Importance of Recruitment and Selection in leading to Progression of the Organization Dr. Radhika Kapur Abstract

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Seligman-Martin-Flourish-Ch-1, iift, Syllabus - Stenographers, IBPS RRB SYLLABUS 2021, THE HAPPINESS AND HUMAN STRENGTH A POSIT
External Sources
The major external sources have been stated as follows: (Chapter – IV. Recruitment and Selection Process, n.d.).
Advertising – Advertising on the websites, newspapers and journals is regarded as one of the most popular sources of recruitment from outside. It is stated to be convenient and economical method. In advertisements, detailed information is provided regarding the jobs. Furthermore, the organizations also state phone number and email address. In this manner, the candidates, who feel interested in applying for jobs, may email their resume or find answers to various questions, they may have. Through advertising regarding the jobs, they receive information in terms of location of the enterprise and how to apply for jobs. In some cases, the advertisements also specify salary.
Educational Institutions – Universities, colleges and other institutions of higher education are regarded as popular sources of recruitment for individuals, belonging to various fields, such as, engineering, education, health care and medical, technology, management, administration, and so forth. In educational institutions, there are organization of job fairs, which make provision of knowledge to the individuals in terms of employment opportunities. Placement bureaus are run by educational institutions to assist students in finding employment opportunities related to their field.
Personnel Consultants – A consulting organization is regarded as the specialized agency. It helps the client organizations in recruitment of personnel. It serves as an intermediary between the organization and job seekers. On a requisition form, the client organization advertises the vacancies and recruits applicants. The applications may be passed to the client organization and conduct tests and interviews of the candidates. It charges fee from the client organization. This source is generally used for the recruitment of executives.
Jobbers and Contractors – These are the sources of recruitment for the unskilled and manual labour. These individuals have close connections with the urban and rural communities.
Employment Exchanges – Public employment exchanges are regarded as important sources for the recruitment of personnel. Job seekers register their names with these exchanges. Employers report the job vacancies to these exchanges that pass on the names of suitable candidates to the employers.
Leasing – This method is often used by public sectors organizations. Under it personnel from civil services, defence services and private sector are employed for specific periods due to the shortage of managerial personnel.
Unsolicited Applicants – Due to the problem of unemployment within the country, business concerns receive a large number of unsolicited candidates at the main gate or through mail. Such job seekers may be considered for causal vacancies or for the preparation of the waiting list for future use.
Relatives and Friends – In the present existence, acquisition of employment opportunities is not regarded as an easy job. Individuals, who are well-educated experience problems in looking for employment opportunities. Therefore, individuals in higher level positions may recruit their relatives and friends too, provided when they possess the required educational qualifications, competencies and aptitude.
Technology and Internet – Technology and internet are regarded as indispensable aspects in looking for various types of employment opportunities. Through internet, the applicants are able to augment their understanding in terms of jobs related to various fields and apply for them. Therefore, in this manner a connection is establish between the organizations and candidates.
Career Counselling – The career counsellors are professionals, who have specialised in making provision of information to the individuals, who are looking for employment opportunities and augmenting their career prospects. These individuals are knowledgeable and competent in providing career counselling to the individuals, who are looking for employment opportunities. They also make provision of information to them regarding the companies and employment opportunities related to their field.

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