Importance of Recruitment and Selection in leading to Progression of the Organization Dr. Radhika Kapur Abstract

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Stage 3- Attracting Candidates
In order to attract candidates in various job positions, the organizations need to put advertisements in newspapers and on the websites. In the advertisements, they need to clearly state in terms of the jobs and what qualifications and skills are required on the part of the candidates. In attracting candidates, the major factors that need to be taken into consideration are, educational qualifications, work experience, skills and knowledge, physical attributes, communication skills and personality traits. When the candidates look at the advertisements, and feel that they are suitable for the jobs, they apply. Organizations normally accept number of applications. The hiring authorities look at the applications and then call the candidates for interview purposes. There are two forms of recruitment, i.e. internal and external recruitment. Internal recruitment takes place from within the organization. On the other hand, external recruitment takes place through various sources, such as, websites, local newspapers, trade journals, recruitment agencies, consultants, employment fairs and seminars.
Stage 4 – Screening Candidates
The screening process is referred to the narrowing down of the field. When the organizations receive large number of applications, they need to screen the applications and make decisions in terms of the candidates, who need to be called for interview. In some of the organizations, the interview is conducted on telephone as well. This will help in identifying, which candidates would be suitable. When the hiring authorities communicate with the candidates over the phone in order to call them for the interview, they observe how they interact. Only suitable candidates are called. In this manner, one can spend time with the candidate, while interviewing them. In some cases, the candidates are required to go through various rounds of interviews, before making the final selection. Screening candidates is regarded as one of the indispensable stages and hiring authorities need to work as a team.

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