Imperialism Class Notes

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Imperialism Class Notes

U.S Imperialism 1898 – 1918
U.S.. Foreign Policy showed it was a world power by going to war with Spain in 1898. After the war, Americans acquired a colonial empire in the Caribbean, Asia, and the Pacific. In 1917, they entered World War I, helping to win that conflict.

What is Foreign Policy?

Foreign Policy is the conduct of one nation towards other nations. The main objective of American foreign policy has always been to promote our national interests. Many factors determine what those interests are.

  1. National Security- One major goal is to protect our country from attack. Americans achieve this through military preparedness, responding to aggression, allying with friendly nations and participating in international organizations.

  2. Protection of U.S. Citizens, Investments, and Trade – Our govt. acts to protect American citizens and investments overseas. It also adopts policies that promote our economy.

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