In-Class Book Essay: Celia, a slave Due Date: Monday 11/2 Points

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History 147

Bellevue College

Dr. Sanchez

In-Class Book Essay: Celia, A Slave
Due Date: Monday 11/2
Points: 50 points

This essay will be graded according to the following rubric:

  1. Inclusion of detailed & strong examples = 20 points

  1. Analysis (and not just a summary of events in the book) = 20 points

  1. Writing quality = 10 points

Essay Prompt:

Celia’s trial reveals the importance of race, gender, and power in Southern courtrooms during the antebellum period. Explore the strategies and experiences of the prosecution, the judge, the jury, and Celia’s defense attorneys. What protections did the legal system offer (or not offer) slaves and slaveholders? Don’t forget to include a strong argument!

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