I. What’s What and Who’s Who? Define in your own words

III. How well do you have the skills for the Test?

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III. How well do you have the skills for the Test?

Inferring Author’s Purpose

1) What is most likely occurring in this picture?

A. A West Berlin guard is jumping over to East Berlin to escape.

B. East Berlin was completely surrounded by American-occupied West Berlin, and were creating prisons.

C. A guard in West Berlin is building the Berlin Wall in 1946.

D. A Communist guard is jumping over the border in order to escape to America-controlled West Berlin.

2) What does the chart to the right show is happening in the years 1946-1964?

  1. The threat of nuclear war is intimidating people from having kids.

  2. More hospitals are being built, so people are living longer in USA.

  3. There is an increase in the number of deaths because of WWII.

  4. The population is increasing because returning soldiers want to start families.

3) What does this picture on the right illustrate?

A. How Americans are always going to win in the Cold War.

B. How nobody wins if nuclear weapons are used during the Cold War.

C. Why Communism helps the world more than Capitalism.

D. What went wrong in the Vietnam War, and why we didn’t win.

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