I think dogs make the best pets. There are many reasons why I think dogs make the best pets better than cats

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Best pets

I think dogs make the best pets. There are many reasons why I think dogs make the best pets better than cats. Dogs are great at protecting houses, making pet owners owners­­­ have higher self esteen, and in addition follow human gestures. But there are many more reasons why I think dogs are better then cats. If you read my story, you would find out that there are lots of good qualities a dog has.

One reason why I think dogs then you are better pets than cats is because dogs are good guarding something such as, a house or person. So for example, if you lived in a bad area of town, then you would want to get a guard dog so nobody would try to break into your house. Some evidence for why I think dogs are good at guarding your house is, one day my granddad’s friend called and said, ‘’do you want to come over for dinner. We said ‘’yes’’, so therefore we drove all the way to the other side of town to go to his house. But when we got to my granddad’s friend’s house we came in his house and we my granddad’s friends dog bitting on this man’s arm.Next we got the dog off the man and my grandad’s friend sayed ‘’he try to still my flat screen TV. Finally we called the cops and the cops came. It turns out that the guy who tried to still the TV was the guy who lived next door to my granddad’s friend’s hous.. The man said he was sorry, but the cops took him always anyway . So if you live in a bad part of town always get a guard dog just in case.

If you have a dog you have a dog you possibly know what dogs do to keep you happy. They make you have a higher self esteem. So lets talk about how they make you have higher self esteem. One way dogs make the pet owner have higher self esteem is making the pet owner excersise, making the pet owner not be shy of people, and lastly making the pet owner not feel lonely. So for instance if you get a dog you would be fit than you are now, less shy, and not lonely. Some evidence for why dogs make you exercise is, one day my mom said ‘’do you want to go exercise with your granddad’s friend’s dog’’. I said yes. So therefore we went to my granddad’s friend house to pick up his dog. When we got to the gym we put the dog in the walking area with other dogs. Then as soon as we put him in that area he ran all around the walking area for dogs. Lastly after a while we played with the dog outside.

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