Importance of Recruitment and Selection in leading to Progression of the Organization Dr. Radhika Kapur Abstract

Characteristics of Recruitment and Selection

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Characteristics of Recruitment and Selection
Effectual and meaningful recruitment and selection policies are regarded as appropriate measures that can save the organization from undergoing situations such as, unproductive tests and interviews due to non-availability of right candidates in the pool of applicants, compromising on selection of good candidates, high attrition rate, low productivity and profitability and low levels of motivation among employees. These are the limitations that arise as a result of inconsistencies in the policies and measures. Therefore, when tasks and activities take place within the organization, it is vital to ensure that the members are well-aware of methods and approaches that are required to carry out various tasks and activities appropriately. The success of the organization is dependent to a major extent upon the efficiency of human resources (Chapter – IV. Recruitment and Selection Process, n.d.). The characteristics of recruitment and selection have been stated as follows: (Chapter – IV. Recruitment and Selection Process, n.d.).

  1. The selections of the candidates need to be made at the central place of the organization.

  2. The whole process of selection and recruitment has to be in accordance to educational qualifications, competencies, aptitude and personality traits of the candidates.

  3. It is vital to determine the number of employees in accordance to the job requirements and goals and objectives of the organization.

  4. When the employees are recruited, the organization should not give them any kind of assurance, which may not be followed in future.

  5. The higher positions must be filled in accordance to the activity of promotions. When the employees are performing their jobs well, it is certain that they will be given promotional opportunities. Hence, availability of promotional opportunities will help in recruitment and selection of employees at higher level positions.

  6. It is vital to take into consideration various traits, such as, educational qualifications, skills, capabilities, job experience, terms of service, salaries and reimbursements, and job duties.

  7. Apart from factors such as, educational qualifications, competencies and abilities, there are other factors also that need to be taken into consideration, such as, age, residence, religion, personality traits and communication skills. These factors are regarded as significant in the case of jobs in various organizations.

  8. The skills and abilities of the employees must be in accordance to the job requirements. It is comprehensively understood that individuals would apply for jobs in accordance to their interests and abilities, hence, they need to work towards up-gradation of their skills, so they can perform their job duties in a well-organised manner.

  9. Within the organization, it is vital to work towards the opening of new posts. This would help the human resources to acquire promotional opportunities. Furthermore, the other individuals also would be able to apply for jobs. The members of the organization need to work in co-ordination and integration with each other in opening of new posts.

  10. Recruitment and selection policies need to be fair and flexible. The individuals applying for jobs are different from each other in terms of number of factors, such as, educational qualifications, skills, personality traits, behavioural traits, socio-economic background and so forth. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that they are not discriminated on the basis of these factors. Though it is lawful to ensure that educational qualifications, and competencies are suitable to the job requirements.

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