Ihbb asian Championships 2014 Bowl Round 7 First Quarter

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IHBB Championships 2014

Bowl Round 7

Second Quarter
1. This project was initially announced as targeting completion in tie to host the 1989 World Festival of Youth and Students. This project was conceived after the SsangYong firm completed the Singapore Westin Stamford. This building's exterior was finished in 2011, but it is still uninhabitable. For 10 points, name this 105-story "hotel" in Pyongyang which consumed two percent of North Korea's GDP to build over three decades and is structurally unsound.

ANSWER: Ryugyong Hotel

BONUS: Which other hotel in Dubai was billed as the world’s first 7 star hotel when it opened in 1999 and resembles a sailing ship in the Persian Gulf?

ANSWER: Burj al-Arab

2. A war launched by this man inspired the painting series Los Caprichios and The Disasters of War by Francisco Goya. This man is depicted "on his Imperial throne" by Jean Ingres (ON-gruh) and "crossing the Alps" by Jacques-Louis David. For 10 points, name this frequent subject of art following his invasions of Austria, Spain, and other European countries for France.

ANSWER: Napoleon I [or Napoleon Bonaparte]

BONUS: What later French ruler was satirized in a cartoon showing him turning into a pear by Honore Daumier?

ANSWER: Louis-Philippe

3. This man delivered the "Gold Star Mothers speech" to refute allegations that he had "never held a job." This man's Presidential aspirations were derailed by a bathtub accident he suffered while serving as Ohio's Senator. He is the only surviving member of the Mercury Seven. For 10 points, name this politician and astronaut who, in 1962, became the first American to orbit the Earth.

ANSWER: John Glenn

BONUS: What Soviet citizen was the first man in space, a year before John Glenn's orbit?

ANSWER: Yuri Gagarin

4. This invention was first used extensively by an English speaker when William Caxton acquired one in Bruges (pr. BROOJ). This invention was used to produce a landmark forty-two-line Bible in Mainz. It replaced the unreliable woodblocks of Chinese forerunners with metal moveable type. For 10 points, name this invention perfected by Johannes Gutenberg.

ANSWER: printing press [or moveable type until it is read]

BONUS: William Caxton printed early legends about what king of Wessex?

ANSWER: Alfred the Great

5. This war included the foreign volunteers known as the "Abraham Lincoln Brigades." During this war, the Condor Legion bombed Guernica. This war's losing side was confounded by ever-changing directives from Moscow on the Communist interest in this war. For 10 points, name this war of the mid-1930s which ended with the Nationalists taking power in Madrid?

ANSWER: Spanish Civil War

BONUS: What author of a novel about Winston Smith chronicled his time fighting in Spain in the nonfiction Homage to Catalonia?

ANSWER: George Orwell [or Eric Blair]

6. This empire lost territory to the expanding Islamic lands when it was ruled by Heraclius. This empire underwent a near civil war during the iconoclasm controversy instigated by Leo III. Justinian was an emperor of this state, which fell to the Ottomans in 1453. For 10 points, identify this Greek-speaking Christian power, centered at Constantinople.

ANSWER: Byzantine Empire [or Eastern Roman Empire prompt on Roman Empire or similar answers]

BONUS: Byzantine emperor Basil II acquired what nickname for his success at the Battle of Kleidion?

ANSWER: the Bulgar-Slayer

7. This structure's fundraising party is where Zachary Taylor overate, leading to his death. It surpassed the Cologne Cathedral as the tallest man-made structure on Earth until the opening of the Eiffel Tower. It sits directly across the Reflecting Pool from the Lincoln Memorial. For 10 points, name this 555-foot obelisk that is visible for miles around the capital of the U.S.

ANSWER: the Washington Monument

BONUS: The Washington Monument was topped with what then-valuable material, which is purified in the Hall-Heroult process?

ANSWER: aluminum

8. This country was long led by dictator Daniel arap Moi. This country is where General China and Dedan Kimathi led a rebellion. The colonial experience on a coffee plantation in this country is described in the book and film Out of Africa. For 10 points, identify this country that is named for Africa's second-tallest mountain and was the homeland of Barack Obama's father.


BONUS: What country, whose own colonial empire was mostly limited to Greenland, was Out of Africa author Isak Dinesen from?

ANSWER: Denmark

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