Ib history of Americas Curriculum Objectives

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IB-History of Americas

Unit Three: Causes and Course of WWI

Duration: 5th Six Weeks thru 6th Six Weeks

Henri Naylor

IB History of Americas Curriculum Objectives:

  • Emergence of the Americas is Global Affairs 1880-1929

    • United States’ expansionist foreign policies: political, economic, and social and ideological reasons

    • Spanish-American War: causes and effects (1898)

    • United States’ foreign policies: Big Stick, Dollar Diplomacy, Moral Diplomacy, applications and impact on the region

    • United States and the First World War: reasons for US involvement, Wilson’s peace ideals, Treaty of Versailles, significance of war on US

    • Involvement and participation of Canada in the First World War, reasons for participation

    • Impact of the First World War on two countries of the Americas: economic, political, social, and foreign

  • Topic 1: Causes, Practices and Effects of Wars

    • Different types of 20th century warfare (guerrilla, civil, total, revolutionary, limited)

    • Origins and causes of war (long/short-term, failure of diplomacy, economic, ideological, political, religious)

    • Nature of 20th century wars (technology, tactics, home front, women)

    • Effects and results (treaties, political repercussions, territorial changes, social/cultural effects, post-war economic problems)

Notes Included in this Unit:

  • Europe at the Turn of the Century

  • Background to WWI

  • Outbreak to WWI

  • Course of WWI

  • Impact of WWI on US and Canada

Formative Assessments and Activities:

  • Lectures of the topics

  • Periodic pop quizzes over notes

  • Reading Quiz over Chapter Readings

  • Students will get a section of notes to study, the next class period they will take a quiz over the notes. Mostly for the Course of WWI notes. Circle-ups after each quiz to discuss the information.

Summative Assessments:

  • Essay Test – Students write 2 essays in 1 ½ hours as practice to the IB exams


  • America: Past and Present – Textbook

  • Any other readings I can get my hands on

TAKS Objectives:

  • All TAKS objectives are met every six weeks. Students sing Amendment songs, are given a TAKS info sheet, practice tests, quizzes, and TAKS specific games.


  • N/A

GT Requirements:

  • N/A


  • Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, and Evaluation

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