Ideals, realities and perceptions of islam

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Come learn the truth about ISLAM - what the Quran says, not what Islamophobia says
Free Educational Mini-course on ISLAM in 3 Interactive Sessions
Session 1 Sunday, September 28, 3-5 pm --- IDEALS of Islam

The core fundamentals of Islamic teachings about God, human being, and the religious path will be explored through a model of ISLAMIC HUMANISM based on the Quranic Concept of Human Being. A unique new approach with a spotlight also on the common thread tying all three Abrahamic Faiths viewed as a developmental series.

Session 2 Sunday, October 5, 3-5 pm --- REALITIES and PERCEPTIONS of Islam

The perception of Islam in the West is a highly distorted version of the truth as promoted by the media based on constant repetition of a very narrow and unrepresentative perspective. Its perception in the Muslim world itself is variable between a dogmatic attitude and a pluralistic one. The reality is that the Muslim world is a highly diverse mix of 1.6 billion people of all nationalities, cultures, races, languages, and even interpretations of the Quran, and there is no central organization of them. The terrorists are a very tiny minority who are NOT AT ALL representative of Islam. The broader Muslim world sees them not only as UN-Islamic, but even as ANTI- Islamic. Thus, the reality is a broad spectrum, but Islamophobia focuses on the actions of less than 1% of Muslim misfits (e.g., al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, etc) who feed Islamophobia in the West and greatly offend the 99% peaceful Muslims. Come learn what Islam really teaches about the three critical areas of Western misperception of Islam: violence, women and shariah. The reality spectrum is not only broad, but also quite variable. If the false perceptions in the West persist, the reality will shift towards it, with continued strife. With right actions, the reality can be changed toward the ideals, away from the 1% bad Muslims and towards the 99% good Muslims. The peace of the world may depend on whether the paradigm shift is made the goal.

Session 3, October 12, Sunday, 3-5 pm --- So what is the solution? An example of compatibility and mutually cherished co-existence of Islam and the West, as achieved by a specific modern/Islamic/immigrant Muslim community and its Canadian hosts, will be explored. This community engages in amazing peaceful civil society projects in the cultural, spiritual and social arenas, of very local to federal and even international scope. Come judge for yourself. You may be amazed by what you will learn about what can be achieved and how. Mainstream Canada (government and people) is responding. Why not all of us? Islamophobia and war are NOT the answer, for they will only lead to escalation and self-perpetuation. Education, compassion, diplomacy and development, and pluralism are key to any solution.
VENUE : UAHuntsville, Wilson Hall, Room 001 Free and open to the public
SPEAKER : Dr. Noor Gillani, a local Muslim American retired scientist
SPONSRED BY : Part of the Hometown Pilgrimage program, co-sponsored by IMS (Interfaith Mission Service), UAH Office of Diversity, and the City of Huntsville Office of Multicultural Affairs

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