I. What’s What and Who’s Who? Define in your own words

What does this stand for?

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What does this stand for?

7) N.A.T.O. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (USA’s side)

8) M.A.D. Mutually Assured Destruction

By 1961, who led

10) China? Mao Ze Dong

11) North Korea? Kim Il Sung

12) USSR? Nikita Khruschev

13) USA? John F. Kennedy

14) Cuba? Fidel Castro

15) North Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh

II. How well do you know the Cold War?

1) Why was the Berlin Wall built?

  1. To keep West Germans from sneaking into Communist territory.

  2. To starve the people of East Berlin to force them to be democratic.

  3. To keep back the Chinese during the Korean War

  4. To insure that people in East Berlin did not escape to West Berlin.

2) How did America save West Berlin when the Soviet Union blockaded it?

  1. USA used economic sanctions and were able to make USSR remove the blockade.

  2. America started the Berlin Airlift for 13 months until the blockade ended.

  3. America snuck in nuclear missiles into West Berlin, which frightened the USSR.

  4. The Soviet Union stopped when America donated 1.7 million tons of food to the USSR.

3) Why was the Korean War called the “Forgotten War?”

  1. North Koreans lost almost all their land, and so they chose to forget their humiliation.

  2. Koreans became a unified nation again, so all that warfare has been forgiven and forgotten.

  3. The war ended without a clear winner, so USA treated the war as if it had never happened.

  4. The war never really occurred, because it was never an “official” war declared by Congress.

4) What was the Domino Theory? A theory that

  1. … if one country falls to Communism, many others would too, until all nations became Communist.

  2. … Communism was as weak as the balance of a domino and would die on its own.

  3. …if America shot nuclear missiles at the Soviet Union, it would lead to a domino reaction of nuclear war.

  4. …just like a domino has two sides, the Soviet Union and America were really the same.

5) Who won the Korean War?

Choices for #6 - 8 :




  1. South Korea B. USSR C. China and North Korea D. No one


6) The process of keeping Communism from spreading Containment

7) The paranoia that Communists are everywhere McCarthyism

8) The inability for either side to win a battle Stalemate

9) Over which two economic ideologies did the US and the USSR disagree?

  1. Capitalism and Communism C. Utopianism and Militarism

  2. Protestantism and Catholicism D. Democracy and Republicanism

10) Which two countries were the main enemies in the Space Race?

A. USA and East Germany C. Soviet Union and NATO

B. North Korea and America D. USSR and USA

11) Russia was the first country to become Communist when it became the Soviet Union. Which of these countries became Communist later?

  1. America B. China C. South Korea D. West Germany

12) Neil Armstrong was the first man to do what?

A. orbit the earth B. build the Berlin Wall C. walk on the moon

13) Which country launched Sputnik I in 1957, starting the Space Race?

A. America B. South Korea C. USSR D. Vietnam

14) What was the Berlin Airlift?

  1. America’s attempt to fly all Germans out of Berlin so the Soviets couldn’t control them.

  2. USSR’s attempt to destroy Berlin by dropping more bombs than airplanes could lift.

  3. USA’s airplanes dropping supplies and food so West Germans in Berlin wouldn’t starve.

  4. Soviet Union’s conquest of Berlin by sending in enough spies to topple the government.

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