Immigrants in Chains – Slave Narratives

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Learning Activities:

  1. Students have already viewed and taken a few notes from Prince Among Slaves, PBS Home Video. (see Annotated Bibliography)

  1. Students, for homework, were given two Primary Source readings and accompanying document analysis sheets. Students are expected to read each Primary Source document and complete an analysis sheet for each.

    • Venture Smith – Kidnapped and Enslaved at the Age of Six (See Attached)

      • Students come to class with their completed document analysis sheets, and are divided into groups of three. Groups are given the Group Work Chart (See Attached) which asks them to isolate facts/descriptions for three areas: Becoming enslaved, the Middle Passage, and Life in America. Students will use all three sources to complete the chart.

  1. Students will write an autobiography for a fictional slave, using historical information from sources.

Directory: rtah -> lessons -> docs
docs -> Goal: The goal of this lesson is for students to apply information that they have learned about the daily life of colonial children in Massachusetts and use
docs -> Names: Scott Ouellet
docs -> Subject: Social Studies U. S. History Grade Level: 11
docs -> Through an Immigrant’s Eyes: Considering the Second Great Wave of American Immigration from the Perspective of a Young Jewish Girl
docs -> Global Perspectives on the Cuban Missile Crisis
docs -> Immigration Mini-Unit Lesson 1: The ‘Push and Pull’ of immigration
rtah -> The Examination of Mrs Anne Hutchinson at the Court at Newto
docs -> Dark Images of the Invisible Empire: a study of the Ku Klux Klan as View into the Heart of American Racism
docs -> Heading: From the Mills to the Sweatshops: Lives of Women in Industry, Lowell Public Schools, February 21, 2009, Grade 8 Social Studies/ela lesson Plan Created by: Barbara Fauvel and Kristen Sullivan Key Questions

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