Impact of brand image on consumer buying behavior in clothing sector: a comparative study between males and females of central punjab

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Buying Behavior

Kuwait Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review Vol. 4, No May. 2015
30 respondents are males and females and my site of data collection is Central Punjab (Lahore) and Southern Punjab (Multan. For Quantitative methods I’ll use Survey strategy. Survey is a quantitative research strategy that involves the structured collection of data from a predetermined sample. It involves three methods from which I’ll choose only one method which is Questionnaire. Questionnaire is a pre-formulated written set of questions to which respondents record their answers. It is a self-explanatory, read and answered by respondents by themselves. Questionnaire is further divided into three type’s form which again I’ll choose only one type which is Self-administered questionnaires. Those type of questionnaires in which interviewee answer the question by him. In it we can establish a report and motivate the respondent. Analysis is done through SPSS software. In which Demographic Profile of respondents, Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics (regression, correlation and Independent sample t- test) are applied To seethe impact regression is applied while for comparison independent sample t- testis applied.
This is a Quantitative Study for which questionnaire is structured to collect the data. The questionnaire which is used in this study covers demographic variables as well as dependent, mediating and independent variables. This questionnaire includes 20 questions which are divided into four parts. 10 questions are designed for independent variables which are Brand image and consumer awareness, 5 questions are designed for mediating variable which is Consumer Perception and finally 5 questions are designed for dependent variable which is Consumer Buying Behavior. Data is collected from both males and females of Southern Punjab and Central Punjab. Multan and Lahore are selected from Southern and Central Punjab. These questionnaires are filled by working males and females as well as college and university students and also from housewives. Sufficient statistical power can be achieved through sample size (McQuitty, 2004). Normality of data and estimation of method require minimum sample size (Schreiber et al. 2006). I distributed
200 questionnaires from which 155 were returned tome.

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