II. 1 Introduction

The "slave quarters" under the south terrace are "restored." 1929

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1928 The "slave quarters" under the south terrace are "restored."
1929 The Mulberry Row “barn” (Jefferson's stable) is "restored."
The stone house on Mulberry Row is remodeled. The building, then called the “Weaving House” (later, the “Weaver’s Cottage”) is used as a superintendent's house.
1931 The ice house is "restored."
Adolph Niedermayer & Sons, Richmond, paint the interior of the house.
1933 The Civilian Conservation Corps attempts to retrace the course of Jefferson’s Second Roundabout encircling the mountainside.
1934 Congress appropriates $30,000 for a new 1.235-mile entrance loop road. The route, designed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Bureau of Public Roads, basically follows an earlier road. But sections of Jefferson’s South Road and particularly the Fourth Roundabout, with its twists and turns that aligned closely with natural contours, are altered to conform to modern road standards. Work begins on September 15, 1934 and is completed April 22, 1935. Also included are new stone walls at the entrance to the grounds and new gates that the final narrative report calls “of Colonial design.” These remain in place until 2002. The work is supervised by the Luray office of the Bureau of Public Roads. The second floor of Monticello is dedicated to the Daughters of the American Revolution.

1935 The wooded mountainside is cleared of underbrush, dead trees and stumps. The work is done in cooperation with the Civilian Conservation Corps.
Milton L. Grigg, architect, is named to the restoration committee.
1936 Adolph Niedermayer & Sons, Richmond, return to paint the interior based on research by Milton Grigg.
A treillage wallpaper pattern is discovered in the North Octagonal Room.

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