II. 1 Introduction

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Pavilion II

Date(s) of Work: c. 1990-91 & 1997

Pavilion II has not yet received major attention under the comprehensive Academical Village restoration program. In 1990-91, it did receive some interior remodeling while the roof was being restored to replicate Jefferson’s metal shingles. The work of 1997 was reconstruction of the front balcony.
Pavilion II was the third pavilion for which a formal historic structure report was prepared. However, due to an insufficiency of funds, major work could not be mounted at Pavilion II when occupancy there changed. Thus it has remained essentially in its pre-1990 state, which included at least two major changes – a rear addition of and a more recent set of alterations to the interior stair. Just prior to the latest occupancy change, roof restoration began. Since Jefferson’s metal-shingle technology had never been used at the flat-roofed rear addition, a soldered flat-seamed metal roof was installed there. Roofing on both building segments is now terne-plated stainless steel.


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