Important events in Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

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Important events in

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

  1. Christopher discovers Wellington dead.

  2. Mrs Shears thinks he did it, and Christopher hits the policeman.

  3. Christopher receives a caution from the police.

  4. Christopher starts his investigation and writing his book.

  5. Christopher investigates the neighbours.

  6. Christopher talks to Mrs Alexander.

  7. Christopher decides to sit A level Maths.

  8. His father bans him from investigating.

  9. He finds out about his mother’s affair with Mr Shears from Mrs Alexander.

  10. Father loses his temper and grabs Christopher, who hits him.

  11. Father takes the book away.

  12. Christopher finds the book and the letters from his mother.

  13. He realises that his mother is alive and that his father lied to him. He is so distressed that he throws up.

  14. Father bathes him.

  15. Father tells him about killing Wellington.

  16. Christopher runs away and goes to the train station.

  17. Christopher meets the police officer and accepts help from him.

  18. Christopher evades the police officer on the train.

  19. Christopher survives the underground and finds his way to his mother’s house.

  20. Police arrive and ask him if he wants to stay with her.

  21. Father comes looking for him and there is a huge argument.

  22. Mother takes him back to Swindon to sit A levels.

  23. Mother and Roger Shears break up.

  24. Christopher passes his A levels.

  25. Christopher begins to trust his father again.

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