others a few months—walking to Santiago which is in the northwest corner of Spain.

August 21, 2004

William Rood, an editor for the Chicago Tribune and a member of John Kerry’s Vietnam group has confirmed the account by John Kerry of what happened in Vietnam and has said that the Swift Boat Veterans account is inaccurate and misleading. You see—there are those kids who never were forced to undergo the humiliation of frustration that comes with learning things that require diligence such as playing the piano. For me that took time—and humility—a lot of kids never have to experience that.
August 23, 2004

The men’s basketball team loses to Lithuania. Mike Phelps gets his record-tying 8th medal. Thieves rob a Museum in Oslo Norway taking Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and “Madonna”. Ancient Greek athletes competed in the nude. They went to the “undressing” room rather than the dressing room. There was an event called the pancreateon in which anything goes, break fingers, break legs, what have you to get the opponent to let go. The archeologist Steven Miller says he thinks nudity was the “great equalizer” regardless of social standing, economics, politics, and he says that he thinks this is what gave rise to democracy. Stephen Miller’s project is at

Stephen Miller is rebuilding the temple of Zeus where athletes once made their offerings to gods and they once carved their initials in the tunnel. Senator Pat Roberts R-Kansas and the Senate Intelligence Committee are discussing completely dismantling the CIA. The doyenne of domesticity, Martha Stewart. .. at the Peterson trial, when Mark Geragos got up to cross-examine the former mistress of Scott Peterson he first said “No questions” and waited a moment while everybody became wide-eyed, then he said “Just kidding.”

August 24, 2004

Peterson apparently never told Amber Frye, his mistress, that he loved her, and he never tried to stop her from going to the police. The gal from Facts of Life who played Blair (and who has also been at the Womens Conference at the Crystal Cathedral) believes in using “hotsaucing” to discipline her children—with a drop of hot sauce on their tongue for bad behavior. Others vehemently object. Lisa Welchel played “Blair” on Facts of Life. Two planes crash shortly after taking off from the same airport almost simultaneously. “…as hose on the autistic spectrum may lack understanding of emotions…or may have difficulty interpreting facial expressions and body language.…teaching them to appreciate theatre is a particular challenge…Convicted rapist in England wins 13 million dollar lotto.

Angels sweep the yanks at the Bronx.. Japan wins the women’s marathon leaving a British runner in tears who didn’t make it. Jack Lalanne, physical fitness guru, is stil alive at age 89. Scientists are trying to develop a robot that will use plankton as fuel.

August 25, 2004

They say that at the Republican Convention they will be using new technology that “throws” sound in a “beam” of sorts, they will use it for crowd control as well as a presidential display The son of Margaret Thatcher was arrested in South Africa by the Scorpions on suspicion of a mercenary plot against the president of Equatorial Guinea. The 33 year old son of Johnny Cash is continuing to produce his father’s music along with other country stars, and he is auctioning off a lot of his father’s belongings. Why not a museum? It’s half-time in the Spain-USA Olympic basketball game… eventually the U.S. went on to defeat Spain
A father of a 20 year old Marine killed in Iraq set himself and the Marines van on fire (the van of the Marines who cam to inform him of the news).

August 28, 2004

USA wins gold in women’s soccer… Tlenzuela at parking office. here’s a festival in Tomatina, Spain 25 miles west of Valencia, around late August in which the entire day is devoted to a tomato throwing contest—at each other. Carolyn Parish, a Canadian politician, called Americans “idiots” recently. Last year she called them “damn bastards.”

The CIA, Department of Defense, and the National Security Counsel was established in 1947 at the outset of the Cold War.

Shocker: Mens U.S. Basketball Team loses to Argentina at the Olympics thus eliminating them from Gold Medal competition. Concerning stem cell research—it apparently is possible to get adult stem cells from body fat—and they tell a story about a doctor who did liposuction on himself towards that end. Italian Journalist Denzel Valdonian (?) was apparently executed by terrorists.

August 31, 2004

On the day she disappeared, Somebody surfed the web between 830 am and 845 a.m from the Peterson House for a Sunflower umbrella. Laci had a sunflower tattoo on her ankle. Prosecution says the dogs picked up Laci’s scent at Berkley Marina, but isn’t it possible that if Laci hugged Scott that he would have her scent on him. Or if she had even touched anything that Peterson took along with him?

September 1, 2004

A fellow didn’t have enough money to pay for his front bicycle tire to get fixed so every since then he has gone around on the back tire only doing a “wheelie”—he did the longest wheelie –30 miles, says the report.

The Kobe Bryant trial has been dismissed—the alleged victim (or accuser) decided she could not go on albeit made one condition that Kobe Bryant apologize and say that he while he may have believed it to be consensual she did not perceive it to be that way. Turkey wants to make adultery a crime.

September 2, 2004

There’s a story about the so-called “giraffe women” of Burma, or Myanmar, --women who wear these metal collars of sorts around their necks to elongate them or give the appearance of elongating them, which attracts tourists and provides income. And there apparently is also a tradition behind it—mythical or partly fictional—i.e. to protect the ladies neck from the teeth of tigers, etc. Doctors say the collars don’t actually elongate the neck of the women—but forces the collarbone down thus giving the effect of elongation; but even after the collars are taken off, the necks are no longer than before.

Bill Clinton apparently keeps an office in Harlem, New York. His home is in Chapaqua.

-re. Arnold Schwaarzenaager’s Republican National Convention Speech:

In Ananova (a British News Corporation) under their section entitled “Quirkies” there is a story entitled “Historians Blast Arnie’s Bush Speech”: Arnold Schwarzenegger was told to go back to school after his speech supporting President Bush’s election campaign. Austrian historians say the California governor made some schoolboy howlers in talking about his homeland. Schwaarzenegger, up until now, Austria’s favorite son, upset politicians across the board with his speech to the Republican National Convention in New York.

He told how Austria became a socialist country after the Second World War and said he remembered seeing Soviet tanks in the street. But when Schwarzenegger emigrated to the United States in 1968 Austria was ruled by the conservatives People’s Party and had not had a single socialist chancellor. Martin Polaschek, a legal historian at the Karl Franzen University, accused the Governor of “trying to use the old communist threat for Bush’s election campaign. Saying “Austria was ruled by a coalition government. He is getting a free country mixed up with a socialist one.”

Another Austrian historian, Stefan Karner, added: “The child in Styria, he could not have seen Soviet tanks. By the time Schwarzenegger was born in 1947, the province was occupied by the British.”

September 6, 2004

At least 350 persons were killed in the hostage situation in southern Russia—it’s related to their relations with Chechnya.

Did you know the back half o the hurricane after the eye is stronger than the first half, or is supposed to be. John Kerry has cut short some of his campaign schedule to be with his ailing wife in the hospital—who appears to be okay after all. The name of that southern Russian town is Beslan. Ichiro Suzuki needs 35 hits in 27 games to pass the season hit record set by George Sisler 84 years ago who has 257 hits. 151 game winning streak by Dela Salle came to an end last night—the longest high school football streak ever—they hadn’t lost since 1991. Sara McMann, female Olympic wrestler, was charged with reckless driving in the death of her boyfriend, an NCAA wrestler, as she was driving him from Colorado Springs to Washington DC where he was a law school student.

They say that the hospital at which Clinton is scheduled to have surgery has a higher percentage rate of deaths for this kind of surgery than any other hospital in the area—double that of any other—at 4% which is still very low, but does raise eyebrows.

September 7, 2004

Bush said because of medical lawsuits too many doctors have been put out of business and too many OB.GYN’s are “ unable to practice their love with women all across the country

September 9, 2004

New robot is made to eat flies for fuel, but needs to attract flies so it will have to carry garbage or excrement —Scott Peterson’s father testified on behalf of his son
September 10, 2004

They may still be able to fulfill some of the scientific objectives via the Genesis capsule after all, despite it crash landing in the desert, they said that there is still some intact pieces

September 12, 2004

A mushroom cloud was observed in N. Korea near the border, on the same day as N. Korea’s anniversary. Now N. Korea is saying it was due to a demolition of a mountain which is part of their hydroelectric planning. U.S. Airways may file for bankruptcy.

September 14, 2004

AP reports on the plight of animals during hurricane seasons, including squirrers, but also Dove chicks, and even fish—because sometimes too much rain can deplete the oxygen in the pond---or right after the storm when sun shines, algae rapidly increases thereby also depleting oxygen. Oprah Winfrey gave a brand new car to each member of the audience.Brian DeVries –was convicted as a child molester, recently released to live in Washington state—voluntarily castrated himself.

September 16, 2004

And the Scott Peterson case—prosecution experts have testified that the concrete used to make an anchor on the boat is not the same concrete he used to fix the driveway. But the defense made the point that the samples used from the driveway included large granules mixed in from the old part of the driveway.. or something like that. —Hurricane Ivan has already caused at least 20 deaths, and now they’re talking about Hurricane Jeanne and possibly a Hurricane Carl.

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