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Visual Concepts| project 1 - Unity | MART 121| Spring 2013 | Lauren Addario


Create a sense of compositional unity emphasizing one of the following:

proximity, repetition or continuation

Project: Use the shapes provided to create a sense of unity through proximity, repetition or continuation. Compositions are to be black shapes of white backgrounds. Guidelines are as follows:

  • All shapes must be used, but can only be used once.

  • Shapes may overlap to create new and interesting shapes.

  • Be aware of the kinds of shapes created by the white or negative areas in the composition.

  • Shapes are to remain the sizes provided.

  • Format must be 8.5 x 11” and can be oriented either horizontally or vertically. Project must be mounted on black foam core with a 2 inch border on each side.

  • Identify the primary and secondary (if any) concepts of unity addressed in the composition by clearly listing them on the back.

Submission requirements: clearly write your name, date, project title and class name on the back of the work. Care should be taken with mounting the work so that the presentation is clean, has straight edges, and a thoughtful layout.

Evaluation: Work will be graded on

Project Due: Tuesday, January 29 at the start of class

Remember: projects not handed in on time will not receive full credit.
Download 98 Kb.

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