Impact of brand image on consumer buying behavior in clothing sector: a comparative study between males and females of central punjab

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Theoretical Framework

Research Methodology
A scientific and systematic effort to collect information for the knowledge enhancement is research (Redman & Moray).Methodology includes the following things which I’ll use in my study


Research Approach

Research Design

Site of data collection


Sample size/Respondents

Sampling Techniques

Data collection Method In my research I’ll use first paradigm which is Positivism. Positivism assumes that true knowledge is based on experiences of senses can be obtained by observation and experiment Positivism is also called Scientific Method, Empirical Science, Post Positivism and Quantitative Research. Positivistic thinkers adopt scientific methods as a mean to generate knowledge. In it we not generate theory but verify the already existing theory. Then I’ll use first research approach which is Quantitative Approach. A formal, objective and systematic process in which Numerical data is utilized to obtain the information about the world is known as Quantitative approach. I’ll use a proper research design for my study. Research design means form a proper structure to conduct the research”.I’ll choose the population from where I’ll collect my data. But basically, the universe of the units from which the sample is to be selected is called Population. So it is very difficult to collect the data from the whole population. Therefore I’ll select Sample Size Respondents. Sample means the segment of the population that is selected for the investigation. In simple words it is a subset of the population. So my selected sample size
Brand Image

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