Imperialism and America

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Dollar diplomacy = using U.S. government to guarantee loans to foreign countries by American businesspeople

  • Woodrow Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy

  • Wilson pressures governments in the Western Hemisphere to establish democracies

  • Missionary diplomacy” gives Monroe Doctrine a moral undertone

  • In 1911, Mexican peasants and workers overthrow Porfirio Diaz, a military dictator

  • Are led by Francisco Madera, who cannot satisfy revolutionaries' demands

  • Madera is overthrown in 1913 by General Victoriano Huerta, Madera is executed

  • Wilson refuses to recognize Huerta’s government

  • Huerta’s government soon collapses, Venustiano Carranza becomes president in 1915

  • Wilson recognizes Carranza

  • Rebels under leadership of Francisco “Pancho” Villa and Emiliano Zapata oppose Carranza

  • Villa leads a raid on Columbus, New Mexico

  • Kills 17 Americans

  • Wilson orders troops to hunt Villa down, stations National Guard on Mexican border

  • War is imminent until both sides back down

  • U.S. is distracted by World War I in Europe

  • Carranza’s oppressive regime is replaced by moderate leader Alvaro Obregón in 1920

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