Impact of brand image on consumer buying behavior in clothing sector: a comparative study between males and females of central punjab

Consumer Perception and Consumer awareness

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Consumer Perception and Consumer awareness
Many studies have been done on consumer perception and awareness about brand. Keller (1993;
1998) described consumer perceptions about brands as brand knowledge, which consist on brand image and brand awareness. Hence according to Keller Brand awareness means recognition and recall of brand. Brand Image is defined as,“a perception about a brand which is reflected by the brand associations and it is held in consumer memory (Keller. These associations are related with attitude towards brand and brand quality. Similarly, Aaker (1991, 1996) refers that brand associations are anything which are related to consumer’s memory.Not only creating the brand image is important but also maintaining brand image is an essential part of a firm's marketing program (Roth, 1995) and branding strategy (Keller, 1993; Aaker, 1991). Band image also related with the prestige and non-prestige of product K Amna& S Sood (1999). Wright and Lynch (1995) stated that the general knowledge of consumers about the product and their buying decision put great impact on brand image because brand image is directly related with the product and is very essential element of product also they said image always define the reality of product. McFadden (1974) argued that a brand can sustain fora longtime if its image help consumer in his buying decision for the first time. Brand image plays an important role in customer’s perception about overall quality of a product or service (Aaker, 1991; Keller, 1998; Yasin, 2007). Brand serves a fundamental role for differentiating goods and services from those of the competitors (Aaker, 1991; Murphy, 1998). The development of brand equity underlies the importance of brand in marketing strategies and hence provides clear understandings for managers and further research (Keller, 2003).
Theoretical Framework
Theoretical framework describes the relationship between the dependent, independent and mediating variables. The difference between dependent and independent variables is as significant in a comparative study as in a regression analysis. Dependent variables are those which directly or indirectly depend on independent variables while independent variables are used to predict dependent variables. A theoretical framework is a diagrammatic illustration of the variables which are selected to conduct a study. The following diagram represents the theoretical framework of this research.

Kuwait Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review Vol. 4, No May. 2015

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