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Attachment 2: Monticello Restoration Chronology

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Attachment 2: Monticello Restoration Chronology



1923 December l. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation acquires legal title to Monticello.
1924 Repairs are made to the roof framing and a new sheet-metal roof is installed over new sheathing. This and other work is directed by Fred W. Twyman, chairman of the Foundation’s Charlottesville committee.
The north and south dependency stone walls and terrace walks are repaired.
Steps with brick risers and treads are constructed at the Southwest Portico, replacing an earthen ramp dating from the nineteenth century. Cameron Clark, a New York architect volunteered his services. The work is completed in 1924 or early 1925.
1925 Sidney Fiske Kimball is named chairman of the restoration committee. Other members are R. T. Haines Halsey from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Charles Moore, Chairman of the Commission of Fine Arts.
1926 The Van Yahres Tree Service begins a program of tree surgery sponsored by the Garden Club of Virginia.

The “Monticello Shop” opens in what was the Jefferson-period kitchen beneath the Southeast Terrace. A newspaper article at the time states that the location is the “old Jefferson laundry.”

1927 The Garden Club of Virginia appoints a committee to consult with Fiske Kimball on the restoration of the grounds. Miss Amy Cogserve submits a planting plan (not executed).

“Redecorating” of the first floor is completed.

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