Impact of brand image on consumer buying behavior in clothing sector: a comparative study between males and females of central punjab

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Purpose Statement
This research is conducted to seethe impact of Brand image on Consumer buying behavior. The basic purpose of this study is to seethe impact of brand image in Southern Punjab and Central Punjab and two major selected cities are Lahore and Multan. This study will enable to tell about those customers who use more branded clothes. The selected topic is very important because Consumers are very much conscious about brand and they thought that brand is an important part of their personality and class. Therefore, it is needed to see that consumers are much influenced through a brand or not and how they relate a brand with their personality
Research Question
Does Brand Image affect the Consumer Buying behavior
Objectives of the Study
The main objectives of this research are

To understand the importance of a Brand.

To remove the deficiencies of the previous studies.

To identify the impact of Brand Image on Consumer Buying Behavior.

To find the relationship between Brand and Consumer Buying Decision.

To identify the influence of consumers towards brand.

Kuwait Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review Vol. 4, No May. 2015
Significance of the study
But the next question rises, what is the significance of this study So the answer of this question is that without knowing the importance of a brand how we can think that it is apart of consumer’s personality. Although before this study many studies already done about brand and consumer relationship but still there are some point which were not covered by previous studies. Therefore this study is conducted.
 This research is conducting to provide the complete information about Brand Image and its impact on consumer buying decisions.
 In present era consumers rely much on brands and try to develop their personality according to the brands. Hence this study provides the information whether different classes have different brands or same brands for their usage

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