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1. Review the Thesis Statement

In one sentence, does the thesis statement (1) identify your subject; (2) express, specifically, the main points of your paper; and 3) identify how the main points are logically related?

Example: “The photograph depicts a family suffering from extreme poverty, but it also demonstrates the determination of a mother to do her best to care for her children and to endure through difficult times.”


2. Putting It All Together

Thesis: The photograph depicts a family suffering from extreme poverty, but it also demonstrates the determination of a mother to do her best to care for her children and to endure through difficult times.”

  1. The mother and her children are severely impoverished.

  2. The mother in Lange’s photograph is responsible for the survival and well being of her children, and it is clear that she is doing her best to provide for her children.

  3. The responsibility of caring for her family helps the mother remain strong and determined not to be defeated during these difficult times.


3. Thesis: This painting inspires its viewers and speaks about isolation, determination, and mystery.

  1. When one first glimpses at the painting he will automatically feel a sense of isolation and loneliness.

  2. “Christina’s World” also captures the determination of an individual.

  3. Although this picture gives a sense of isolation and determination it also expresses mystery.


4. Thesis: The 2007 poster in particular shows what this New Orleans celebration is all about: diversity, passion, and renewal of hope.

  1. In this painting, there are many different elements that contribute to the overall idea of diversity.

  2. Passion frees the soul, and helps one to express who they truly are. This is something that is clearly present in this painting.

  3. New Orleans is a city that has been hit hard by disaster. Just in 2006 it was almost leveled to the ground by Hurricane Katrina. This city had all the reasons to just give up and get by, but instead New Orleans rose above and worked hard to renew itself.


5. Thesis: While many photos of injured and homeless were taken, a photo of three Haitian children represents not only the physical condition of the land and the people, but, also, the hope felt by survivors when relief came.

  1. In photograph of the Haitian children, destruction and chaos surround the survivors themselves who are clearly affected by the earthquake.

  2. Because millions were left dead and homeless from the earthquake, the photo represents the innocence robbed from the children of Haiti, but, also, the photo reveals a sense of hope felt by these same ruined children.

  3. The photograph of the three children represents the aftermath of the earthquake and the earthquake’s affect on both the physical aspects and emotional well-being of the Haitian people.


6. Remember the Basic Format for Organizing and Developing Body Paragraphs

Main Idea

  1. Description

  2. Description

  3. Description

  4. Description


7. Style

The picture doesn’t give a very clear view what the ground where the soldiers are sticking the flagpole in looks like, but if it’s as rough as the rest of the ground then it would be very hard for the soldiers to put it up.

The many colors in it could represent confusion or it could represent everyday life. The guy in the middle of it all could be looking for a way out of the confusion or he could be trying to find his way to God.

A lot of the children have their arms folded. This can show that they do not care anymore or that they no nothing can be done to save them. The children are looking in all different directions. This maybe is showing that the children are looking for a way to get out of this lifestyle of poverty that they are in.

The crown on the table looks like it belongs to the king, and the crown on her head appears to be a queens. Therefore it appears that she rules the country because no one is wearing the king's crown. The bills or important papers in her hand also suggest that she rules. It looks like she is signing important documents and therefore makes the decisions as the ruler of the country. The Queen's foot is on the footstool in the bottom right corner. This suggests she is a step above the rest of the country. Her dress is large and coveys power. In the 1800's women wore large dresses to show social status. A large dress like the one in the painting meant that the person was important. The cape seem to dominate the picture and emphasizes her power over her kingdom. The Roman style columns creates a feeling of power and importance. The Roman empire was the most powerful in the world at the height to their power. The Roman columns are a symbol of power and strength.

The black and white spotted, pipe smoking dog seems completely unaware of the fact that the cheating brown and white dog next to him is cheating to improve upon his chance to win the hand and reel in the chips in the pot.

This picture is among my favorites, not only because it is the album art of my favorite band, but also because it presents many symbols of controversy and problems in the world.

As an individual has the determination to go on a difficult journey, like Christina’s, he will eventually come to a spot where the struggles go away and the road seems easier.


8. Errors

Modifier Error

One could see by looking into their eyes the sadness and devastation in which they have experienced. By looking at some of the woman’s eyes it is obvious the devastation in which she was faced with.

Lack of Subject/Verb Agreement

None of the people in this group were making eye contact with one another, which also demonstrates the hopelessness they feel.

Pronoun Errors

There are many different people portrayed in the painting, all of which show a sense of peacefulness with his or her self and with the world around him or her.

There are many people in Seurat’s painting and all of them seem to be in his or her own world or not paying attention to the people are things that are going on around him or her which shows the relationships that they each have with the people around him or her.

Each person in this picture has their own sense of individuality, because they are all doing their own thing.

No matter what the circumstances, one should press on and work towards his goal.

Colon Errors

The colors in this image include: black, red, green, white, blue, yellow, and gold.

Apostrophe Errors

The mouse, being as tiny as it is, offers to remove the thorn from the lion’s paw in return for it’s freedom. 

Comma Splices

The three men are not seemingly showing their exhaustion from the hard work of rescuing people, they instead look up as if they are willing to keep moving forward.

The lion agrees to the compromise, as result the two creatures benefit from the dilemma and realize that giving assistance may benefit themselves and others in the end. 


The soldiers could have easily decided to stay safe in hiding somewhere and not put the flag up but they had enough courage to put it up anyway.

The girl is riding a bike on the sidewalk but she is close to the grass.

The same man has a female with him but she is paying very little to the conversation.

The Native Americans were always a very proud people, and the chief definitely displays an attitude of pride, and strength for his people. The chief has many layers of clothing on it seems like, and also wears a small headdress.

Things might not look too good from time to time, because life can be a struggle.

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