Implications of the Kinsey Reports on Child Custody Cases How Junk Sex Science Created a Paradigm Shift in Society, Legislation and the Judiciary

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Implications of the Kinsey Reports


Child Custody Cases

How Junk Sex Science Created a Paradigm Shift

in Society, Legislation and the Judiciary

By Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.


The quality and health of a society is measured by the treatment of its most vulnerable populations: its women and children.1 Many facts support the conclusion that we are living in an increasingly violent era. For example, current data on violent crimes, suicides, out of wedlock births, sexually transmitted diseases, domestic violence, and child abuse support observations of increasing rates of dysfunction, brutality and perversion in our society. If we are to remedy the violence toward women and children currently found in our bedrooms, classrooms, courtrooms, streets and cinemas, we must first understand "that something happened on the way to the forum."

Source material for this article includes my most recent book, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences (1998) which documents Kinsey’s role in weakening laws penalizing obscenity, and brutality towards women and children. The 1997 book by Kinseyan fan and researcher James Jones, Alfred Kinsey A Public/Private Life, also validates my twenty years of research on this topic. Additional support for the claims made in this chapter can be found in the BBC Arts & Entertainment: Biographies television production Reputations (aired on August 14, 1996, and August 10, 1998), and British Yorkshire Television program Kinsey’s Pedophiles, produced and directed by UNESCO and Amnesty International award-winning producer/director Tim Tate.

Many of the chapters in this Exposé address specific judicial circumstances and events regarding the violation of children by a rogue or indifferent judiciary. This chapter demonstrates how we have come to this point and discusses the judiciary’s role in this current tragedy. This chapter focuses on two synergistic national change-agents: "formal" and "informal" sex education. Each appears to share the same cynical view of life and love which has helped spawn the judicial cadre which appears to increasingly betray justice. I will also establish the seminal connection between "sex science" (formal) and pornography (informal) in sex education begun in Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s attic where he obsessively performed in amateur pornographic movies. I will also identify some of the key issues and players that helped this change become embedded in our society.

Background: Alfred C. Kinsey, Ph.D.
On April 15, 1998, the Discovery Channel joined the British Broadcasting Company in declaring Indiana University zoologist Alfred C. Kinsey the "father of the sexual revolution." Gore Vidal intoned to the camera, "Kinsey was the most famous man in the world for a decade." From 1948 to 1958 a man many young people have never heard of dramatically coarsened our world, our sexual experiences, and the attitudes and conduct of most post-1948 Americans.

During the 50s, the world read that Kinsey had impartially revealed America’s big "H"—moral hypocrisy. Kinsey claimed his sex survey data found that 95% of American men were sex offenders given the current laws, and that roughly 50% of women had experienced pre-marital sex prior to 1948, the pre-birth control pill era. Kinsey alleged that his research proved that 10% to 37% of American men were sometime homosexuals, that most humans were naturally bisexual, that children were sexual from birth, and that but for our Judeo-Christian repressiveness, children could engage in sexual activity with adults without harm.

The Sixties
The 60s "flower-power generation" did not simply wake up one morning to individually or collectively decide that their parents were "hypocrites"— and to thus exchange virginity, love, marital fidelity and valuing and respecting children and elders, for "sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll." Kinsey's books Sexual Behavior in the Human Male published in 1948, and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female published in 1953, brought an exciting justification for a "swinging" era.
The 60s sexual revolution, spurred by the birth control pill in 1968, was followed by no-fault divorce, the gay rights movement, classroom sex education, and sex therapy as a growth industry. Massive increases in crimes against woman and children also followed suit. Alongside these societal shifts came the introduction of decreased penalties for sex crimes, a tolerance for violence against women and children and an avalanche of pornography that invaded our town squares, bedrooms, living rooms, classrooms, museums, concert halls, cinemas, libraries and courtrooms.
Kinsey’s Data
The evidence is now clear that Kinsey’s research was fraught with lies, deceit, and fraudulent data. His "scientific" methodology was anything but scientific. The means by which he and his colleagues conducted research and gathered data was oftentimes criminal according to the laws of the time, and even by the laws of today. Contrary to the benevolent publicity accorded him, Kinsey and his hand-picked co-authors and colleagues fit the classic definition of "sexual psychopath" according to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary: "an individual whose sexual behavior is manifestly anti-social and criminal" (1981, p. 1091).
Kinsey’s deviant sex life appears to have been hidden from the public by Indiana University and The Rockefeller Foundation, a financial and philosophical supporter of Kinsey’s research. However, James H. Jones, an Indiana University scholar and Kinsey Institute grantee, reveals some insider information about Kinsey and his research team in the 937-page biography, Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life (1997, WW Norton).
Kinsey’s Research Team
Jones’ data confirms other reports that Kinsey was a sexist, racist and atheist who excluded women, Jews, blacks, and moral traditionalists from his staff and hired only homosexuals and bisexuals (with one short-term exception). Kinsey only hired sexual deviants on whom he could rely to keep his secrets — including his fraud, his "uncommon desires," and the child molesters he used to conduct child sex experiments. Jones also reported that Kinsey: coerced his wife into participating in acts of adultery and sodomy with his staff and co-authors (which were filmed), seduced male students at Indiana University (and bullied their wives into participating), filmed sex with his male co-workers (who were rewarded by promotion to co-authorship), and filmed himself participating in sado-masochistic sex rituals.

Kinsey’s Research on Children

Not only was Kinsey’s research on adult sexuality based on his own homosexual and sadomasochistic perversions, but the data he collected on the alleged sexuality of children were based on brutal sex crimes against children. For example, part of Kinsey’s research protocol involved "orgasm" experiments on children, some as young as 2 months of age.
The pedophilic experimenters claimed that the 317 to 2,045 (reports vary) abused infants and children were unharmed by the masturbation, sodomy and rape perpetrated to test these alleged "orgasmic" responses (see: British Yorkshire Television’s Kinsey’s Pedophiles). On pages 160-161 of Kinsey’s Male volume, the children’s "screams," their "convulsions," their "hysterical weeping," "fighting," and "striking the partner" (the adult) are judged by Kinsey as reflecting "definite pleasure from the situation."
My book Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences (1998, 2000) details how children were obtained and experimented upon, and how Kinsey used such child sex experimental data as part of an on-going collegial, cross-cultural, multinational, "fact-finding" research project. For example, some of Kinsey’s data was derived from sexual experiments performed on children by Dr. von Balluseck, a Nazi collaborator in Germany who Kinsey described as an educated man of a "scientific bent."2 It should be noted that Kinsey corresponded with Dr. von Balluseck during a time in history when Nazis were conducting similar human experiments en masse.
Based on his allegedly scientific data, Kinsey claimed that children enjoyed sex and the real harm of adult-child sex stemmed from "hysterical" parents, teachers and professionals who reacted with anger and horror to children’s disclosures. Based on his findings, many legislatures lightened or eliminated penalties for sexual offenses — reversing the judiciary’s traditional leniency toward women as the "weaker sex" in cases of sex abuse and betrayal, and toward children as "victims" in cases of incest and child molestation. Since this time, the courts have been increasingly distrustful and punishing of victimized women and children.
Kinsey’s Research on Adults
Kinsey also used a bogus methodology in his studies of the sexual practices of adults. Although Kinsey Institute members told courts and legislatures that they used a "random" sample of Americans, in actuality, Kinsey surveyed 1,400 male sex offenders, 200 sexual psychopaths and hundreds of radical male homosexuals and then reported their sexual proclivities as the norm. Roughly 86% of Kinsey’s male subjects are now documented as aberrant, abnormal compared to male conduct in the 40s and 50s.
In order to find “normal” American married women, Kinsey redefined “married” to include any woman who said she lived more than a year with a man. Thus his large female prostitute population would be average married women by edict. Further, he could claim that 50% of his female subjects had sex prior to marriage and roughly 30% committed adultery--while of 4,441 women subjects none ever suffered from a rape..

These false data were then used to provide evidence for the hypothesis that women’s claims of valuing their chastity and disavowing adultery, and their children’s fears of sexual molestation and rape were exaggerated — even deceitful. Unfortunately, such unsupported conclusions continue to be viewed as "science" by many judges at all levels of our legal system.

Indiana University Honors Kinsey
In 1998, in honor of Kinsey’s 50th jubilee, Indiana University re-issued Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. They celebrated Kinsey’s dubious research despite the ample documentation of Kinsey’s criminal behaviors in both my and Jones’ (1997) work.

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