In Harry Potter which Hogwarts house is missing from the following list: Gryffindor,Ravenclaw and Slytherin?

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  1. In Harry Potter which Hogwarts house is missing from the following list: Gryffindor,Ravenclaw and Slytherin?

  2. Beatrix Kiddo is the lead character in which film?

  3. What is the name of the NFL team based in Pittsburgh?

  4. Lawrence Dellaglio only played for one profession club, which one?

  5. Cadbury was merged with another company from 1969 until 2008, when they were de-merged, What company where they merged with?

  6. Joseph Cyril Bamford founded which British manufacturing company in 1945?

  7. Which companies logo was a tribute to Francesco Baracca, a World War I fighter pilot who used to paint a prancing horse on his planes?

  8. The British SportsmanTom Simpson died due to a combination of amphetamines, alcohol, a diuretic and heat, whilst competing in which sporting event in 1967?

  9. Which character in the transformers was originally a Volkswagen Beetle, but was depicted as a Chevrolet Camaro in the major motion picture series?

  10. What was the name of debut album of Men at Work which featured the single “down under”?

  11. In the UK 118 numbers are for directory enquiries, which company uses 118 247?

  12. Radiation risk can be illustrated by comparison to the equivalent dosages from which fruit?

  13. What is the name of the cycle shop that recently moved from romilly cresent to Cathedral road?

  14. Coldplays latest album Mylo Xyloto contains a track named after which comic strip character?

  15. Which company founded in 1917 was originally called Japan Optical Industries Co?

  16. The teddybear that inspired Paddington bear was bought at which famous shop?

  17. Which bristol based website founded by Col Needham is ranked as the 37th most popular site on the internet?

  18. What job did the composer Philip Glass do during the 60’sand 70’s before his composing career took off?

  19. What is Jack Nicholsons highest grossing film?

  20. What connects the previous 19 answers?

  21. The khmer rouge were the ruling Communist party in which country?

  22. Sergey Bubka broke 35 world records for which athletics event during his career?

  23. Terry Hall , Neville Staple and Lynval Golding made up which chart group?

  24. Toronto is is on the shore of which of the great lakes?

  25. What is the only SI base unit still based on a Physical Prototype?

  26. Donald Cambell died whilst attempting which world speed record?

  27. Which record company gave Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash their first record contracts?

  28. On which land mass or body of water does 0 degrees lat and 0 degrees long fall?

  29. Crystal, sky and roof can all be followed by which word?

  30. The fields medal is given which academic area?

  31. At 1400m which countries lowest point is the highest? Nepal, Switzerland, Lesotho or peru?

  32. Google is named after the number googol, which is a 1 followed by how many zeros?

  33. Arkwright and Granville are the two main characters in which sitcom?

  34. What is the KT boundry? is it a national border, an anatomical feature, a geological feature or a mathematical limit?

  35. Who was the king of England at the time of Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the new world?

  36. What are the two main ingredients of a screwdriver cocktail? (need both for one point)

  37. What is the name for the warning read to people arrested in the USA about their rights?

  38. Three films have won all five major Academy Awards (Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay), two of them were “It happened one night” and “One flew over the cuckoos nest” what was the third?

  39. Eddie “the eagle” Edwards took part in which Olympics?(city and year for one point)

  40. Not including Hindustan (which is an alternate name for India), what are the 7 countries ending in “stan”?

Snowball + Tie breakers

In Which Year did Ford cease production of the Model T? - 1927

Main Quiz Answers:

  1. Hufflepuff

  2. Kill Bill

  3. Pittsburg Steelers

  4. London Wasps

  5. Schwepps

  6. JCB

  7. Ferrari

  8. Le Tour de France

  9. Bumblebee

  10. Business as usual

  11. Yell or yellow pages

  12. banana

  13. the bike shed

  14. Charlie Brown

  15. Nikon

  16. Selfridges and Co

  17. IMDB

  18. Taxi driver

  19. Batman

  20. Yellow and Black logos/kits/designs

  21. Cambodia

  22. Pole Vault

  23. Fun boy three

  24. Lake Ontario

  25. Kilogram

  26. Water speed record

  27. Sun records

  28. Atlantic ocean

  29. Line

  30. Mathematics

  31. Lesotho

  32. 100

  33. Open all hours

  34. Geological feature

  35. Henry VII

  36. Vodka and orange juice

  37. Miranda rights

  38. Silence of the lambs

  39. Calgary 1988

  40. Afghanistan,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Pakistan,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan

Pictures Answers:

  1. John Mcain

  2. Bill Gates

  3. Reginald D. Hunter

  4. Kobe Bryant

  5. Greg Wallace

  6. Kacey Couco

  7. Lisa Maxwell

  8. Ben Miller

  9. Euan Blair

  10. Jonty Rhodes

  11. Carl Sagan

  12. Mel Smith

  13. Hugo Chavez

  14. Isambard Kingdom Brunel

  15. Sheena Easton

  16. John kettley

  17. Bonnie Langford

  18. Robert Mcnamara

  19. Mary Wilson

  20. Gail Trimble

  21. Nikola Tesla

  22. Mark Knopfler

  23. Simon Singh

  24. Katherine Bigelow

Table Answers:

  1. Chuck Berry

  2. Black Box

  3. The Searchers

  4. Oxide and Neutrino

  5. The Beach Boys

  6. Las Ketchup

  7. New kids on the block

  8. Joe Cocker

  9. Dead or Alive

  10. a-ha

  11. Marc Almond with Gene Pitney

  12. Freda Payne

  13. Akon

  14. Eddie Fischer

  15. Cee lo Green

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