Important Leaders by Karen Sanabria

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Important Leaders by Karen Sanabria

*Leaders help make a difference in this world. They lead people to do what is right and are always teaching through example. They inspire us to be more. Here are some of the greatest leaders from history and their accomplishments:

-Martin Luther King- Martin Luther King Jr. noticed that there was discrimination against African Americans, so he fought for equal rights for white people and black people. He changed history forever.

-Abraham Lincoln- Abraham Lincoln helped to end slavery. Since he studied to be a lawyer, he tried many times to end slavery and after many attempts and a Civil War, the Union finally agreed to end slavery.

-Jesus Christ- Jesus Christ was a spiritual leader. He taught important guidelines and morals for people to follow and live by. He taught many people how to respect each other, to never steal, never lie, etc. Till this day, we still use many of his rules in schools, at home, and many other places.

Christopher Columbus- Christopher, a navigator and a colonizer,  was known as an Italian explorer who discovered the Americas. He later discovers Europe and does a colonisation when visiting the Latin and North.

Movie Review: Selma (Rated PG13) by Alexa Sanchez

*Read this review to find out more about one of the season’s most powerful movies about MLK Jr.

This period piece gets its name because it takes place in Selma, Alabama in the 1960s. This film is mainly about how Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the Civil Rights for African Americans as the leader of the Civil Rights Movement. For example, he helped lead a movement for African Americans’ right to vote. His efforts made a lasting impact in the African American community and even helped some non African-Americans see the necessity for Civil Rights for African Americans. I watched it and would give it 5 stars. This movie is very educational and worth watching!
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Life Before Martin Luther King Jr. by Nicole Albright

    Life before Martin Luther King was hard. There were separate schools for white kids and non-white kids, especially African Americans. There were often four bathrooms, labeled “Girls White,” “Boys White,”  “Girls Colored,” and “Boys Colored.” There were also two water fountains, “White” and “Colored.” At the end of school, there were children that were white sitting at the front of the bus, whereas children of color would be forced to sit in the back. If children talked to their parents about this, they would either agree that it was not fair at all, or they would ignore it. It wasn’t just schools either. Everywhere, there would be signs separating races, from separate restaurants to different baseball diamonds. If you were not white, these signs would hurt you and leave you scarred. This was a time in U.S. History, known as segregation, which existed in many states into the late 1960s, especially in the South. However, a little while later, there was this man who stood up for people of color and ended most forms of segregation by leading the Civil Rights Movement. His name was Martin Luther King Jr. He fought for racial equality. Today, we live with greater racial equality than during segregation, but sadly, in many parts of the country, racism is still a reality. Hopefully, someone can help end racism and how it manifests itself for good. Maybe that person could be you. 

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Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search by Nia Daniels

*Search for words from the word bank below. They can be found vertically, diagonally, or horizontally.


            C G K C I V I L R I G H T S K G S D J T C F B N  

             I S G J P V C Z S D L H V P W P B D S A R U K

             L F X H J V H J P R H D J F E E Y I Q A S D H I

             R D G F J B V I E Z B J D X O E M N T R D E O

             V H S D B J I J E G H S A D G J C H H K B J  X

             U F H M L D S C O V X P X G W F H K F D D U

             R F S Q Z V J I H F K H K U S F J D R E A M O

             T E L E A D E R I F S G K G F V Z Q A P N M Y


martin dream

civil rights   leader                                                                  




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Facts About Martin Luther King

By Samaria Ortiz and Melanie Garcia

*Here are some facts about Martin Luther King Jr. that you probably don’t know:

1. Martin Luther King’s birth name was Michael, not Martin.

2. He entered college at the age of 15.

3. He went to jail 29 times, mostly for unjust reasons and for civil. disobedience.

4.He applied for a gun permit to protect his family when he was a leader during the sometimes dangerous period of the Civil Rights Movement.

5. His ”I Have a Dream” speech was not his first at the Lincoln Memorial.

6. He was the first African American to be granted a National Holiday, which is quite an accomplishment.

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