Importance of Recruitment and Selection in leading to Progression of the Organization Dr. Radhika Kapur Abstract

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Seligman-Martin-Flourish-Ch-1, iift, Syllabus - Stenographers, IBPS RRB SYLLABUS 2021, THE HAPPINESS AND HUMAN STRENGTH A POSIT
Recruitment and selection are regarded as essential aspects in functioning of the
organization. The organization needs to ensure right individuals are selected in the right positions at the right time. Furthermore, it needs to be ensured that they possess the essential educational qualifications, competencies and abilities to carry out their job duties in a well-organised manner. Whereas, in the selection processes, the individuals are required to go through various stages, which may enable them to make selection of suitable employees. The recruitment and selection processes needs to take into consideration various stages, these are, job vacancy, job analysis, attracting candidates, screening candidates, interviewing candidates, selecting and appointing candidates, induction and training and employee evaluation. In the implementation of these stages, it is vital for the members of the organization to generate awareness in terms of various factors that may enable them to carry out the tasks of recruitment and selection in an appropriate manner.
The sources of recruitment are of two types, internal and external. In internal sources, recruitment consist of personnel, already employed within the organization. Whereas, external sources are, when recruitment of individuals takes place from outside. In understanding the principles of recruitment and selection, the main factors that need to be taken into account are, clear policy of recruitment, observation of rules and policies, recruitment policy in accordance to the organization, flexibility, impartiality, recruitment by committee, opportunity of development to the employee, job security, promoting consistency and modernization of production and services. When the recruitment and selection of human resources takes place, it is vital to ensure that they are well-aware of pioneering methods that are used in the production processes in terms of products and services. This is one of the major reasons that experienced individuals are preferred. The processes of recruitment and selection takes place throughout the functioning of the organization and members of the organization need to carry them out efficiently.

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