II. 1 Introduction

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II.8 Documentation

(See Section 7 of the current Nomination Form and Section 3 of the original Nomination Form)
8a) Please review the original nomination for the property to determine whether it is necessary or advisable to supply, update or amend any of the following documentation for the World Heritage Site. Indicate what documentation will be supplied to supplement the information found in this report. (This documentation should be supplied at the time the Periodic Report is submitted to the World Heritage Centre, in December 2004.)


a) Photographs, slides and, where available, film. This material should be accompanied by a duly signed authorization granting, free of charge to UNESCO, the non-exclusive right for the legal term of copyright to reproduce and use it in accordance with the terms of the authorization attached.


b) Topographic or other map or site plan which locates the WHS and its boundaries, showing scale, orientation, projection, datum, site name, date and graticule.


c) A copy of the property management plan.


d) A Bibliography consisting of references to all the main published sources on the World Heritage Site, compiled to international standards.

8b) Do you have a digital map of the WHS, showing its location and boundaries?

8bi) If yes, in what format(s) is the map?

8bii) Is it published on a publicly-accessible website?

8biii) If yes, please provide the URL of the site where the map can be found. Must be a valid URL.
Future web publication on Monticello's website: http://www.monticello.org/

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