Important because this is a break from simply believing the Catholic Church’s perspective all the time

Hip Hughes: Scientific Method and Enlightenment Overview

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Hip Hughes: Scientific Method and Enlightenment Overview

Directions: As you watch the video, keep in mind that the focus and theme of this time period is CHANGE! Take notes on the important developments and thoughts the following people are credited with, as well as their impact on future thinkers.

Sir Frances Bacon

Bacon officially developed “The

*This concept was technically established by Aristotle 2,000 years before.

The ______________ Method was important because he was really the first modern scientist to stand up to the teachings of the _____________________ _________________; which preached that the earth is part of the “Geocentric Universe.”

Geocentrism: belief that the ________ was the center of the universe.
Due to Bacon’s Scientific Method, the door for other thought was opened, which led to the development of ______________________.

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