Important because this is a break from simply believing the Catholic Church’s perspective all the time

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Heliocentric Principle:

Copernicus (Hughes calls him Cornipicus):

Galileo Galilee:

Isaac Newton:

Now that we KNOW the above ideas are truths, man begins to ask “what else can we do & what else can we explore.” It spurs on the newest movement of THINKING! Not just measurable science, but this era had an impact on how we think about the physiology of the brain, development of personalities and human thought. Social sciences: PSYCHOLOGY (study of the brain and human behavior) and SOCIOLOGY (why people in groups behave as they do) were developed.

Psychology: Rene Descartes (pronounced day-cart)

Human beings are different from other animals because we have the power to ________________.

*This is ALSO not an original idea … again Aristotle said this in the Golden Age of Greece.

Developed theory about “Individualism.” What was that?

Government “Enlightenment” philosophers

Philosopher’s Name:

Book title and/or major idea:

How would this idea impact the people?


Thomas Hobbes

John Locke




Mary Wolstencraft

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