In the film you are to find out

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In the film you are to find out:

  1. The original name of the ship.

  2. The time of the voyage, which made it famous.

  3. The number of people on board. Who / What were they?

  4. The place of departure.

  5. The cargo on board the ship.

  6. Who investigated the ship.

Read the text and correct the mistakes. There are no mistakes in the information that wasn’t given in the film.

The “Mary Celeste” was built in 1861 in Nova Scotia, Canada, as a cargo – carrying ship. When it was launched, it was given the name the “Mississippi”. It was a lucky ship. The first captain died a few days after it was registered. On its first voyage in 1862 it was badly damaged in a collision. While it was being repaired in port, it caught fire. In 1863 it crossed the Atlantic for the first time. In the English Channel it collided with another ship which sank. Four years later it ran aground on Cape Breton Island, off the Canadian coast. The ship was almost completely wrecked and had to be rebuilt. It was then sold and the name was changed to the “Mary Celeste”. Sailors are very suspicious. They dislike sailing on ships which have been unlucky or which have changed their names. Many sailors refused to sail on the “Mary Celeste”.

On May 5th 1872, the “Mary Celeste” left London, carrying a cargo of oil to Genoa in Italy. There were 50 men on board, Captain Briggs, his wife and two daughters, and a crew of forty six. A month later the “Mary Celeste” was seen by another ship, the “Dei Gratia”, about halfway between the Azores and the Portuguese coast. Captain Moorhouse of the “Dei Gratia”, a friend of Captain Briggs, noticed that the ship was sailing strangely. When the “Mary Celeste” did not answer the signal, he decided to investigate. He sent all his crew to find out what was wrong.

There were a lot of dead men on board the ship.

Captain Moorhouse put some sailors on the “Mary Celeste”, who sailed it to New York. There was a long official investigation, but the story of what had happened to the crew, still remains the mystery. Many explanations have been given, but none of them has ever been proved.

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