Importance of Recruitment and Selection in leading to Progression of the Organization Dr. Radhika Kapur Abstract

Stage 5 – Interviewing Candidates

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Stage 5 – Interviewing Candidates
In interviewing candidates, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into consideration. It needs to be ensured that they are given adequate date and time, the address of the organization need to be clearly specified, upon arriving within the organization, they need to be aware, who to contact and they need to be well-aware in terms of documents that they would bring to the interview. When the stage of interviewing candidates is to be implemented, it needs to ensure that place or office, where interviews are conducted comprise of adequate infrastructure, facilities, and there should be proper sitting arrangement. In the interviewing stage, the questions asked are of two types, i.e. open ended and close ended. Open ended questions are the ones that require elaborate answers, whereas, close ended questions are the ones, which require one word answers, mostly yes or no. When they are going for interviews, the candidates need to ensure they are well-prepared and well-aware of various aspects in terms of job duties.
Stage 6- Selecting and Appointing Candidates
It has been comprehensively understood that interviews are regarded as common methods of selecting and appointing candidates. In some organizations, besides interviews, written tests and group discussions also take place. Normally, after the completion of interviews and written tests and other methods, the candidates are usually asked to wait for some time, which can range from couple of days to one week. Then the candidates, who are to be selected are called. Whatever selection method is to be used at the end of the process, one must still make decisions in terms of selection and appointment of the candidates. This decision needs to take place after all the candidates have been interviewed. If one candidate, who has been interviewed first and is well-qualified and capable for the job, cannot be appointed unless all the candidates have been interviewed. At the time of appointment, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into consideration, these are, giving offer letter, medical check-up, if appropriate and giving of various information in terms of work timings, salary and reimbursements, job duties and so forth.

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