Iii. Greece’s Golden Age

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III. Greece’s Golden Age

  1. Philosophers Search for the Truth

  • Philosophers –

  • Great thinkers determined to find the truth

  • Believed the universe was put together in orderly ways with absolute laws

  1. Socrates

  • One of the most important thinker in history

  • Wanted everyone to question themselves and their moral duty

  • Famous for his Socratic Method

  • Socratic Method –

  • 399 BC –

  • Sentenced to death – Drank poison (hemlock) instead of leaving Athens

  • Refuses to apologize for his beliefs

  1. Plato

  • Student of Socrates

  • Founded a school for philosophers known as the Academy

  • Most famous book The Republic

  • Government ruled by a philosopher king and the elite

  • Charged with same crime as his teacher, but choose to leave Athens and live

  1. Aristotle

  • Developed what later became known as the Scientific Method

  • Golden Mean –

  • Many of the ideas of these three people laid the framework for Western education

  1. Pericles (495 BC-429 BC)

  • Led Athens for 32 years

  • Respected general and statement

Goals for Athens




  • Achieving his goals

  • Created direct democracy

  • Also used money from the Delian League to beautify Athens

  1. Drama and History

  • Created drama as a form of expression and entertainment

  • Herodotus

  • Thucydides –

  1. Athens and Sparta Go to War

  • Peloponnesian Wars –

  • Athens had the better navy

  • Athens has early victories but is struck with widespread plague during the war’s second year

  • Results in an Athens being defeated and losing its empire, wealth, and power

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