I was saved from sin when I was going on thirteen

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salvation quiz

1. Evaluate the opening quote of the story: “I was saved from
sin when I was going on thirteen. . .” After reading this
story, how can one interpret the concept of salvation? The story's first sentence describes the corruption of an innocent child who learned duplicity and dishonesty by going to church. Lying to everyone thinking that he had been saved and had seen Jesus himself when he just felt ashamed of himself and believed that Jesus didn't want to see him or he just thought maybe Jesus isn't real at all.[

2. Define Harlem Renaissance and the New Negro. Why was the

Harlem Renaissance so important to blacks?  The Harlem Renaissance Is the period from the end of World War I and through the middle of the 1930s Depression. African-American writers produced literature in the four prominent genres of poetry and drama. It helped redefine how the world viewed African–Americans during that time. It started to help African American writers and artists gain control over the representation of black culture. Writers and activists began to promote a movement for African Americans to embrace their culture and fight for equal rights.

3. The title of the story is “Salvation.” What is the

satire/irony in the title? The irony of the story Salvation is when Hughes realizes that Jesus hasn't saved him. another irony is when his aunt thinks he is crying because of the holy ghost. Still, he is crying because he felt ashamed of lying and deceiving everyone in the church.

4. According to Hughes, what is his biggest problem with the

black church.? (Hint: black pastors) the pastors are the biggest problem in church they don’t reach the gospel and a lot of times they preach for the money or just preach to preach that has nothing to do with the bible or God

5. Describe how young Langston symbolizes the theme of

Disappointment? Langston experience of not being saved was the only disappointment in his life resulting into lying in the church
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