Icsmsu 4th Meeting 2015-2016 01/10/2015 – 19: 00 Computer Cluster Study Room, Reynolds Building cx minutes

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ICSMSU 4th Meeting 2015-2016

01/10/2015 – 19:00

Computer Cluster Study Room, Reynolds Building CX









Action Points of the last meeting:


Matters arising:




Mala’s Overview of Fortnight

Welcome event bbq: Lots of different stations (give out wristbands, bags packed etc)

Sammy will be the DJ for the evening

Buddy’s speech.

No one is allowed to wear sports kit. Tell them to remove items of clothing, if not they will be removed from the event. No recruiting at this event.

Buddies must wear their tshirts. Should end at about 4.

Try to get to boat party as early as you can, if you can’t come to pres in SK don’t worry.

NO POLICE BOATS. Buddies need to be pre-checked before the boat to make sure none of them are too intoxicated -> give them water. Be proactive as well

Check toilets at boat party! We are not on duty but make conscious effort to check loos etc, keep light on the drinks to both be able to do that and be on form for freshers fair etc.

Dress code: Every event except for dinner we have to wear SU stash. Can wear eye patch or whatever.

Try to keep clean, take shirt into shower with you and clean it if you’re not doing laundry.
Mums and dads: Tasks will be delegated once we arrive. Will have a runthrough about last night and see if there are any objectives etc.
Drs & nurses: People will be at pubs/reynolds etc. People might be getting moved around. Will be decided on the day. Encourage people to move past pubs to reduce clogging.

As soon as reynolds people are done go straight to Qube where Mala and Rhys will be. ¾ will be at victoria directing people to the club. Pub people will get people out of the pubs, people need to be in Qube by 12. As soon as you walk into Qube you’re off duty. You can take your sweaty shirt off here if you’d like.


Festival like stalls with two rotation 7 stalls each. 2 buddies start on each station with a group. Some stalls have extra SU members/buddies as well. Become the phoenix to simple (non)drinking game etc, great ICSM bake off. Pin the catheter on the mannequin.

Air horn will be used to bell to move onto next stall.

Will last for about an hour, then moved over to big stage. All mess should be happen towards the back. Cleanup will happen in the back while the freshers are watching the stage show.

Video is looking really exciting. Tom Willis will be given a list from dexter the day off roadshow, be free that friday tom. You have to buy a pizza for him etc etc took mala 7 hours last year.

As soon as it’s done and the stage show is done that will start getting cleaned up as well and we can go home really quickly after that. Closes at 1 and will hopefully be out by 1:30, because bar is helping, CMF is helping and less messy.

Club night/sports day speak for themselves. Same formats as previously.
PJ Party: Mala is excited by this. Candy floss, popcorn, put on back to the future, some chilled games on.
Sports night: Same old format. Standard stewarding protocol. Everyone has to be out by 1.

Med and Rhys will be there for 6 o’clock, Mala will be home for birthday dinner with family.

SU are there to fill in for any white spaces in the room, so pop in if some people don’t show up to not waste food and have empty tables. Faculty are main culprit. Med and Rhys are not doing table plans anymore, faculty are now doing that but they like sitting next to their friends so watch out for that.

Buddies will come before 8pm for free entry.

Whoever is ticketing on the door make sure you are prepped with stamp etiquette.
Can we all try to come on time for all fresher things!


Med’s Logistic Overview

Faculty drinks:

Dress code is smart casual. In Reynolds. Swanky finger food and cocktail night.

If you’re chatting to a member of faculty, introduce other people. Help everyone out. Be there by 16:30

10:30 start for sat and sun
AP Med: Mailchimp for first years
Discuss wrist band distribution for docs and nurses

Bar staff will not get it for free - theyre getting paid


Plastic stuff down 1630 for set up

People on stalls are roaming stewards but not 7 key stewards

Almost definitely getting inspected on that night

Club night:

They are prebuying tickets on the fresehrs group soon and selling tickets on the door as well.

Sports day:

Bus leaving at 1, no food given at heston.

3 people will be in SK, one will go on coach, one will take mini bus and the last will join freshers for PT. Minimize PT, fill coaches.

Chippy will go down early ad set everything up.

Same routine on the way back.
Frat party:

Tom and Nina don’t need to be there actually.

Mala will aim to get there for 5-6 to set up, there will be discounted food. Some people to go help out.
RAG inspirational afternoon:

5 speakers from other people?

Sammy tells them to fo spend some time around the stalls before taking them all.

Tom Evans Marys A&E consultant pres 2002 will be there.

RAG Monopoly:

Sammy explained it, there will be free tickets to halloween ball for the winners

PJ Party:

The 2s are named stewards as a formality, but everyone else should be there to ensure people don’t show up to an empty place.

Originally built to be a get to know SU thing, but no pressure on us to do anything.

Be friendly, tell them what you do as an SU member, don’t have to wear PJs.

Sports night:

First come first serve in terms of tables.

We asked the bar to rent extra tables that night, but Carl is not keen to do it so direct any complaints to the bar.
QTR Dinner:

Might change this because we won’t need everyone there.

A group of people to help set up and say hello to freshers as they arrive. Need everyone there to help with quiz marking etc. If people can’t get there for 6 cause of firms etc that’s fine but be there as soon as you can.

Predrinks may not be able to happen because of this but embargoes has super cheap drinks so Mala would ideally want everyone there. Can’t stop people going back predrinking but Mala wants to everyone to encourage people not to do predrinks. It’s a boogie after dinner not a pissup, want to make everyone feel like they can come.

On the night Rhys/Med will decide how to get everyone to the afterparty basede on how many SU members are there. Try to stagger it so it’s not 280 freshers moving at the same time.
SU can chill in SAF common room. Dress code:
AP Med: Press Janette Shiel

Tom will have to do stage show, but not really stewarding. Mala stewards up until the bottle of wine.



Very proud of all of ICSM. Great turnout. Thank you to Dan Price!

Next one is 17th - Might be doing a UH 999 party after the second one. But there is Half way dinner so will maybe not do it then. Unsure?
Lupton loved that we all went and was super proud.
If you aren’t coming to protest, bring placards back! AP Med: Will send this out in next newsletter.



Only 2 people came, neither may do medicine -> business.

James is trying to work with Steve and Med to find a way to



Is happening. Account for exec set up.

Comms email account is the one that set up the account, Rhys is a manager within it, but we need one dedicated person to run it.

Secretary should run it, a lot of newsletter pushes etc, which is what ublend is designed for.

AP Emma: Find out about UBlend.


Officers’ reports


Academic Officer Early Years: Rebekah Judge

I have been preparing for the year in between/since holidays, including: answering fresher questions, meeting with gradmed president re the integration of grads into 1st year, meeting with ICU education officer, contacting staff re collaborating over ideas, preparing intro presentations for years 1 and 2, creating some simple study tools for 1st years, planning a video with the faculty to help students. Would be good to have committee input on

  • Plans for Video to help Freshers with study queries: do we think this is worth investing time in? Time frame?

  • Do you agree with including a Year 2 intro presentation this year (‘how to pass 2nd year and maintain your sanity’), and if so – ideas of what it should cover?


Academic Officer Clinical Years: Usama Asif

SSLG prep underway, feedback forms sent out for O&G, Musc, Teaching Skills. Need confirmation that the others have been done.

Dealt with final year decile ranking concerns...hopefully


Biomedical and 4th Year Rep: Saloni

I've met with Anabel and Sohag (the new year group leads for biomed) about all the changes that are going to take place with the course this year, and they will be organising some more careers events for biomed students with the careers service (e.g. applying for MSc's/CV writing/personal statements).

I have designed hoodies for the biomed students along with Veronica, and sorting out year group photos and a dinner with the faculty for 3rd years after exams in February.

I’m organising rep elections for some of the BSc pathways and am waiting for the others to send me the names of their elected reps.

  • Need your opinions on having an online collaborative notebank across the BSc pathways - does this exist already?


Summer Ball Chair: Nina

Signed and sent off the contract for snow ball (WOOP), organised decoration for mums and dads, sorted out popcorn and candyfloss for the freshers events, seen all the potential summer ball venues, having our first committee meeting next week, sorted out decoration for the SU welcome event, went to the venue for Fresher’s club nights and discussed the finer details with zoo bars events team , also sorted out a VIP area for boat club as requested. Elected summer ball committee , had our first meeting.


Social Secretary: Thomas Willis

Oh my god its nearly freshers. I’m just so excited

Doing a video of freshers for review, so learnt video-making over the weekend. Need to sort out a camera and someone to film the events I’m not at so we can get as much footage as possible-Discuss at meeting.

Went to belushis and ironed out the finer deets, all sorted now.

Any other awesome ideas for things to be doing for review I’m all ears, beyond the video I’m not really sure on what to do other than the standard presentation.

Discussed with boat club for plans at club night, should work well. Dina need update on mums and dads.


RAG Chair: Sammy Sundar

Freshers T-Shirts sorted. RAG freshers event looking good too, board printed and sorted. Pre Dash this weekend so very excited, got big committee meeting this wed so should be able to plan out for most of 1st term. Had ents meeting too, was long but super super productive. Music for BBQ sorted also. Sorry v brief but I’m tired.


Entertainments Chair: Mala Mawkin

- Freshers ready to go

- First Term events decided/booked, arts dinner now moved to second term

- Bop (club) meetings on track

- Entz moving into a different type of role from what it was at the start which is a lot more fun for me!


Alumni and Careers Officer: James Bloomer

AGM with the alumni association 2 weeks ago. Proposed a change of structure to the committee to make it more efficient. Agreed the yearly outgoings to be paid out to ICSM and set a date of payment for this so it happens automatically every year as opposed to previous years where people have been missing payments.

Re-worked the clubs and socs grants so there are now three grants of up to £500.
Planning to have a meeting with the alumni officers from clubs and socs now everyone is back from holidays to see how we can all work together.


Sponsorship Officer: Qasim Ali

Not much new, all invoices and contracts sorted. Got a few more interested including unofficial guide to medicine, splittable and mdf instruments (big American company). Hopefully should have the final running order for inspirational afternoon up soon, waiting on one final lecturer. Got 8 stands for it now I think. Need to talk to Mala about frat party sponsorship avenues. Need to talk to med about mdf instruments a bit. Gonna start looking for companies for clubs and socs. Think completed sponsorship is about £4k atm :)


Sites and Services Officer: Rustam Karanjia

Reynolds show stuff being ordered

Need to measure area for sofas in SU office and install another set of computers there

Plans for Reynolds bar promotion to Freshers can happen after FF

Need to try and clear CX common room before start of term - also Beach bop stuff is down there and needs moving

Dermaholiday is great and last day of crutches fast approaching (SU dinner day)


Communications Officer: Kiran Patel

Currently in process of updating the App. Not much else to report. Really hungry, going to have lunch now.


Secretary: Emma Larsson

Rota's are done and will be shared in the meeting. Sent out my first newsletter as well which was scary and embarrassing.


President: Maredudd Harris

Have met with international students regarding the VISA situation. Faculty have discussed it with concerned students. We are hoping for change but if not we will look to alternatives to help financial worries. Alumni - waiting on Thursdays meeting but some steps have been taken and the future is bright(er). Alumni event on Friday was attended and therefore can be considered a success. Reynolds Bar had people in it which was fantastic to see on a ‘quiet night’. Ongoing concerns regarding how final years are ranked against cohorts sitting different papers. So far the upset has resulted in three e-mails I have seen - Usama is aware and dealing with it as AOCY. Rustam is currently out of action with his knee. Can we get a time update for the UH board and engravings on the silverware. The sports strategy day went well - put our voice out there. Varsity is looking to be a one day/location event this year. Showcase event in the evening not yet decided. Have been in contact with Cardiff Uni as they have the GMC Best Practice for student welfare and support services - have made recommendations to the faculty regarding this. Rebekah has picked up the appeals that are ongoing.

Have put Mums and Dads on the agenda. A large number of contributing factors have led to the Wolfson hall now being offered as an additional social space without a bar. Chats with faculty, scrutiny our fortnight and SU are under from IC, newspaper articles showing what other unis are up to and wanting to ensure we can offer capacity have made it a must in my mind. Have asked Dina to head this up - Rhys has allocated a budget for the event and so all we now need to do is pick the inflatables (if that is the route we want to go down), and sort out music.
Available on e-mail and what’s app but I’m 8 hours in front of UK.


Deputy President: Dina Saleh

Finally back and reunited with phone once more, I’m really sorry for any inconvenience caused with my lack of presence! Looking forward to seeing y’all on Monday and hope you’ve all had a lovely summer! Have sorted through my gross looking inbox and hopefully am back up to speed with all the SU going ons.

  • SU Stash appears to have been delivered, am excited to see it! Big thanks to Rhys and Chippy for their help in the e-activity life on that note.

  • Am away again from 18-25th but should have wifi so will be able to help if anyone needs me.

  • Attended Alumni meeting on 17th as Med’s away and a meeting with AJ, Diana & James to discuss this a few days before

  • Am also in process of sending you all emails re. meeting with Med and I about your goals for the year - deciding on it all now > decided to now send post freshers

  • After discussions, have also decided to bring back Wolfson for M&Ds so am organising that. Inflatables ordered & speakers being lent to us from Music Soc - need to tell Mel what we need. Also need to risk assess Wolfson - have emailed now. On the note of freshers’, it is all looking super - lots of hard work from the Ents team! Can’t wait to see it all in action!

  • (And if anyone wants to help me do all these bsc management summer modules or write my essay for the leadership course, that would be FAB.. :’( thanks..)


Treasurer: Rhys

Final fresher money going through now so shouldn’t be anything left to pay for (Any claims people need then please submit ASAP). STFYD budget now provisionally approved with ICU, both Ben and Chris have said they are happy, just need the formal sit down. SAF common room update starting with plans written up for the CX office and CX common room. Ublend details finalised with developers, just now need to get all the clubs to sign up ready for freshers.


Clubs and Societies Officer: Alex Compton

Sorting Arts Dinner venue. Now looking at a nice pub for dinner and a nearby club as an afterparty. This should keep costs down. ARTS DINNER NOW BEING MOVED TO SECOND TERM.

Arts Review Core committee applications will be sent out on Monday. Just finalising the application form. Applications will close on 24th October. Any member (non-fresher) of the arts societies can apply.

Clubs and Socs Alumni grant criteria were accepted by the Alumni Association. More money for our clubs!!

Freshers Fair and Sports Day all organised. Sports Leader applications are going nicely. I now have a super number of applications. I’m still waiting to hear from clubs regarding their activities but it’s all looking swell.

Coach is booked for trials along with two minibuses. Minibuses will probably go to Rugby and Football.

Freshers Fair is going to be fab (there may be a couple of changes to the stall plan). Chippy will be providing muchos coffee so come along. Now having argument with Ben Howitt (DPCS) over stall plans. He wants to split medic clubs up, I want us all in SAF.

Mailing lists are not sorted. Chris Kaye does not like me :( He no longer responds to my emails…

UPDATE: Chris Kaye does not know how to work a mailing list which is why he isn’t responding. Ben has promised me that if I turn up, one of them will sit down with me and help. No idea when I can get this sorted although Rhys and I have shared each other’s lists so this is less important.

Planning a meeting with Surgical soc and Opera to form 5 year plans for each society in order to appease ICU and to bring their SGI down to a more reasonable level

Held my 1st Clubs and Socs meeting which was super duper exciting. Answered lots of questions but got even more queries to sort!

Encouraging clubs to sign up to Ublend. So far only a few are on board.

Had a superb time at SU dinner so thanks to Mala for organising such a fab event.

Sorry I can’t make it tonight. Missing you all muchly xx


Welfare Officer: Laurence Pallant

Just got back from America, thankyou to everyone who has filled in on my behalf with the organising of Mums and Dads etc. You are all wonderful, I’m sorry for causing any inconvenience! Officer report as follows:

Dealing with all individual/personal concerns via email, or referring to DPWelfare Jennie to meet in person.

Working with Mary Morell and PhD students to get the November student health plan together.

Trying to secure a room in SAF from Janette Shiel for drop in lunchtime welfare sessions.

Forwarded all 5th and 6th year letters to Jennie W. She has printed them off and sent them to John Neilson. We had 25 pages in total. I expect a response in the next week.


Bar manager/ICSM Gazette



Any other business

Becka’s Questions:
Faculty still want to make video mentioned in summer. Some faculty has gotten in touch wanting to be involved. Aimed at answering fresher questions and giving academic advice and all that.

Get faculty to pay for video editing etc which they’ve done in the past and then Med/Becka can help out making it.

Quite a bit of work but if people think it’s worth it then Becka is happy to do it. Everyone is in.

Becka, Laurence, Med and Emma.

Becka has made an intro of some sort. Possibly give it monday between lectures in the afternoon.
Saloni: BMS notebank Q. One is available but no new notes have been put up. AP Saloni and Kiran: get new ones on the website.
Sometime in 2nd term ask students about notes, academic officers should check through them and send them off to Kiran to be put on the website.


SSLG is happening next week for clinical years. Stupid cause no year 3 feedback.

Feedback forms done for all of year 5 and 6, feedback forms have been sent out to third years.

Discussed decile issue with final years. Nothing is really going to change but they are aware of the situation.

AP Usama: Send email to year 3 announcing year reps

AP Kiran: Update website Sama to Usama?
Saloni has been designing biomed hoodies, talked about some changes to the BMS course, cohort size is increasing from 50 to about 250. Implications for medic BScs? More ecternal intercalators coming in. More medics for medic BScs potentially. New course starting 2017, but some changes such as ipads and shifting modules happening already.
How can the SU offer something to those (?) students without taking opportunity away from medics, it’s a 3 year plan etc. etc.
Currently BMS people can run for positions on the SU. More people run for Biomed Soc rather than SU.
AP Sammy: Supply camera for fresehrs
Halloween ball is masquerade so people don’t have to go the the IC one in Feb.

Looking at doing advertising as halloween week rather than individual events. Boat has an event around here as well. So Ball, SN, and BOP. Leave it for ents meetings.

Qas - Talk to med about MDF instruments - semi done in meetings. MDF keen to supply instruments.
AP Rustam and Mala: People on stalls need to have ideas about how to entertain people if there is time left over after task or whatever.
AP Emma: Saloni can’t do Mums and dads, shift that around.
Dina has a newish role as part of meds 3 year plan. Go to Dina before Med with any problems. Med will be external president more and look at the big picture as a trial.
AP Med: Get mailing list for Emma
Laurence on money situation. John Nelson got a 25 page sheet with solid arguments from Jenny and Laurence and they are waiting to see what he says. They are chasing them up. Document was just the views, not a proposal. A proposal may be better articulated in person.
Rhys 2 new things:

Dina will be sorting out all claims and push orders we need. Rhys will still be doing the budgeting with everyone but purchase orders etc Dina deals with that. Job description was changed last year already, so none of that needs to be changed.

AP Sammy and James: Send Rhys availability to sit down with Chris and Ben to get budget signed off. Can be done post freshers.
A couple of people from younger years are happy to write responses to support the 5th and 6th year points to show that itS a problem that if we don’t solve it now it will keep happening. Hopefully something will give, they will not give up. Don’t be disheartened.

Anything about alcohol in the welcome lecture for freshers? Med will put it in the first letter around the caution bit.

Laurence will do a lecture with Mark Nelson. He does not want to be too instructive. Make the system as accessible as possible rather than tell them to not drink too much and take care of themselves. Mental health issues are more common in our population as a whole and there should not be any stigma associated with that etc. Will mention drinking as well though.


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