Impact of brand image on consumer buying behavior in clothing sector: a comparative study between males and females of central punjab

Implication for Researchers and Marketers

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Implication for Researchers and Marketers
Researchers are very much familiar about the impact of brand on consumers. But it is also important to know that only brand itself is nothing without essential parts of marketing which are, Advertisement, Packaging and Labeling etc. Thus after this study marketers will be able to know that for the success of their brand they firstly make sure the effective advertisement of brand and try to influence consumers through brand advertisement and its packaging. This study will help to realize the particular role of the advertisement, packaging and labeling in the perspective of the consumer buying behavior. Marketers may determine the strategies accordingly. The role of brand image is also considered as an important part of marketing so marketers will be able to know that exactly how long brand image will create the impact on consumer buying decisions while they are taking advertisement, labeling and packaging into consideration.
Limitations of the Study
This study has some limitations due to some limited resources. This study is conducted only in two cities of Punjab. The sample size which is selected for this study is smaller enough.

Literature Review

Consumer buying behavior
Schiffmanand Kanuk (2000) mentioned that consumer behavior is about how people make decisions on the basis of available resources i.e. money, effort and time.A holistic view provided by Gabbott and Hogg (1998) and Blackwell et al. (2006) on consumer behavior. They defined that consumer behavior are actually those processes and activities in which individuals or groups choose and consume products, experiences, ideas and services. Consumer behavior can affect the economy of a nation (Blackwell et al., 2006). Organizations make marketing strategies in response to fulfill consumer’s needs (Blackwell et al., Blackwell et al. (2001) define that consumer behavior is a combination of purchase and consume products or services. Hence seven steps of consumer buying decision are need recognition, search for information, pre-purchase, evaluation, purchase, consumption, post-consumption evaluation and divestment (Blackwell et al., 2006)”.

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