Imperialism and America

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Outline – Chapter 18

Imperialism and America

  • America expands

  • By late 1800’s, many U.S. leaders believe America should be a colonial power

  • Imperialism = policy in which stronger nations extend economic, political, or military control over weaker territories

  • Three factors fuel imperialism

  • Desire for military strength

  • U.S. Navy Admiral Alfred T. Mahan stresses importance of naval power to compete with other nations

  • U.S. begins building steel-hulled cruisers

  • Thirst for new markets

  • Rapid industrialization creates needs for raw materials and new markets

  • Belief in cultural superiority

  • Many Americans believe in Social Darwinism and superiority of Anglo-Saxons and Christianity

  • The U.S. gets Alaska and Hawaii

  • In 1867, Secretary of State William Seward arranges for purchase of Alaska from Russia

  • Land rich in timber, minerals, and oil

  • In same year, U.S. takes over uninhabited Midway Islands, 1300 miles north of Hawaii

  • In 1898, U.S. annexes Hawaii, makes it an American territory

  • Hawaii already had many American-owned sugar plantations

  • U.S. built base at Pearl Harbor in 1887

  • With support from U.S. Marines, Queen Liliuokalani is overthrown

  • Sanford B. Dole heads up Hawaiian government

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