In-Class Essay # 2: Olaudah Equiano Due Date: Tuesday 11/4 in class points

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History 146

Bellevue College

Dr. Sanchez
In-Class Essay # 2: Olaudah Equiano
Due Date: Tuesday 11/4 IN CLASS
Points: 50 points

This essay will be graded according to the following rubric:

  1. Content (Inclusion of detailed & strong examples = 20 points

  1. Analysis (Rather than just a summary of events in the book) = 20 points

  1. Writing quality = 10 points

Essay Prompt:
Answer each of the following two questions. Don’t forget to build an argument!

  1. Abolitionists used The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano as a tool in their fight to end slavery because of the excellent details provided by Equiano. In particular, Equiano provided details about several stages of slave life: capture in Africa, the Middle Passage, work/labor in the colonies, and emancipation. Explore Equiano’s path to obtaining his freedom. What surprised you?


  1. How important is Equiano’s experience with Christianity? How does religion influence his life as a slave or a free man? Defend your answer by analyzing at least one specific event from the book where you see the influence and power of Equiano’s religious beliefs.

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