II. 1 Introduction

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II.6 Monitoring

(See Section 6 of the current Nomination Form)
Administrative Arrangements for Monitoring Property

6a) Is there a formal monitoring program established for the site? In this case, “monitoring” means the repeated and systematic observation and collection of data on one or more defined factors or variables over a period of time.

6a1) If YES, please describe the monitoring program, indicating what factors or variables are being monitored and which partners, if any, are or will be involved in the program.
Monticello's structures and grounds are routinely inspected by members of its buildings, gardens and grounds, restoration, and curatorial staffs.

Key Indicators for Measuring State of Conservation
6b) At the time of inscription of the property on the World Heritage list, or while in the process of reviewing the status of the property at subsequent meetings, have the World Heritage Committee and the State Party identified and agreed upon key indicators for monitoring the state of conservation of the property's World Heritage values?

6b1) If YES, please list and describe these key indicators, provide up-to-date data with respect to each of them, and also indicate actions taken by the State Party in response to each indicator.
Not applicable

6b2) If NO key indicators were identified by the World Heritage Committee and used so far, please indicate whether the World Heritage Site management authority is developing or plans to develop key indicators for monitoring the state of conservation of the property's World Heritage Values..
Not applicable
Results of Previous Reporting Exercises
6c) Please describe briefly the current status of actions the State Party has taken in response to recommendations from the World Heritage Committee at the time of inscription or afterwards, through the process known as "reactive reporting." (Note: The answer to this question will be "not applicable" for many sites.)
not applicable

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