II. 1 Introduction

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A bridge at the entrance to the grounds is dedicated. The bridge improves the safety of vehicular access to Monticello and connects the parkway trail that leads from the base of Route 53, along Mt. Alto, and terminates at the Shuttle Station. The historic entrance just to the west of the Gatehouse is closed. The new entrance is about two-hundred feet to the east. Both the parkway and bridge are designed by Rieley & Associates, Landscape Architects (William D. Rieley, Roxanne S. Brouse, principals).

2003 January. Martha Hill submits a comprehensive report on the history of Mulberry Row. Fifteen volumes are needed to cover the subject, which was begun in January 2001 as the “Mulberry Row Project” under the direction of Dianne Swann-Wright (Director of African-American and Special Programs) in consultation with a staff committee.
April. The archaeological survey of the eastern slopes down to the Rivanna River is completed. The survey covers about 340 acres of the slightly over 2,000 acres owned by the Foundation. The goal is to survey all the acreage except where there are extreme slopes, buildings, or other inhibiting features such as parking lots (see 1997).

Exhibits, with “reader-rails” are installed in the Cook’s Room, the storage cellar under the Cabinet, the storage cellar under the Jefferson Chamber (interpreted as a beer cellar), and in the North Privy.

Mark R. Wenger, Willie Graham, and Alfredo Maul submit their final report, Monticello Kitchen Fireplace Restoration Stew Stove and Set-Kettle Reconstruction. All three are from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Research Division, Architectural Research Department.
The Dome Room walls are repainted with a reformulated distemper. The color is, as before, Mars yellow.
The Kitchen, first restored in 1941, is altered to reflect a new understanding of the original fireplace opening, oven, set kettle, and stew stove.

William L. Beiswanger

Robert H. Smith Director of Restoration


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