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Essential Standards Extra Credit Opportunity #2

10th Grade World History (Harris)

DUE: Monday, June 2, 2014
Essential Standard 10.2.4 – Explain how the ideology of the French Revolution led France to develop from constitutional monarchy to democratic despotism to the Napoleonic Empire.
IN OTHER WORDS: You will show how severe inequalities in France resulted in the overthrow of a king who had total power. However, the excesses of the revolution resulted in a takeover of power by Napoleon.

3-2-1 Summarizers of the French Revolution

A 3-2-1 Summarizer is a closure strategy that has students reflect, organize their thoughts, summarize, prioritize important ideas, and in the process, move the information they have learned in to long-term memory. For this Learning Activity, students will complete a 3-2-1 Summarizer for each of the five stages of the French Revolution. The questions asked for each phase may be different. All work must be completed by hand and in your own words. Listed below are textbook pages that will be helpful for each stage.

Stage 1: pages 108-113

Stage 2: pages 115-116, 120

Stage 3: pages 118-119, 121

Stage 4: pages 121-124

Stage 5: pages 124-136

You will have the entire class period on Monday and Tuesday to work individually on this Learning Activity. However, please realize that you will need to spend time on it outside of class in order to get it done by the due date. It is due at the beginning of the period on Monday, June 2.


Each of your ESECOs earns a score based on the accuracy and quality of your work. Points will be added to the category of your grade where they are most beneficial. However, please realize that each opportunity will raise your grade no more than 2-3%. To make a large difference in your grade, you will need to complete multiple ESECOs.

Stage 1: Developing Symptoms

Events of Stage 1:

Old Regime in France under Louis the XVI

French society divided - the Three Estates

National Assembly

Tennis Court Oath

Storming of the Bastille

3 In 2-3 complete sentences, summarize 3 of the above events from Stage 1

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