In the news by vander kok - Enron founder Ken Lay dead Jul 05, 2006

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Study finds breast feeding wards off bed-wetting | Jul 04, 2006 | 07/04/2006 | Death can come quickly to a child, pet in a parke... Jul 04, 2006

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Doctors Probe 'Miracle' Rebirth of a Long-Dormant Mind - Jul 04, 2006

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Teachers Unions and Public Schools: Who Needs 'Em? Jul 03, 2006

L.A. Unified Losing Staff to Charters Jul 03, 2006

Barrister Mark Okoye Attention: family of Mr.David Lii !!! Jul 03, 2006

Camera Seized in Pitt-Jolie Photo Probe Sun Jul 02, 2006

Anesthesiologists Advised to Avoid Executions Sun Jul 02, 2006

Danger of Intentional Miscomprehension and Learned Helplessness Sun Jul 02, 2006 9k

Roots of human family tree are shallow - Yahoo! News Sat Jul 01, 2006

City Has a New Bounce in Its Step Sat Jul 01, 2006

BOUNCER BUSTS By STEPHANIE GASKELL - New York Post Online Edition: News Jun 29, 2006

Bill gates foundation Jun 27, 2006

Think your office is a zoo? Companies go pet-friendly - Yahoo! News Jun 23, 2006

LA Daily News - California facing oil risk Jun 23, 2006

LA Daily News - Big One may hit as soon as today Jun 22, 2006

New Fuel Source Grows on the Prairie Jun 22, 2006

California Prison Guards' Power Called 'Disturbing' Jun 22, 2006

"Humiliating" is not the word for it. Lack of empowerment is Jun 22, 2006

RIPPER VICTIM GIVES TEXAS-SIZE THANKS TO N.Y. By JANA WINTER - New York Post Onl... Jun 21, Publisher's Death in Maryland Called Suicide - New York Times Jun 21, 2006

Two Killed in Florida Detention Center Shooting - New York Times Jun 21, 2006

Next Victim of Warming: The Beaches - New York Times Jun 20, 2006

Teach for America surging in popularity - Yahoo! News Sat Jun 17, 2006

Memories fresh for witness of Hitler's last days | Sat Jun 17, 2006

LA Daily News - Remains, artifacts on Grand Jun 16, 2006

A Wok With Jesus: Saving Souls in Chinese Kitchens Jun 14, 2006

Sunbather's Death Puts Focus on SUV Patrols Jun 14, 2006

Breast-Feed or Else - New York Times Jun 13, 2006

Students find ring tone adults can't hear - Yahoo! News Jun 13, 2006

A Fortune Built From Elbow Grease and Oil Sun Jun 11, 2006

Judge's Loss Stuns Experts Jun 08, 2006

A Northridge Junior High Tells L.A. Unified: Don't Fence Us In Jun 08, 2006

Bullied by the Eunuchs Jun 07, 2006

Ruling Against Integration Plans Could Add to L.A. Schools' Burden Jun 06, 2006

Everyone Deserves a Great School Experience Jun 05, 2006

In Gilded Age of Home Schooling, Students Have Private Teachers - New York Times Sun Jun 04, 2006

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Sons of The Father Sat Jun 03, 2006

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Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/21/2006 | Prospects for ethanol are mixed Sun May 21, 2006 - Heresy or holy faith? Sun May 21, 2006 | Forging its own identity Sat May 20, 2006

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Letting Students Off the Hook Doesn't Help Them May 15, 2006

Good Times at a Backpackers' Paradise - New York Times May 12, 2006

2,800 Prom Gowns From a Single Thread May 12, 2006

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The Seattle Times: Opinion: Lessons of a brutal assault May 10, 2006

Millions in US have poor vision, go without help - Yahoo! News May 09, 2006

Isn't it Ionic? Air Purifiers Make Smog - Yahoo! News May 09, 2006

Behavior guide aims at demise of "the ugly American" | May 09, 2006

LA Daily News - Education heroes May 08, 2006

Texas Case Spurs Arson Conviction Questions May 08, 2006

LA Daily News - Volunteers prepare for Big Sunday, a day of community spirit May 04, 2006

Earl woods dies: Tigers dad May 04, 2006

Rule aims to halt theft by lawyers - The Boston Globe May 03, 2006

Prayer Sat Apr 29, 2006

Waterfalls Sat Apr 29, 2006

Whitewashing the Founding Fathers - The Boston Globe Apr 25, 2006

To Grieve in Peace (1 Letter) - New York Times Apr 24, 2006 > News > State -- Demonstrators protest outside Bush immigrat... Apr 24, 2006

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LA Daily News - Religion Sun Apr 23, 2006

Bush Visits Ailing Former President Ford Sun Apr 23, 2006 | Raided company says hirers duped by fake ID papers Sun Apr 23, 2006

For the Los Angeles Clippers, These Are the Best of Times - New York Times Sat Apr 22, 2006

Duke Player Has Proof of Innocence, Lawyer Says - New York Times Sat Apr 22, 2006

Re: This is the sky. I'm staring up at it after a long day Apr 19, 2006

Re: CEOs say how you treat a waiter Apr 19, 2006

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CEOs say how you treat a waiter can predict a lot about character - Yahoo! News Apr 17, 2006

Modern Ministry Is Off to Raucous Start Sun Apr 16, 2006

Easter Message from Pastor III: Maintaining Spiritual Equilibrium Sun Apr 16, 2006 32k | How bunnies and painted eggs became part of Easter tradition Sun Apr 16, 2006

Forget Computers. Here Comes the Sun. - New York Times Sat Apr 15, 2006

Homeless arrests in L.A. ruled unconstitutional | Apr 14, 2006

BROWN IS THE NEW BLACK - Yahoo! News Apr 13, 2006 - Rite of baptism trickles away Apr 12, 2006

We are Easter people - Yahoo! News Apr 12, 2006

Teaching the Bible in Georgia's Public Schools - New York Times Apr 11, 2006

Faith-Based Medicine - New York Times Apr 11, 2006

LA Daily News - News Mar 16, 2006 Newsletters Breaking News: Dubai-owned company may give up management stake in some US ports Mar 09,

Faith-Based Medicine - New York Times Apr 11, 2006

DeLay's Next Mission From God Sat Apr 08, 2006

Newly Translated Gospel Offers More Positive Portrayal of Judas Apr 06, 2006

Newly Translated Gospel Offers More Positive Portrayal of Judas Apr 06, 2006

This weeks sunday message will be about the dangers of racism Apr 06, 2006

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Quirky "fishapod" crawls onto our family tree Apr 06, 2006

Terror in our streets: L.A. Daily News Special Report Apr 05, 2006

Terror in our streets: L.A. Daily News Special Report Apr 05, 2006

Jesus Could Have Walked on Ice, Scientist Says - Yahoo! News Apr 04, 2006 News - Health - Health warning: Praying for the sick makes them fee... Apr 04, 2006

Depression Hits Some Preachers' Wives - Yahoo! News Apr 03, 2006

LA Daily News - Their Opinion Sun Apr 02, 2006

Father eulogizes slain minister as 'a loving son' - Wednesday, 03/29/06 Sun Apr 02, 2006

Fashion & Style (Forum/Message Board) - The New York Times Sat Apr 01, 2006

Fashion & Style (Forum/Message Board) - The New York Times Sat Apr 01, 2006

Moussaoui Says He Was Part of Plot to Attack White House - New York Times Mar 27, 2006

Immigration March Draws 500,000 in L.A. - Yahoo! News Sat Mar 25, 2006

Researchers Look at Prayer and Healing Mar 23, 2006 - Landmarks in O.C. Mar 22, 2006

Afghan convert to Christianity unfit to stand trial Mar 22, 2006

LAUSD leads cal in decathlon Mar 21, 2006

California Air Still Full of Cancer-Causing Pollutants - Los Angeles Times Mar 21, 2006

Canters deli fairfax ave Mar 21, 2006

FBI agent says he warned about Moussaoui Mar 21, 2006

Costa Rica Rides High-Tech Wave - Los Angeles Times Mar 20, 2006

Storied Church May Be Victim of Katrina Sat Mar 18, 2006

ACLU, L.A. Agree on Skid Row Cleanup Plan - Yahoo! News Sat Mar 18, 2006

Her digging unearthed sad ending to hunt for 2 children - The Boston Globe Mar 16, 2006

'What Jesus Meant,' by Garry Wills - The New York Times Book Review - New York T... Mar 16, 2006

Students Flock to Seminaries, but Fewer See Pulpit in Future - New York Times Mar 16, 2006

Ex White House Aide Denies Theft Charges - Newsweek Politics - Sun Mar 12, 2006

Spring for Europe - Europe - Sun Mar 12, 2006

Chaos Reigns at a Model School - Los Angeles Times Sun Mar 12, 2006

LA Daily News - News Sat Mar 11, 2006

What Explains the 'Aha' Moment - New York Times Sat Mar 11, 2006

The Navy's swimming spy plane - Feb 24, 2006 Feb 27, 2006

National Association for Bilingual Education - Press Room Sat Feb 25, 2006 | School district primes for legal battle Sat Feb 25, 2006 | School district primes for legal battle Sat Feb 25, 2006

Over four million students Left Behind - Opinion Sat Feb 25, 2006

Teaching 'Standard Kids' Sat Feb 25, 2006

Inquiring Gringos Want to Know - Los Angeles Times Feb 24, 2006

Why cell phone coverage can be spotty - Tech News & Reviews - Feb 22, 2006

Austria Imposes 3-Year Sentence on Notorious Holocaust Denier - New York Times Feb 20, 2006

Discovering a Yosemite Hushed by Winter's Snow - New York Times Sun Feb 19, 2006

LA Daily News - Home Sun Feb 19, 2006

Ananova - New gadget repels teenagers Sat Feb 18, 2006

Boomers: The Real Greatest Generation Sat Feb 18, 2006



The news changes style here, and it is also

written from oldest to most recent, opposite of the above.
APRIL 2004 -MAY 2006
3 Years In the News

The Good,the Bad,& the Ugly

"In the News "

(by vanderKOK,

Mustard Seed Ministries)

Selected Excerpts from the News

Compiled April 11, 2004

through May3, 2006

(every letter typed by J.P. Kok. No “Cut-n-Paste”).

News was Compiled Daily from Various News Agencies, almost exclusively via my Cell Phone. Stories are referenced by news agency along with the reporter (if it was included with the story, sometimes the writer/reporter is not included, and sometimes, especially when I first began doing this, I inadvertently ommitted the source).

Warning: Some of the news is graphic and can be disturbing to read. Disturbing things happen in our world and they are reported by various news agencies. Almost everything I personally read on my cell phone news is included below, verbatim (meaning it is word for word even if all of the below is not in quotation marks. Quotation marks are implied, unless I've made a comment in brackets).

April 11, 2004

Condoleeza Rice

Sony Pict Purchases Clarke Book “Against All Enemies”

Dozens dead.trapped in Russian Mine Blast

Al Quaeda memo shows FBI suspected hijack plot ( Bush was aware by PDB)

Cory Spinks wins fight
April 19, 2004

A fan fell from the baseball stands trying to catch the history 661’s career home run hit by Barry Bonds. The fan fell 20 feet landing on his wrists, and suffered a laceration to his head. The ball ended up splashing into the San Francisco bay

On an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is the world’s largest raised coral atoll. 1000’s of giant tortoises roam, and huge robber crabs, the worlds largest anthropods up to 3 feet in length scour the beaches able to rip open coconut shells with the pincers.

White throated rails the last surviving flightless bird of the Indian Ocean wander the island. Hawksbill and green turtles come in the 1000’s to breed. There are over 200 plant species. Waters teeming with life include sharks, stingrays, groupeers, and aldabra, Along with the Galapagos Island it is one of the world’s greatest natural treasures. Now this is threatened say conservationists due to plans of the Seychelles government to build .

Two fraternity brothers Friday were sentenced to community service but escaped jail for stealing and eating a jumbo goldfish at the University of California Santa Cruz.. ..the men were drunk when they snatched the 18 inch koi fish which was referred to both as Midas & Goldie and lived in a university of owned pond the men fried the gold fish and fed to fraternity pledges last year as part of their sentence each man will have to work forty hours at a Japanese …institute that has a pond filled with koi.. the incident was filming for the MTV series fraternity life but never aired..

A Fort Meyers Florida teen has been charged with hiring an undercover policeman to shoot and kill his mother while instructing the purported hitman not to damage the family television

More than a century after they died the men of the CSS Hunley are finally being laid to rest.. the confederates had a primitive submarine at their disposal during the Civil War and was the first submarine to sink another ship.. but in the process it also …sank itself.. killing the 8 men who volunteered for the mission.. a funeral ceremony will be held for the men this week at Charleston’s historic Magnolia cemetery The average retail price for a gallon of gas has hit a record of $1.80 said AAA on Saturday while in California the average is closer to $2.15

The body of DruSjodin ..the University of North Dakota student was found in Minnesota.., 5 months after she disappeared from the parking lot of a N. Dakota Shopping mall where she was an employee at Victoria’s Secret..the Body was found in a ditch in Crookston, MN, the hometown of the suspected killer.

An NHL player, Mike Danton of the St. Louis Blues has been arrested in connection with an alleged murder-for-hire scheme..according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court, Danton, age 23, and a woman face charges of conspiring and using a telephone across state lines to set up a murder. The FBI said Danton wanted somebody to kill a man hired to kill him, and that he hatched a plot for the hitman to kill the hitman and make it look like two burglars had broken in.

14 African migrants drowned trying to reach Spain’s Canary Islands Saturday when the boats crashed into each other and capsized. Two persons were missing incl a 9 mo. Old baby…
April 25, 2004

A German Shepherd ate 28 golf balls owner Mike Wordrop of N. England says.

Pat Tillman—killed in action, former St. Louis Cardinals NFL player


Sad story of year—gal in coma after being beaten by others after she kissed another girls boyfriend on a dare. Nicole Townes in Baltimore.

Sad Story—the gal dragged to death by the sleeve of her jacket which got caught in the door after she was dropped off for school
News from Fresno..—man killed wife or wives & children, some of whom were one and the same (so to speak) . He was the father & grandfather of some of the children

May 2, 2004
Supreme Court Justice David Souter gets assaulted; Kentucky Derby, --Smarty Jones wins; Emily Yzaguirre age 7 escapes from would be kidnapper; Texas Floods; Hotel Fire-Rome—Spotlight—Norman Jackson Flight bomber—Lancaster, Honor Killings—Turkey.. Lakers-Angels, Tigers, Yankees. 7 Hubble 8) stocks 9) Weather , 10 Koroneburg –Renaissance Faire..

May 9, 2004

Iraqi abuse, Defense secretary Rumsfeld, Psychologists opinions, Philip Zimbardo—Stanford University, Palo Alto, Blue Roses (Liver Enzyme), Hydrogen Fuel (converter), The Sasser worm—18 year old boy in Germany,

May 16, 2004
Allegations of Prisoner abuse continue...

Prosthetic Limbs for Amputated Prisoners..

Brazil—33 persons die in plane crash, propeller aircraft

Did Al-Zarquawi behead Nick Berg?

Cuban Protest against U.S. squeeze...

Daily Mirror admits fraudulent photos... Editor Piers Morgan Resigns...

2 Disc Jockeys fired for laughing about beheading of Nick Berg..

NBA Game of the Week Lakers v. Spurs last shot .4 seconds by Derek Fisher

Baseball—Angels keep winning

May 24, 2004

Bush injures self on bike

Did U.S. bomb a Wedding party.ceremony?

Suspicious activity on the NY—Philly- Washington Rail Corridor

Blimp crashes in Las Vegas.

Reggie Jackson’s Jersey retired.

Lakers beat Spurs, win first game against the T-Wolves.

Prisoners released in Iraq

New Dinosaur discovered in southern Montana.

May 30, 2004

Mexoryl--- a powerful sunblock chemical

Pat Tilman—killed by friendly fire?

American Airlines attendant Gay Wilson

Arrested for penning a bomb note

Libya—not sure where missing nuclear parts are

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

5.5 Earthquake in Iran

3 Children dead.decapitated in Baltimore

Smarty Jones


Am Military Vets. New Memorial in Wash D.C.
Ronald Reagan has died at age 93—on Saturday in his Bel-Air home, the nations 40th president told the world in November of 1994 that he had been diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimers , an incurable illness that destroys brain cells. His body was expected to be taken to his presidential library & museum in Simi Valley, CA and then flown to Washington to lie in state in the capitol rotunda. His funeral is expected to be at the National Cathedral and then the body returned to California for a sunset burial at the library. Reagan lived longer than any U.S. President, and spent his last decade in seclusion because of the disease. Surviving ex-presidents today include Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton.

A month ago Nancy Reagan told the media that ‘Ronnie’s long journey has finally taken him to a place where I can no longer reach him” Reagan’s oldest daughter, Maureen, from his first marriage to Jane Wyman died in August 2001 at age 60 from Cancer. By the way—she had been scheduled as a guest speaker at the Care & Kindess conference at the Crystal Cathedral for 2002 until her unexpected death. Three other children survive, adopted son, Michael, from his first marriage, Patti Davis and Ron from his 2nd marriage , from ’81 to’89 Reagan reshaped the Republican party reshaped the Republican party in his conservative image, fixed his eyes on the demise of the Soviet Union—and E. Europe communism and tripled the national debt to 3 trillion in his single-minded competition with the other super power.

Before Reagan became president he had been involved in radio broadcasting, acting, television performing and now is a spokesperson for General Electric Co. as well as a two term governor for the state of California. Reagan was known for his strong opinion about needing to downscale government saying government is not the solution, it’s the problem. He challenged welfare and other handout programs that had been started by FDR’s New Deal. He managed also to achieve arms control agreement between the U.S. And the Soviet Union . He was criticized for suspicions that he had authorized secret arms sales to Iran while seeking their aid to gain release of American hostages in Lebanon.

Despite that, he left office in 1989 with the highest popularity ratings of any retiring president in the history of modern day public opinion polls (according to ABC), The reason for his popularity, some say, was his ability to communicate and connect with ordinary Americans even though some of his policies infuriated the liberals. At age 69, Reagan was the oldest person ever elected president. He came close to death when he was struck by at least one of six bullets fired—which came close to his heart. On March 30, 1981, Regan was leaving a Washington Hotel after addressing labor leaders when a young drifter John Hinckley fired six shots at him. His wit even in times of gravity is shown by his comment to his wife. Shortly later, saying, ‘Dear, I forgot to Duck.” Another time as he was going in for surgery he quipped to the surgeons, “ I hope you are all Republicans.” Four years later he was re-elected, defeating Walter Mondale, while winning 49 of 50 states.

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