Immunization leaders course

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Ford Island Conference Center, Building 89

Pearl Harbor Naval Station, HI 96861

20 - 22 November 2013
This three-day course is designed to train DoD Personnel and Service Members to perform a variety of tasks specific to the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP), the Smallpox Vaccination Program (SVP), and the DoD Influenza Vaccination Program. It includes clinical orientation, risk communications training, program policy review, immunization program quality assurance, and question and answer sessions; as well as additional lectures that provide a solid foundation for all immunization services.

Mission and Objectives: The mission of the Immunization Leaders Course (ILC) is to train DoD healthcare personnel to provide quality immunization services, exhibit competency when participating in risk communication activities, and exercise good immunization program management techniques.

Who should attend: Participants should be medical personnel or healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, medics, corpsman, and medical supervisors of enlisted personnel. Unit members who the command considers appropriate candidates to receive training, including Public Affairs Officers and Commanders, should also attend.

Course Training Objectives:

  • Identify the clinical policy and procedures for the DoD immunization programs

  • Differentiate methods to improve the quality of vaccine delivery within DoD

  • Develop and demonstrate techniques for immunization risk communication

  • Review the current status of DoD Immunization Programs

Course Education Credits:

Continuing Education for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs): The U.S. Army EMS Programs Management Division is accredited to approve EMT CEUs.
Continuing Education for Nurses: The Navy Medicine Professional Development Center (NMPDC) Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Department is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation to provide continuing education for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.
Detailed information is available on the ImzU Continuing Education Credits page.

Program sponsored by the Military Vaccine (MILVAX) Agency

7700 Arlington Blvd, Suite 5143

Falls Church, VA 22042-5143 877-GET-VACC

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