I worship that most munificent of hills, Govardhana lal, the host of the dancing lotus feet of Sri Krsna

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Prayers to Sri Govardhana, by Braja Sevaki dd

Prayers to Çré Govardhana

Braja Sevaké Devé Dasé

I worship that most celebrated hill, Çré Govardhana, host to the dancing lotus feet of Kåñëa. Melting in transcendental ecstasy at their touch, he is eternally adorned with the marks of those reddish soles. I offer my respectful obeisances to that Hari-däsa-varya…

I bow down to the beautiful form of Çré Govardhana, whose glorious crown is the lotus feet of the Prince of Vraja, Çré Kåñëa. Longing to serve those two divine feet, I beg for eternal residence near him who wears them as his only decoration…

I worship the glorious hill of Govardhana, whose ever-changing colourful hue at times reflects the blackish complexion of Çyäma; at times the brilliant golden countenance of Çrémati Rädhikä; sometimes the crystal-like bodily colour of Balaräma; and at other times the enchanting shades of the beautiful forms of the gopis. His two eyes are the deep blue waters of Rädhä-kuëòa and Çyäma-kuëòa, and he is adorned with the all-auspicious red-lac footprints of Çré Rädhä. I offer my respectful obeisances to that Hari-däsa-varya…

I worship Çré Govardhana, whose most wondrous form is the meeting place of the residents of Vraja. Nourisher of the cows, stage for the many pastimes of the divine couple, and benefactor of all animate and inanimate objects in Vraja, I beg for this favour: “Please allow this visitor a permanent home at the foot of your beautiful, munificent body.”

I worship Çré Govardhana, who glistens in the sunshine after a cleansing shower of rain. Trickling down his multicoloured face, collecting in mercy-pools between the touchstones of his body, mixed with the saffron-tinged reddish dust from the roving feet of Çré Kåñëa, that ambrosia is drunk by the fortunate souls who dwell under his shelter, and sought after by those whose goal is the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord, Kåñëa. I offer my respectful obeisances to him, the best of servants of the divine lotus feet of Çyämasundara.

I worship Çré Govardhana, the best of Lord Hari’s servants. Sporting his own peacock feather, holding a flute, decorated with candana patterns, and adorned with a bright, many-coloured turban, he is non-different from Çré Kåñëa. I offer my respectful obeisances to that King of Mountains, Çré Govardhana, and beg for his eternal darçana.

I bow down before Govardhana, the witness to the most intimate pastimes of that fair and dark couple, Rädhä-Çyäma. His glorious form, made completely of touchstones, is home to a multitude of jewelled caves, secret pathways, forest bowers, and secluded groves that are the place of these loving pastimes. Alas, my heart is its own cave, unlighted by these nectarean pastimes. Blind to the amorous games of that divine loving couple, I await the blessing of transcendental vision from Rädhä-Mädhava’s dearest servant, Hari-däsa-varya…

This aspiring sevaké of Braja waits alone at the foot of the most magnificent of hills, and cries for his service.
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