Ihbb asian Championships 2014 Bowl Round 7 First Quarter

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IHBB Championships 2014

Bowl Round 3

Third Quarter

What people or place was the…

1. North African empire that fought the Punic Wars?

ANSWER: Carthage

2. Queen of Egypt who allied with Marc Antony?

ANSWER: Cleopatra VII

2. Tribe who invaded Rome under Attila?


4. Dominant civilization in north Italy before the Romans?

ANSWER: Etruscans [or Tyrrhenians]

5. Group under Odoacer that overthrew the last Western Emperor?

ANSWER: Ostrogoths (prompt on “Goths”)

6. Tribe who, as their name suggests, destructively sacked Rome in 455?

ANSWER: Vandals

7. Tribe that set up its own kingdom in Spain and included the sack leader Alaric?

ANSWER: Visigoths (prompt on “Goths”)

8. Residents of modern-day Romania against whom Trajan warred?

ANSWER: the Dacians


In historical correspondence, who or what was the...

1. War which broke out despite the "Willy-Nicky" letters in 1914

ANSWER: World War I

2. Prussian premier who changed the Ems Dispatch, starting the Franco-Prussian War.

ANSWER: Otto von Bismarck

3. Loser of a power struggle with Stalin who wrote anti-Soviet letters before being killed in Mexico.

ANSWER: Leon Trotsky [or Lev Davidovich Bronstein]

4. Holder of nonconsecutive Presidencies who was scandalized by the Murchison Letter

ANSWER: Stephen Grover Cleveland

5. War in which the Rough Riders served that broke out over the De Lome letter

ANSWER: Spanish-American War

6. British political party that lost to the Conservatives after the Zinoviev Letter was printed

ANSWER: Labour Party

7. Foreign Secretary who wrote a "Declaration" in support of a Jewish homeland

ANSWER: Arthur James Balfour

8. Empire that had a postal service on its Royal Road from Sardis to Susa

ANSWER: Persian


In the Cold War, who…

1. Was the Non-Aligned longtime leader of Yugoslavia?

ANSWER: Tito [or Josip Broz]

2. Oversaw the reunification of Germany as Chancellor?

ANSWER: Helmut Kohl

3. Served as Premier of China from 1949 to 1976?

ANSWER: Zhou Enlai

4. Led the Solidarity strike that ultimately ended Communism in Poland?

ANSWER: Lech Walesa

5. Was a playwright-dissident who became the elected president of the Czech Republic?

ANSWER: Vaclav Havel

6. Led the Kuomintang for decades after it had retreated to Taiwan?

ANSWER: Chiang Kai-shek

7. Was the Socialist president of France in the 1980s?

ANSWER: Francois Mitterand

8. Led a liberal movement that was crushed in 1956 in Hungary?

ANSWER: Imre Nagy (NAJ)

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