Importance of Recruitment and Selection in leading to Progression of the Organization Dr. Radhika Kapur Abstract

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Seligman-Martin-Flourish-Ch-1, iift, Syllabus - Stenographers, IBPS RRB SYLLABUS 2021, THE HAPPINESS AND HUMAN STRENGTH A POSIT
Stage 7- Induction and Training
Induction is referred to the process of receiving and welcoming candidates, when they first join the organization. In addition, they are provided with information, which require them to settle in their jobs. When they join the organizations, they are required to go through training and development programs. These programs enable the human resources to augment their understanding in terms of various aspects. These include, history of the organization, goals and objectives, personnel, departments, job duties, infrastructure, materials, technologies and equipment, and overall working environmental conditions. The main objective of induction and training is to generate information among the human resources in terms of the factors that would enable them to carry out their job duties in a well-organised manner and achieve the desired goals and objectives. It is vital for the trainers to augment their understanding and make use of technical and innovative teaching and learning methods.
Stage 8- Employee Evaluation
Employee evaluation is regarded as one of the indispensable methods of improving performance of employees. When the employees are working diligently and conscientiously towards their job duties, it is vital that they need to generate awareness in terms of methods and approaches that are needed to perform their job duties satisfactorily. Furthermore, they also need to know how they are performing their jobs. Therefore, evaluation methods need to be put into operation by the employers in order to assess the job performance of the employees. The main objective of employee evaluation is to identify the limitations and put into operation the methods to bring about improvements. In various organizations, the employers are making use of various methods and approaches to conduct employee evaluation. The process of employee evaluation can also state, whether the processes of recruitment and selection takes place in a well-organized manner.
Sources of Recruitment
It is vital for the organization to generate information in terms of sources of recruitment. There are two sources of recruitment, internal and external (Chapter – IV. Recruitment and Selection Process, n.d.).

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