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At the time of his death Reagan was apparently at a stage of life when he could no longer speak, feed himself, or recognize his family. President Bush was in Paris at the time of his death and said, “It’s a sad day for America.” All government buildings are ordered to fly the flags at half-mast for thirty days. Reagan’s politics were known as “Reaganomics” and was highlighted by his so-called “Trickledown theory” .

Despite criticism, Reagan was able to deflect and because of his thick skin, became known as the Teflon president. His tough talk against the “evil empire” of the Soviet Union brought him support at home and abroad. Some credit him for hastening the demise of communism around the world. Reagan was born on February 6, 1911, in the little town of Tampico, Illinois his father was a shoe salesman who drank his slim profits, and the family moved often. His mother was very religious and raised Ron and his brother Neil in the Disciples of Christ church. Ronald was athletic, a lifeguard, a football player and participated in drama. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and sociology. He was a radio announcer for a while and was known as “Dutch”, albeit apparently had Irish heritage . Later, he acted in movies such as “Bedtime for Bonzo” as well as “King’s Row” and “Knute Rockne: All American” which led to his nickname, “The Gipper” .

Because of his poor eyesight, Reagan was ineligible for combat duty , so he spent the war years in Los Angeles making army training films and patriotic features, although for a while he apparently hung around with a communist sympathetic group and he was president of the screen actor’s guild from 1947-1960. However, his second wife, Actress, Nancy Davis Reagan encouraged him in the Republican direction and Reagan ended up participating with the FBI and Senator Eugene McCarthy in the blacklists of alleged communists in Hollywood. Reagan was elected governor in 1966 and served two terms. His biggest controversy was the arrangement he made with Iran to sell them arms n exchange for release of hostages from Lebanon ( or help in procuring their release).

The arms sold to Iran apparently were given to right-wing contra guerilla in Nicaragua which led to the involvement of Oliver North, Reagan contended he had no idea what Oliver North was doing. He left office at a time of high prosperity for the Nation—and it wasn’t until many years later that the effects of a huge federal deficit and savings & loan crisis were felt. Yahoo reports that early in his career analysts had laughed him off as a shallow show business buffoon—all grin and pomp. Clark Gifford called him an amiable dunce.

Nonetheless, Reagan was the answer to conservative prayers, following in Barry Goldwater’s footsteps . His parting comments from the president’s office were “We meant to change a nation, instead we changed a world.” Despite Alzheimers, he was till able to write on November 5, 1994, “When the Lord calls me home I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead” . IN addition to the surgery for gunshot wounds. Reagan was also strong in his position against terrorists. In April , 1986 he ordered air strikes on Libya. He also protected gulf oil shipping lanes during the Iran-Iraq war, by having warships escort U.S. Flagged Kuwaiti tankers . He invaded Grenada in Oct. 1983, ousting a Marxist regime and rescuing stranded American soldiers.

..on his funeral crypt the memorial will read “ I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph, and there’s a purpose and worth to each and every Life” He attended Bel-Air Presbyterian after leaving the office. The funeral service will be at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. at 11:30 est. Reagan once said, “I wonder what the Ten Commandments would look like If Moses had run them through congress first

Meteorite hits New Zeeland home.. 3 Peru Men lost at Sea survive on Turtle Cassini Nears Saturn seven years after leaving earth .. Cassini will release Huygens to land on Titan in December... at least 3500 Iraqis have had their ears cut off by Hussein for deserting the army in 1994.

Texas Man throws woman off overpass and then jumps off himself.... Lake Chesterfield in St. Luis dries up...Malone accused of poking

Three officers killed in Birmingham , AL.’’’.... American executive killed in the Dominican Republic

June 19, 2004

They say Paul Johnson was beheaded .Shaquille O'Neal says he wants to be traded

June 20, 2004

Al quaeda claims it was justified in beheading Paul Johnson because even though he was not a member of the military he worked on military aviation, and therefore assisted the military, ---Lakers are expected to offer Kobe Bryant 7 year contract—140 million dollars—20 million per year. Lakers say they will accommodate any trade demands or requests re. Shaq. What makes Kobe different is the fact that he grew up somewhere else—not in America—he’s not a typical or true American black, --with the same semi-veiled anti-white sentiments as many black Americans.
Al quaeda is now holding a S. Korean man hostage with demands that S. Korea pull out of Iraq or else the soldier will be killed. I’m on Hwy 16, at 8 pm. An adult and two children are found dead—washed up on the shore of Lake Michigan—all three tied together at the waist—which says an officer would be expected if a boat capsized to keep each other together.

A Northwest Flight mistakenly lands at Ellsworth AFB rather than the commercial airport in Rapid City. There is no explanation for it. An article about an internet company that verifies internet mail delivery, called “Didtheyread”. In 1975 there were only 250 bears left in Yellowstone, now it has doubled. Vassopressin is released when humans have sex. The six day war—anti-Semitism is at its highest since the holocaust.

Man spends 8 years in an apartment until elevator is fixed. Barry Bonds has had 94 walks in 57 games this year. Hope Clark was arrested for allegedly not paying a fine she got in Yellowstone for not having kept a jar of peanut butter and jelly closed

June 22, 2004

The S. Korean man was beheaded

June 24, 2004

I get on my wireless , AP tells the story of the day John Kerry killed one of the Vietcong in Vietnam. HE was assigned to go up one of the rivers in a boat with a few other soldiers and suddenly the came upon a Vietcong with a rocket blaster--- of some sort—which, if launched, would blow up the boat ---so Kerry apparently gave orders to “beach the boat” so as to make it impossible for the man with the rocket launcher to arm it---the rocket apparently needing a few more yards to build up the speed needed to fly, and.or the person holding the launcher unwilling to fire in such close range because it would probably kill him as well.

So they beached the boat, and they say the launcher man was still trying to arm the thing—at which point Kerry felt it was necessary to kill him. And he pulled out his gun and shot him at close range. Sounds plausible, but---the question is were these like the terrorists we know today who are willing to commit suicide for the cause. If not, it lessens the likelihood that he was still trying to fire or arm the gun at that point.

June 23, 2004,

AP says that the soldier who accidentally bombed the Canadians will not receive judicial punishment. He will receive military punishment, probably thirty days of confinement or one month of missed pay.

June 25, 2004

Judge Calabresis of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has apologized for making comments that compare the election of George Bush to that of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. The comment he says was meant to compare the way Bush got elected not so much Bush as similar to Hitler or Musollini—the judge says that Mussolini was appointed dictator by the King of Italy and Hitler was appointed by Hindenburg.

Apparently he makes the comparison because of the closeness of the election, which was ultimately determined by the court—which concluded nebulously that Bush won. Also AP reports that Dick Cheny, the vice-president, used the “f word” towards Senator Leahy after a congress session, overheard by many.

There’s an article on the wireless about the Kobe Bryant trial—and an accidental leak of a transcript from a closed trial. The judge subsequently issued an order prohibiting any publication of that transcript. And the press is contesting it to the court of appeals on the basis of “prior restraint” not being allowed.

June 26, 2004

Saddam Hussein had his first appearance in Court, declaring that he is the President of Iraq, saying this is all about theatre for Bush. Cassini Probe doing exactly what it’s supposed to says NASAM...Man with a Million pennies in Los Angeles. Spain is proposing to double their troops in Afghanistan. , perhaps a diplomatic gesture for heir planned pullout of Iraq. Slept by Castle Bluff—7-11---new condominium complex

June 27, 2004

on my wireless they say that now Al Quaeda has kidnapped three Turkish soldiers and are threatening to behead them as well if they don’t with draw from Iraq. The president of Turkey has vowed he will not negotiate with the terrorists. ---John Kerry has cancelled a speaking engagement for a Mayors convention—because he refuses to cross a police picket line.

There’s been another Mt. Lion attack in California—this time central. They say there were 48 deaths in schools across the country this year—one of the highest years ever. There’s news about a man making a new world record in taking a photo of 2700 nude people on Lake Erie. George Bush is at Dromoland Castle.

July 2, 2004

Marlon Brando died.

July 4, 2004

A man is attempting to golf across Mongolia. wireless news—that this Fahrenheit 911 film--- by Michael Moore is the Michael Moore who produced “Roger & Me” the documentary about the closing of the auto plants in Flint , Mi, his hometown

July 6, 2004

The Austrian president died on the even of his retirement. Gay film producer Von Praunheim is making a movie based on the life of the fellow who wanted to have his penis eaten and then killed. This fellow also made a film entitled :Can I be your bratwurst please?” the running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain starts Wednesday in the San Fermin festival and protestors are stripping in a nearby town to gain attention , or take attention away from it—
July 7, 2004

Leopards are killing people in Bombay—they killed ten people in one month.

July 8, 2004

There was a triple murder at the ranch of Sam Donaldson—the TV newscaster—the son is suspected of killing his father, mother, and sister. There’s a report about leopards killing humans in Bombay India—coming out of the preserve and in one moth killed ten people. Now they’re dumping pigs and chickens and other animals into the preserve for the jaguars.

[This has to be one of the saddest stories I’ve heard]—a pregnant lady goes out to the bars with her friends—they don’t know she’s pregnant. She’s high on cocaine. She gives birth to the baby in the bathroom unbeknownst to anybody else—when one of her friends comes into the bathroom she tells them she passed a kidney stone—to explain the blood. She stuffs the baby into the trash can, leaving it there to die. She goes home with her friends, changes clothes and goes out partying some more the same evening. Later , somebody finds the dead baby, and puts the pieces of the puzzle together. She’s arrested for murder. That was in Denver, CO, apparently the second instance of its kind in a few months

Another sad story—a man sues his wife for divorce after discovering she is bald—apparently she had an illness at an early age that caused her to lose her hair and wore a wig all the way through their courtship.

July 10, 2004

AP reports that some missing nuclear information has been reported at Los Alamos. Also, the Australians have discovered the chemical in smoke that causes seeds to germinate.

There’s a story about a man raised by chickens ---in Fiji—apparently his parents locked him up in a chicken coop at a young age for extended periods of time—or permanently—and when he was discovered they took him to a psychiatric hospital—and they locked him to a bed in a confined room—so he continued to act like a chicken for years before a social worker discovered him and is now doing therapy with him —New Jersey of all places—where I am right now—has ratified gay marriages. Bush proposes an amendment to stop gay marriages permanently. I agree. —there’s an article about so-called “Honor killings” in Pakistan----when brides marry without the permission and arrangement of family—some of the families go so far as to kill their daughter.sister—because it was done without permission .

July 12, 2004

Ronald Reagan Jr. is now speaking out against George Bush and his policies for going to war and also for his refusal to federally fund stem cell research. Convicted rapist Scott Miller is holding a hostage in a Delaware prison right now. —Iraq rebels—with the threat of death if the Bulgarians do not withdraw, are now holding some of the Bulgarians hostage

July 14, 2004

The vote on an amendment to ban gay marriages—was turned down 50-48—Orrin Hatch spoke out in favor of the amendment saying “If protection of marriage—for male.female only doesn’t deserve protection I don’t know what does.

July 15, 2004

Three kids survived a capsize but there’s no sign of their parents and infant sister—they spent several days on deserted Islands or in between swimming in Australia’s Cape York Peninsula near Papua New Guinea –after their boat capsized—their parents told them to swim for it—and they separated--.

Also —there’s a story about a conflict in China about “cloud seeding”’—a process where they shoot some sort of chemicals into the clouds to make them rain—and now different regions are claiming rights to clouds or infringements of those rights“

The baby boomers largely managed to convert a historically unique advantage in prosperity, education, and…into narcissistic blight…it will take fifty years to overcome the damage wrought by the baby boomers” this fellow asserts.

The writer is a self proclaimed hyphenated hippie-yuppie who grew up wandering at Haight Ashbury—what’s Haight Ashbury?

Bobby Fischer was arrested in Japan after being detained by airport authorities for passport discrepancies. Apparently Bobby Fischer is still wanted in the U.S. for violating sanctions against Yugoslavia many years ago—and played a chess match there despite the then-current sanctions for which he is still wanted.

He was trying to go to the Philippines---now they are sending him back to the U.S. I had come across something about him in Pasadena—he posted something on the internet indicating he had been treated wrongly by the Pasadena Police—which doesn’t surprise me What I didn’t know is that Bobby Fischer praised the Sept 11 attacks—that surprises me

July 17, 2004

The CIA is being highly criticized by Congress and the Committee formed to oversee what went wrong that allowed the 9-11-01 attack to occur… and it appears that a lot of power will be taken away from these so-called intelligence .

July 18, 2004

This is the 5th anniversary of the death of JFK Jr. ---who crashed in a plane with a few others after taking off from Martha’s Vineyard—five years ago—they say he did a “death spiral” into the water—having become disoriented in the overcast weather –Tim Berners Lee—the founder of the Worldwide Web is being “knighted” at Buckingham today—for his achievements as the founder of the Web. William Bennet—admitted to being a high stakes gambler about a year ago—I didn’t hear about that then—Bennet is the or was the U.S. Secretary of Education.

Every July 20 Germany remembers those who attempted to kill Hitler in a coup attempt- but failed –the bomb killed many of those around Adolf but not Adolf himself—who apparently was unscathed by it—and this led to deadly repercussions by Hitler against those he suspected of being against him. A sign on the side of the road says “Get us out of the United Nations” John Birch Society.

They’re talking about a Civil War fort on an island 68 miles west of Key West Florida—Fort Jefferson –apparently being ravaged by the sea—but now being prepared for renovations—the fort itself is gigantic—big enough to hold two coliseums—or a pro football stadium—it was used to house prisoners during the Civil war. There’s been a big dinosaur bone discover near Aragon Spain. Hoodia cactus has been discovered to be an appetite suppressant—found in Africa—now being marketed.

July 19, 2004

Arnold Schwaarzenaager calls some of those legislators who cater to special interests “girlie men —fire in N. Los Angeles County keeps burning. –in Santa Clarita—and something about the Scott Peterson murder trial Apparently a hawk electrocuted by a wire—which then fell to the ground—started the So. California fire.

July 20, 2004

They say the prosecution interviewed or investigated several hundred sexual offenders in the area where Laci Peterson disappeared. But in some cases never followed through on all the potential leads. —Lance Armstrong is doing well—with five days left to go. And the Filipino hostage has been released —a story about Brandy Briggs in Texas—accused of killing her infant baby by shaking--..—at the time of the prosecution—her attorney advised her to plead guilty and that there was no way the judge would give her prison time. She agreed—not able to pay the mounting legal costs, but then the judge did, in fact, give her jail time—17 years.

Now—several years later—some attorneys took a closer look and had some other coroners give their opinions—and several coroners concur that they don’t they the baby was shaken at all—and that there is evidence that hospital personnel put the oxygen tube into the stomach rather than the lung for a while which could have contributed to the death of the baby—who had been sick prior to being brought to the hospital. Now they’re talking about Brandy Briggs being released.

Also —the identity of the scribe for Geoffrey Chaucer edges of that bond—in fact—when I first arrived at Seymour--r has been identified by matching signatures—this is the scribe who helped copy “Canterbury Tales” for Chaucer—and whose name was never known until now. Muhammad Ali’s daughter is a boxer—I didn’t know that and she apparently is undefeated.

July 21, 2004

Stephen Hawkings now concedes that black holes may not permanently swallow up everything—a departure from his original claim—black holes are formed when stars lose their energy and collapse inward, causing significant gravitational pull. Hawkings has a development disorder of some sort—although it apparently does not effect his cognitive abilities—and he is also the father of three children

July 22, 2004

The husband of the missing Utah jogger apparently lied about having graduated from the university and apparently lied about having been accepted into medical school at UNC—in Chapel Hill, NC
July 23, 2004

The existence of freak waves—these waves that purportedly rise up –up to 100 feet high—out of a flat or calm sea—often the topic of folklore, in some cases myth, and other cases debate—and the purported cause of many shipwrecks, has now been documented by some sort of study—indicating they do , in fact, exist, albeit the causes are not yet known or understood.

Talking about the Los Angeles Lakers—an interview with Jeanne Buss—the daughter of Lakers owner, Dr. Jerry Buss—and girlfriend of former Lakers coach, Phil Jackson. Jeanne Buss says she wants a stronger commitment from Phil—and mentions marriage but that Phil is not willing to commit himself that far. And they ask her if Kobe Bryant was at the heart of the big “shakeup” in the Lakers following their loss to the Pistons in the championship series and she says she is not sure—only her father knows for sure, but she says they did try to sign Shaquille O’Neal but that the price he had in mind was more than they could pay, and that they also offered Phil Jackson a contract but that it wasn’t a matter of money with him—he just decided he was through coaching for the time being.

July 24, 2004

There is continued talk about an intelligence director to oversee the 15 agency intelligence community, Armstrong is now 3rd in terms of number of stages won at the Tour de France, but will be first when he wins the Tour de France on Sunday, making it his sixth consecutive. —a robber in Milwaukee tried to return the money he stole from a bank the same day—and was arrested upon return.

Senior golfer Graham Marsh gets two holes-in-one in the same tournament on the same hole—at the British Seniors. TT1 finally got enough gumption later in life to risk rejection.

July 25, 2004

There’s a story about a woman beaten so badly by her husband—an air traffic controller—in Wisconsin—she came to take custody of her daughters—and he allegedly beat her—and stuffed her in some sort of garbage bin, left her for dead—she had a cell phone in her pocket—and was able to call the police, but was not found until the next day—having spent an entire evening in this garbage bin—with not much clothes on—and it was close to zero degrees--.

The police found something that led them to the dumpster—and heard her yelling for help—which saved her life—but because of the frostbite—all of her toes had to be amputated—and now she cannot walk, or not very well. Her n me is Teri Jendusa Nicolai—and there is a fund set up for her…at the 1st Ban king Center 7998 S. Loomis Road, Wind Lake Wisconsin 53185.

With the Democratic National Convention this week in Boston—there are concerns about White Supremacy groups being in or around the area.. including Volksfront and White Revolution.

John Kerry asks the age old question in an interview—‘Does life imitate art or does art imitate life” in regards to the probing question by an interviewer about the problem of increasing violence in Hollywood and his position on it given his closer affiliation with the Hollywood people than George Bus—and his daughter went to film school at USC or UCLA.

Lance Armstrong wings the Tour de France. –his sixth consecutive -=-the son of a Kansas representative kills himself.

July 27, 2004

Dick Cheney, the vice president, says in defense of going to war against Iraq—that terrorism “ is not increased by the use of force against terrorists but is triggered by the perception of weakness” . One of the Kennedy’s however suggests that we were better regarded by the world shortly after the attack despite our being in a position of “weakness”.

July 28, 2004

Another suicide bombing goes off near a bus and kills around 60 or more Iraqi citizens—not the apparent intent of the bombers.

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